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Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 15

Chapter -15

“Why ARM became Arjun Mehta.?”,Samrat pinpointed his query. “May I?’,Arjun asked gesturing the seat.. He sat and his eyes scrutinized the room quickly.. “No cameras!”,Samrat said with a smile.. Arjun’s eyes snapped at that.. “I really don’t have any good reason for working in your company..It’s just for my Nand..”,he stopped and saw Samrat.. Samrat smiled and gestured to continue.. “well..I guess.,By now.,you would have got to know about me..and I worked here just to convince my di for her treatment..and..”Arjun was cut in…


“Arjun..your age is my experience.. So I hope…”,Samrat said with a calculative smile.. Arjun understood that the man before him is no less to his father.,even sickness and age can never have a control over them.. He inhaled a deep breath before explaining everything from the day he came here. He finished saying about Radhika and him…

“So..you thought I would believe and agree for this..?,”samrat asked.. Arjun sat at loss of words.. “Arjun..I will accept if you accept the ownership of BS”,Samrat said.

“what?..Are you testing me..Your company is nothing when compared to mine..I told the reason..and still..”,Arjun burst in anger..

“Well..then I need to inform your dad about you working in BS under a fake identity..You know what he will do..He will disown you just like he did with Nandhini..We don’t want that..Do we?”,Samrat asked menacingly which rubbed him bad.

Arjun banged his fist and got up,”Are you threatening me? Arjun never budges for threatens..I don’t care a damn about your company..Get one thing clear Mr.Khanna…I will marry
Radhika.. you can’t stop that..I don’t survive on my surname..So..Go ahead..Inform my dad..” he hissed in anger..

“You think. your dad won’t believe me?”,Samrat asked still with a smile.. “No,I know he will believe you more than me,But I can’t do anything stupid considering that.”,Arjun said annoyed..

“Stupid..Stupidity is what you did Mr.Arjun..Tell me.Will anyone believe what you said..A cut throat business man turned a emotional fool just for his sister..who is not even his own sister”,Samrat said gritting his teeth.

“Enough!..I respect you as my dad’s friend..So..stop it there..And Nandhu di..she is more than a sister.. Iam not bound to anyone to explain that.”

“But you need to explain that to my daughter..Do you think she will believe what you said?”,Samrat asked with anger for the first time on that day.. “She isn’t a submissive child., and when she gets to know about you and your stupid plan for your sister,she won’t spare you just because you are her husband… She prefers or not,she is the legal heir of my business..within a week she will get to know about you.She will throw you out of her life.. Do you want me to gift that to my child? Why din’t you ask me before?Did you think about your dad.?”,Samrat anger and logical questions made him to listen silently..”We were happy for a moment thinking that our children choose the best for them.. but..you spoiled everything..Listen…Just go away from here..Come back after things get settled.. I will get Radhika married to you.,I give you my word”,Samrat said in a assuring tone.. “After all..she loves you..Nothing is more important than her happiness..But now., things won’t work.,anyone who gets to know you will tag you as a betrayer.”

“Betrayer..but why? I din’t do anything bad..in fact I had brought new deals for you”,Arjun quickly retorted.. Samrat smiled at that.,”Have you ever thought why your dad considers me as his friend though one of the Mehra heir claims me to be her enemy. We can’t spoon feed you my son!.”,Samrat said calmly.. “you gave a simple puerile reason, but none will believe it considering the loss Khannas had because of Mehras.” he said.. Arjun sat confused..”What are you speaking about?” he asked.. “You should have known all this before you listened your sister..Now..nothing could be done.”,Samrat replied.

