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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 22)

Thank u so much for sharing ur views on Dilip’s POV. Here is your next chapter with Sam’s POV. It might be small, pls bare it.

Ok..now will move on to today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 22)

Recap: Dilip’s POV

Next day, radhika wakes up first and finds herself in a tight embrace of Arjun. She turns her face to look at him and stares her handsome husband for a while untill she hears him, “Good Morning”.

She jerks slightly, “You are awake”

He smiles and opens her eyes having a first glimpse of his wife’s shocking face, “Hmm, i woke up before you and stared you, then you were about to wake, so i acted to be in sleep just to see what you will do”

Rads hears him and gets shocked, “I know you act well and no need to show to me again” she replied him in a taunting way.

Arjun’s smile fades away hearing her, “You still have grudge on me?”

She takes his hands from her and gets up saying, “No” and trying to get down from the bed.

Arjun holds her hand, “But your face tells me something else”

Rads lets out a sigh, “Nothing like that. I m just little upset”

Arjun comes to her and cups her face, “I am really sorry for hiding this big thing from you, and trust me, i was not aware of all this secrets when your dad got a promise from me”

Rads, “Without asking anything, you gave a promise to him?”

Arjun nods his head like a kid having a pout face and says, “When sir was asking something, how can i refuse it?”

Radhika knows how much Arjun respects Dilip, so she stop questioning him and says, “Fine, leave my hand. I have to refresh”

Arjun smiles seeing her shrinking face, keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her to him with a jerk, “So my wife forgives me is it?”

Radhika turns to her face to other side saying, “Not yet. It will take some time”

Arjun smiles seeing her fake anger, leans so closely and place a cheeky kiss on her cheeks. She instantly smiles and Arjun feels it when her cheeks moves, he continues kissing on her cheeks and mumbling, “How long i should wait for that?”

Radhika holds his shoulder tightly and squeezes it of unable to control her emotions and says in a husky voice, “Till i believe you completely” with a mischeiveous smile on her face.

Arjun jerks and looks at her face with question look, “Again from first?”

Radhika smiles seeing his worried face and pushes him back saying, “Punishment for you. You should not touch me untill i forgive you” she runs to washroom before he catches her.

Arjun rubs his hair and smiles thinking, “Good that she is coming out from the truama slowly. I need to be careful from now and my only wish is to keep her happy”

After she comes out from washroom, goes to kitchen and finds Arjun prepares hot coffee for both of them and hands over a cup to her and she replies, “Thank you hubby”

Arjun goes to get ready and in the meantime, she some how tried to cook something for him and makes the kitchen mess. When Arjun gets ready and come to Kitchen, he gets shocked seeing the messy kitchen, and Radhika with all masalas on her face having a pout face. He laughs seeing her asking, “What were you trying to do?”

Rads with puppy face, “I thought of cooking something for you but i am sorry i don’t know cooking”.

He smiles and comes inside, making her stand away from the mess and tells her, “I don’t want anything heavy now. Will have Noodles. I will teach you others later”

Rads nods her head happily and he cooked noodles and serves both of them. She enjoys having the simple and tasty breakfast with her husband. Arjun before leaves takes her hand in his saying, “Do you have any problem with me in continuing my job there? If so, then tell me i will look outside”

Rads smiles saying, “Problem is between me and Papa, you are nowhere involved in this. And this is your job, you tried hardly and got this by your talent. I can’t stop you in this. Don’t think anything and enjoy ur day”

Arjun smiles widely seeing his fighter wife becomes so responsible now. He kisses on her forehead and leaves. She waves him bye and stares him going.

@ Misra mansion,

Sam is still in her room, did not come out and not ready to listen Dilip or Nandini’s statement. Neil to stayed there only to avoid much chaos as they already have enough. He informs the maid to get the food ready for them and takes a plate in his hand and heading towards Sam room.

He finds Sam lying under the blanket and cries silently. He keeps the plate on the table and tries to wake her up and after a long struggle she gets up and looks so tired and exhausted because of crying.

Neil wipes her face with wet towel and adjusts her hair saying, “Sam, y r u behaving like this? It’s ok. Past is Past. Have something”

Sam, “No Neil, it is not OK. I developed hatred towards Radhika who is no where in fault. She was living her life happily until i came in her life. Because of him and Nandu maa, we both lost our happiness and love which the sisters should have.”

Neil, “He is your Papa”

Sam, “I am not feeling to call him so”

Neil, “Then why are you calling her as Nandu maa, when she is the main reason for all this chaos”

Sam, “I know but i was with her all these years and at no point she make me feel that i was not her daughter. Probably tht might stop me in hating her much, still i hate them”

Neil smiles, “OK, you hate them, no problem, becasue they deserve it. But y r u starving for so long. Eat something”

Neil compels her to have the food, she had it little and refused to take it more. Neil sighs and leaves from there.

