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manmarziyan..my childhood love and I am still possessive about him (Episode 1)

The story begins..
They went together for shopping..
Arjun-radhu I want u to wear saree..wats say..common it’s there in 14th floor..
Radz-but aru u knw na I don’t know how to wear saree..how will I manage😡
Arjun-that’s small thing..u don’t worry..v will figure out something with this..
Radz-but Arjun..
Arjun-sshhh u talk a lot..u trust me na..
Radz-haan more than myself..

Arjun-ohk thn lets come..v will have very less time..
They both are waiting for the lift..soon it comes and to their luck it was empty..now Arjun was seeing radz with naughty smirk..radz understanding his intentions started going towards stairs..no sooner she turned back,Arjun caught her wrist..

Arjun-baby where are u going??lift is this side..
Radz-Arjun I know..but I thought of using the stairs..u knw na I m growing fat these days eating chocolates so thought to do little exercise..
Arjun-holded her waist from the back such that her back is attached to his front..
Radz-Arjun wat are u doing?? Wat if people see us??
Arjun-it’s my mom’s mall baby..and today it is booked specially for us..so no bones in btwn..

Radz-Arjun u are impossible..will u stop showing ur richness everywhere..??
Arjun-radhu come on..it’s just I asked my mom and she showed her love..leave this..when I’ll grow a big bussinessman then I will myself book this mall for us..for now lets don’t change the topic..
Radz just rolled her eyes on his impossible nature..and wait!!wat topic is he talking about..

Suddenly the lift stopped in between..
Radz-Arjun plz don’t tell me this is also ur plan..
Arjun-No it was not mine..but I guess god is also on my side today..
Arjun started coming closer to radhika and within no second she was cornered by our Arjun..
He caught her waist and squeezed little belly fat..
Radz groan a bit..

Radz-Arjun wat are u…
Arjun-sshhh..i love them the way it is..don’t u dare think of dieting ever in your life..even if u go fat,my arms are enough strong to embrace u forever in it..
Radz had tear in her eyes..how can someone love her with such purity..his words was now somewhere engraved within her soul..he has won her soul today..
She hugged Arjun very tightly..her emtions had no words.. She just wanted him to feel how much she is in love with him..deeply…madly..no one could ever do..
Suddenly lights came and lift started..

Arjun-shit!I missed the chance..i wanted to kiss you here and he made a pout saying this😐 which made radhika to laugh..
Arjun was now so happy..
Arjun-do u even knw how much positive vibrations u give me in ur presence and how peaceful it feels to watch ur smile..
Radz blushed..
They reached the 14th floor in saree section..
Lady-Arjun sir,how can v help u??

Arjun-ma’am I want u to show me some beautiful saree for this beautiful lady..with this he holded radz waist and brought her closer..
Nandini calls the manager..
Nandini-has Arjun reached there??
Manager-yes ma’am and he is with his friend..

Nandini(smiling)-ohk show her the latest designs which v have..i want the best..and remember to remove the price tags..just say him it’s of 5000₹that’s the amount he will limit upto..and remember to put a false tag in those saree before u show them otherwise he will doubt..
Manager-but ma’am it his store..why will v take money from him??
Nandini-just do it..he is my son..who won’t tk anything for free..
Past,at night..

Arjun’s room light was on when nandini went to have some water in the kitchen..nandini saw it and peeped inside his room to see wat her naughty kid is upto..she saw his back and then knocked the door asking”beta may I come in?”
Arjun-mom do u need my permission for it??
Nandini-so may I knw the reason wat made u to wake up at this hr??
Arjun-mumma there is a thing I have hidden it from u..
Nandini-wat beta??

Arjun-mumma I had recently started taking tutn of classes 8 and 9..i have got the fee..it’s 5000₹and I want to gift something special to my radhu..
Nandini(shocked)-beta wats mine is yours too..what was the need to do this..u could have just asked for money..u are Arjun nandini mehra..my pride..u knw that ryt?..mumma loves u..

Arjun-I knw mom and I knw u wouldn’t have allowed me so I hided it..It’s just that I want to give radhu her first gift from my money..only my..
Nandini was now so happy..she was so proud of her child..she was also happy about his choice..she has inspired her Arjun to stand on his own feet..she was sure that no one will be as best as radhika..she wanted to meet her as soon as possible..
Nandini-ohk I will forgive you but u have to accept my two conditions..
Arjun-wat maa??just ask for it?

Nandini-first one is that u will buy her something from south city mall..
Arjun-but mom it’s urs..and it would be so expensive..
Nandini-it’s not mine..it’s ours..and it’s not at all expensive..v have collections for middle class people too..plz beta it’s my request..
Arjun-ok mom but I will pay it..

Arjun-and wats the second one??
Nandini-u have to bring radhika to our home..i want to meet her..
Arjun-okkk😊 I love u mom.
Nandini-I love u too..now come on lets sleep and don’t think about the gift..give her some traditional outfit..it will come within this range and plus I have heard from ur principle today that he is going to annonce a party for both of u tomorrow in assembly..so it’s the perfect time to gift too..

Arjun-mom u are a genius..i was thinking about the gift only..no one could be as best as u..i love u..😚 😚 😚 😚
Nandini-chalo good nyt😘
Arjun-good night mom..
At present ;
Lady-sir what range do u want??