Samrat gave a photo frame to Arjun and pointed a little boy asking,”Do you know him?”. Arjun immediately said,”It’s me”.His fingers unconsciously caressed his mom’s face.
“This is Radhika”,Samrat pointed a yr old girl child in his father’s arms and next was his mom.. “This is Neil..his dad Shyam and mom Prena., and this is my sister Sulochini and her husband Ranajay Rathod. and obviously you know the rest..”. He saw them standing together before a factory site and a board namely Khanna Industries. Arjun’s scanned the picture in his hand,which clearly said their age..more than 20yrs back..His father in late twenties and Samrat in mid twenties..RR Mehra stood smiling big with a arm wound around his mom and Radhika in another.Arjun stood in middle with Samrat knelt to his height..Neil’s dad had him in his arms..All 3 men were tall except Samrat while the ladies attire and Jewels disclosed their extreme richness. “Where’s Mrs..Khann..I mean Piyali mam..and who is this?,”he asked pointing a lady.
“She is my wife..Sarojini..Sarojini Samrat..”,Samrat said with a weak smile.

After a hour… A complete calmness occupied that huge business class suit, Arjun sat thoughtful and Samrat sat resting his head back in the huge plush chair.. “Aru..I would have got my princess happily married to you if you had said about you earlier..Now..listen me..your dad spoke with me this morning..I remained tight lipped about this issue..I don’t want Ratan Bhai to feel bad..So..Go back or wait till we clear Khanna Industries Scam..But..being in BS won’t help you.”.Samrat said in calm yet grim voice.

“Then why you asked me about chairperson”,Arjun said in a low deep voice. “Just to check you..You faked your identity and worked in my company,hiding this from your dad..and what did you expect..Just because you are my friend’s son I would accept overlooking your mistakes..I can’t be like that”,Samrat said clearly with a smile… “Moreover you believed your sister than your dad.how to trust you?’, he asked disappointed..

“No..I did believe dad..I told you uncle…and..I accept my mistakes..but pls don’t stop our marriage”,Arjun said looking his face..

“Your acceptance will not help you.. Just tell me how will you convince Radhika when she gets to know about this..She will be broken..She may leave you forever..That’s why am asking you to wait”,Samrat said and heaved a sigh..

“She is already broken…I will handle her at the worst..Trust me..Plss..Uncle…I don’t want her to be targeted”,he said quickly.. “But..you both will lose your peace..In particular Radhika…understand Aru!”,Samrat said sharply..

“No..I can’t leave her alone..after getting to know all this”,Arjun said still in his stand.. Samrat thought deeply for few moments before saying,”Then sign Power of Attorney documents..I planned with Neil and Radhika before..Now., you are there so..”

“No..She won’t like it..she already fears for my life.You don’t know..She is still hesitant..That’s y am pleading you all..”Arjun blurted out being irritated.

“Else.”,Samrat asked surprised.. Arjun stuttered realizing what he meant..Samrat laughed..”One Stubborn kid you were and you are..! ..Listen..Power speaks when Truth fails..your truth has no value until we prove.So accept this..I know my daughter,if you don’t have a hold,she will spoil her future throwing you aside.” Arjun sat thinking his words.. “There is chance for everything to turn topsy turvy.. so think well.. Don’t rely on blind hopes..Expect the worst..”,Samrat finished and sat crossing his arms observing Arjun…

“I had messed up so lemme face it..I accept it”,Arjun said after thinking for good 5 mins..

“Sure..??!! It’s only me who could clear your name and I will not be here.. what if I din’t return..?”,Samrat asked controlling his smirk.. “Stop scaring me..and you will return..I know that..Still there are many to get tortured by you people..”,Arjun said annoyed.. Samrat laughed at that..

“Do you trust me atleast now?”,Arjun asked. “If not,I wouldn’t have shared which I had never said to anyone..After me.,It’s you who knows all this.”Samrat said with a smile and
got up.. RR Mehra called him right then.,”I met your son..He looks just like you!”,Samrat clearly spelled a lie which surprised Arjun.. Arjun signaled not to say about Nandhini..Samrat glared him before nodding yes.

Samrat held the call quickly and said,”Aru..when you dad gets to know about your BS adventure he will kill me for hiding this fact..Lemme look for arrangements as
of now.”Samrat said as they moved out.