Sam leans on her bed and lost in her thoughts.


From my childhood, i never seen my dad’s face, infact i did not even said the word “PAPA” untill i got to know from Maa. I grown up as a fatherless child and being taunted by the society and in my school..infact i won’t say they are my friends..coz they never behaved with me as a friends..they were happy when i was insulted and taunted by others. I did not understand at first and slowly i started observing the things around me and feels empty when i saw my schoolmates with their father. I always thought why i am not having a person like theirs. I was afraid of asking that to Maa, but one day after having enough of taunts, i cried a lot and spoke my heart out to Maa, she too felt bad seeing me like that and then she told me about my so called PAPA. I never knew that i would hate the person whom i was craving for, after hearing my Maa’s accusations on him.

I have been told by Maa as, Maa and Papa loves each other so much but he cheated her and married some one else. He cheated my Maa by showing giving fake hope of marrying her and left her in between. Maa told me how she suffered a lot after knowing she was pregnant and how he threatened her to abort the baby and how Maa escaped from him and living a secret life to save me from him. I believed everything what she told and my hatred on my papa gone to the extreme and made me to search him and take a revenge for spoiling our lives. Despite of having the hatred with me, i practiced to bury my feelings inside my heart and i grown as a stone hearted girl.

The one who studied with me from my school very well knew about me and my anger, so they will never get attached with me and even i too never bother about that. I finished high school and i stepped in my college. Before that i started gathering the informations about my so called papa with whatever information i got from Maa, i got him and i started watching him and his lovely daughter while passing their home. My helplessness, my jealous, my angry everything will be on hyper when i see him playing with his daughter the one’s kid who snatched my happiness of being with my father and My maa’s love. I was humiliated in my high school when my so called class mates taunted me by calling me as a Fatherless girl, and mentioned me and my birth as illegal, i was feeling to die but i controlled my feelings and emotions and all my hatred turned towards the little girl and it grown badly, and it rooted very strongly in my heart but i hidden all my burning emotions from my Maa and i joined my college and concentrated on my studies. There i met Neil, very jovial and open hearted person.

I was not talking to anyone and behaves so reserved but Neil’s kind nature, happy mind, good heart made my stone heart melt towards him. I started falling for him unknowingly, my buried feelings started arising out seeing Neil near me and i realised i love him but i am afraid of saying that. I remembered my Maa’s words and my papa’s deceive, i was scared to open up my heart but to my surprise, Neil himself came and proposed me but i did not accept it nor i rejected it. I was playing with my emotions, My mind was asking me to take revenge on him and his daughter but my heart was stopping me and pushing me towards Neil. I didnot know what to do and Neil somehow identified my problems and forced me to speak out. After a long struggle, i poured him my heart out and finally i told him about my love on him. I hugged him instantly and found solace in his embrace which gave me peace after a long years. He gave a strong support and tried to make me understand that i am wrong in taking the revenge. But i stood strong in my decision and i made him to decide whether he needed me or not.

I knew Neil loves me like anything and will do anything for my happiness. Anyways he had his own detective company running on other side and i thought to use that for my advantage, i seeked his help and told him to support me in my revenge. He did not accept it but i did a emotional blackmail and made him to act with Radhika as if he was helping her. Initially our plan was different but suddenly my maa was lost and we couldn’t find her anyway. Me and Neil both searched everywhere but nowhere she found. I felt like my only hope and happiness also lost and there i decided to enter to their house to spoil their happiness. I know Neil, he was feeling very bad of cheating her after knowing that she was his school friend. He pleaded me a lot but i made my mind strong that i won’t bulge so easily and made him dance on my tunes. He unwillingly did all on my sayings for my own revenge, i knew i did wrong but i was left with no options.

But everything turned bad when the real truth came out, i felt like backstabbed my Maa whom i loved so much. I felt ashamed of believing all her lies in these years and spoiled the innocents lives. I got to know my life’s biggest truth about my parents and my sister. Yes, Radhika is my sister whom i can share all my pain and happiness, but i myself gave her a pain which she is not deserved at all. I want to talk to her, hug her, kiss her…i want to do all the activities where the sisters would do. I am craving for her love now and i know Papa took a decision thinking about his love on his wife, but now it spoiled two lives who does not deserve all this. I decided i myself will go to my sister and i will make my new relation stronger than anything. I don’t want my Papa, my so called Maa…i just need my sister’s love, i want to be in her embrace, i want to care for her…i won’t care if she insulted me or beat me…i need her..i need my sister.


Precap: Radhika cooks for Arjun and makes the kitchen Messy again. Dilip’s PA insult Radhika on road and inturn he gets slapped by Sam. Sam helps Radhika in cooking.


That’s it for today. How is the chappy guys? I know it is very small one…i was able to write only this for today. And from now on, you can see Rasam’s growing bond and Ardhika’s growing romance. Hope u all like it.

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