Arjun-show me sarees ranging within 5000₹
Lady-well this side sir..saying this she made Arjun and radhika to sit in the stool and begin showing them sarees..
Arjun-wait a minute..i guess this one will be perfect on u radhu saying this he took out a beautiful red colour saree with black lace..it was an elegant one..a perfect designer outfit..
Radz just nodded her head like a good girl..knowing that it would be of no use to argue with him now..
Arjun-ma’am pack it..how much?

Lady-only 4450₹ sir..
Arjun-great..tk this..
Lady-sir v have two choices of blouse with it..one is sleeveless with Deep neck and other one is a normal one..wat would ur friend prefer??
Radhika was about to say normal one but Arjun interrupted -pack both of them..
Radhika was now shocked..why will she need two blouses..?? But rising this topic here would only embarrase her so she decided to ask later..

Both came out from the mall..
Arjun-u wait here I’ll bring the bike..
Arjun quickly came towards her and pointed her to sit behind him..
Radz sat and they drove towards her home..

Radhika-Arjun why have u brought two blouses with this saree?
Arjun-radhu that u will come to knw later..for now lets just hold me tight..I want to feel u..
Radz just hugged Arjun like he is his teddy bear.
Arjun-baby do u have any teddy which u hold while sleeping??
Radz-yes a big pink one..bug why??
Arjun-don’t u dare sleep with that from tonight..i don’t want this hug of urs to share..

Radz-oh my jealousy Ki dukaan..uummmaahhhh..it’s just a teddy bear..
Arjun-I don’t care and if it’s only a teddy then instead of his face,attach my picture to it..
Radz just hugged him more tight at his cute childish demand..this man is going to make her mad..mad in love with him..before an hr he was talking all like a mature person winning her soul and now like a child winning her heart..oo god she is only his..only his..
Arjun stopped the bike beside a puchka stall near radz home..

Arjun-come lets increase ur belly fat..saying this he pulled her waist and brought her towards the stall..
Radz-u are so mean..i hate u..
Arjun-ok thn let’s go back..
Radz-kishu and blinked her eyes as if her innocent sweet eyes begging to let her have those phuchkas..
Arjun-coming closer to radz (in her ears)- don’t u do dat here in public otherwise u knw I won’t care this damn place and thn next u have become my food..and kissed her earshell..

Uncle-yes beta I knw..one full plate puchkas with alot of spice..
Arjun-see even he has become used to ur boring face..
Radz-took the phuchka plate and sat near the bench and made her bzy in having phuchkas..arjun trying to talk to her but she always showed her back to him.
Arjun-radhu how dare u ignore me??

Radz after finishing those phuckas-why u want to watch my boring face??go and find a new one with interesting face😈
Arjun tightly holded her wrist and brought her to a corner in the park(there is a park near radz home)..it’s evening so it’s quite dark there plus almost no person is seen at that time)
Radz-leave me I don’t want to talk to u..begging to leave her hand..
Radz-Arjun it’s hurting..

Arjun suddenly left her hand and holded her shoulders and brought her closer..there was an inch gap between there faces..
Arjun-and how dare u to hurt me here(pointing towards his heart)..how could u say me to find another one..there was tears in his eyes..u don’t knw how it feels..once u left me alone when I was in class 6..I m afraid to loose u again..u are my life..don’t u get that u little brain..I will die..
Before he could say anything radz kept his fingers on his mouth..

Radz-I m sry Arjun..I was just angry at that time..i promise I won’t leave you ever..i m sry saying this she held her ears..
Arjun quickly hugged her..both were feeling each other like there is no end of this love..

Radz-and wat u think if u will find anyone else then will I leave u😈?I’ll kill u..
Arjun-kissing her lips and everywhere on her face..leaving no cell on it to be left uncherished..
If I have by mistake also insulted ur face then this is an apology for it.. U are my sunshine..my everything..my breath..my heart..my life..my reason to live..EVERYTHING..
Arjun-now also are u angry or I have to further apologize??saying this he was coming closer for another round of kiss but radz ran from there..
Radz-Arjun I m late..mom will scold..

Arjun-okay my jaan..listen I m keeping this saree with me..tomorrow u have to come to my house..mom wants to meet u..
Radz-Arjun why suddenly??will she scold me??I didn’t do anything..
Arjun-sshhhh..I don’t know why but I want u to know this that I won’t let u be alone in any situation..v will face everything together..u trust me ryt??
Radz- more than myself..but wat will i say to my mom??

Arjun-dat my mom will handle..see v have reached ur home..chalo now go and sleep peacefully..u must be tired and don’t think much about tomorrow’s meeting with my mom..I m sure ur eyes will only impress her within a second..
Radz-hmmm..good night..
Arjun-is this the way to say good night to ur boyfriend?? Poor me..😞
Radz-stop ur drama..mom is watching us from the terrace..bye..

Arjun-ohk now go..but Arjun mehra always tk wats his..for now I spare u..but when the ryt tym comes,I’ll tk it with full interest..
Radz-(blushed)ok now go..will see u tmrw..
Arjun-okk..and be ready by 10 am..I’ll receive u from home..(remember school holiday is there as it is good Friday)..
Hey guys..i hope I m not that late..all ur comments are valuable to me..thank u so much for encouraging…love u all alots

Precap..ardhika Romance (as I said I m a big fan of their romance)


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