“I have already done it..Court one! will be finalized by today evening..”,Arjun said. “When?”,Samrat asked befuddled.. “Yesterday..Power spoke!”,Arjun said,while Samrat patted his shoulder.


Samrat was speaking with Prena at her office when Teji called him and informed about Radhika’s Pics being mailed to BS circles.. He spoke with Arjun,since it was just then posted and its lunch hour,Arjun asked to shutdown the power and announce half day off to avoid gossips from staffs side..Teji was asked to check with Social Networking sites and Samrat passed a word to his friends in dept… Arjun dialed Teji on his way to BS.,”Is Radhika there? “,he asked annoyed.

“No sir..She informed that she will be here by noon..”,Teji said.

“Forward me the pics.”Arjun said in frustration..

“Sir…Ma’am came sir..”,Teji said looking Radhika.. “Why there is a power off..what’s wrong?”,she asked and Arjun could hear it.He cut the call and drove faster…

“Lemme tell you Radhika.,”Piyali said standing near the door..

Radhika stood rooted looking her pics with Arjun..first 2 pics had a rough view on them and last 3 pics had her face little clear..But Arjun was standing with his back.. “Am Glad that you had added one more feather in your hat..and care to explain about the guy with you,”Piyali sarcastically remarked. Radhika scrolled the pics again, the 3rd and 4th pics had her kissing him,though his face wasn’t visible. last one had her face when she turned to her right…Her mind quickly tried to recall the exact location of Nariman point and time,while Piyali went taunting her..Nothing caught her attention until she said, “Did you think about your dad once,before romancing a stranger in public place..What the hell you had in your mind when you came back? To spoil the least left reputation..”

“Enough!”,Radhika’s eyes snapped to the door to see Arjun there.. Piyali gave a mock surprise look and said,”Learn Basic manners Mr.Arjun”.

“It would be better if you learn that first”, he said annoyed and caught Radhika’s arm.. “Now what’s this new drama”she asked irritated.. “It was me with her..Not any random stranger.”he said in a sharp voice.

“Have a watch on your words Mr.Arjun.,we don’t let our girls to roam with staffs”,she said pulled Radhika back.. “Leave her Mrs.Khanna”,Arjun seethed in anger..

“I said watch..”she was cut in when Arjun yelled,”Leave her”,which made Radhika jerk a little..Radhika looked them.. “Don’t raise your voice at me..you are just a mere employee here”,Piyali said arrogantly.

“Well..then lemme resign that in first place,” he said and moved dragging Radhika with him.. “Aren’t you aware of the rules here?”,Piyali said sardonically.

“Guess..That is something which Samrat sir should ask.Not you..”,he replied back and starred her leaving his hold on Radhika.. “This should be the last time I see you behaving like this with Radhika..Next time., I may not be this good”,he said and turned to see Radhika but she wasn’t there..

“What nonsense!”,Piyali muttered in annoyance.. Arjun saw Radhika’s car on move when he came downstairs.. Radhika picked Arjun’s call as he kept calling continuously. “Where are you going.?”he asked irritated..

“Nariman point…I won’t leave the bastard”,she said before disconnecting the call.. He saw her car to halt at the same place and she sat observing the busy atmosphere. He called her again,”Don’t get down Radhika…”he said sharp once she attended.. “Don’t make this go worse..they will be waiting for you to enquire about cameras fixed on the buildings.. so this is not the right time. keep moving..”he said and waited for her reply.. “Arjun.,the guys..see..on my left.. but where are you..the same guys Arjun..that night..”she was cut in..
“where..am behind you..don’t get down..this could be a trap..listen me..” he said..

“Okay..Diagonally opposite to my car..near the first lane,left..but where are you?”she asked as she searched his vehicle.. “Move..I got them..you go from this place. He turned his Range rover to that lane and checked for his dad’s boys to follow him..they were!!… He smiled before racing the car to make a mock clash which made one among them to stumble fearing a knock down.He drove fast creating a commotion.. he called his dad.,”Dad..help..I tried to hit a person by mistake.. Pls ask your boys to cover the cctv footage..pls..” he said and earned a lot of scoldings from his dad before accepting..Soon he received a call from one of them as expected,”Sir.. we saw it..but why to get cctv footage”, a guy asked him..”Do as I say..he said and instructed to get a copy of cctv footage of last two days.”I did one before two days..so..get it”,he clearly lied and they compiled..


“Where are you?”,Radhika asked again unable to find Arjun’s car anywhere..

“I said..Am behind you..Now drive to the same place we went yesterday”,he said.

“I forgot the route..come,drive before me.”,she said with her eyes on rear view.mirror…

” lemme guide you”,he said and gave instructions. “I could see only a Range Rover following me..but you?”,she asked… He just kept instructing her further and overtook her vehicle before she could notice..After a while.,she reached another side of the same resort which seemed bit secluded..She walked parking her vehicle,but stopped on her tracks on the sight of the same white car…’who could it be?’ She thought and stepped back,but her back got with some thing strong,and next second she was embraced by known manly hands..she sagged relieved..

“Marry me”,she heard him say..she turned around to glare him sharp.. He pecked her nose saying,”My cute Jerry..cutest in anger…I spoke with my dad about our marriage”,he said.. RR called him right at that moment..”100 years”,Arjun said as he attended the call..

RR laughed and said,”Seems your to be FIL is in love with you”. Arjun moved aside saying,”yep..and you din’t miss the chance to be a bone”.

“Good one!! It’s only because of my call he let you speak,else you can’t take a proposal just with your surname..He isn’t stupid to believe anyone who tag themselves as ARM”,RR said sharply..

“Okay…I accept..You people are the best..”

“Good..now I need to speak with Radhika..give it.”,he ordered.. “why.? Dad she don’t know about my real identity.”,Arjun whispered.

“I know..your FIL praised your skills in messing up things..but seems he teamed up with you..He dint give me the info I wanted..Don’t waste my time..hand it to her.”..
After much hesitancy Arjun called Radhika,”My dad”,he said extending his phone..Next sec,he pulled back,activated speaker mode and gestured her to speak…
She rolled her eyes at his nature before greeting RR Mehra…Her hesitancy got wiped listening the familiar approach from the other side.RR’s friendly nature made her to speak jovially..Arjun stood astonished listening both..”Is the call in speaker”,he asked suddenly.,and she replied negative as Arjun Signalled her to…

After a while,”Uncle..shall I ask you something..why can’t we have our marriage in your presence..I mean a month later”she asked with her eyes on the screen..
Arjun lifted her chin with his right hand,while he had the phone on other..he raised a brow at her..

“Do you think he will let us live in peace till then?I dint sleep a wink yesterday…I guess its only because of you he sought my permission..”RR Mehra chuckled saying that.. “Dad..this is too bad..!”,Arjun blurted the next sec..

“Gotcha!! You had it on Speaker!!”,RR exclaimed like a kid..”Radhu..I know..you lied on his insistence..you don’t worry beta..now I gotta go.and have my number..you can call me anytime to complaint about this giraffe” he said and laughed before he held up the call.. She smiled asking,”you told him?”. But he just starred her…
“Stop starring me.!” She said and made a move…He pulled her back saying,”wait”..he dialed a number and spoke.,”Uncle..seems your princess is still unconvinced..! Please..”he said,and gave her the mobile..She stood surprised listening that.,the display had her dad’s number.,”Arjun spoke with me..Are you listening?!”,Samrat asked..

“Yea..Paa..I thought to..”,her words trailed off when Samrat spoke,”Princess..I want your happiness..He is the best choice…I spoke with him and his dad..
Now am in Bhabhi’s place..we all are satisfied with your choice..This is the right time for you to get married..don’t hesitate..and…Trust your father once..”

“I always did that..”,she said with tears..and mumbled “Thanks”.

“I broke it once..Will never repeat it..a promise..!”he said emotional…”Paa…I had hurt u a lot. Even today some pictures”,she hesitated to continue..

“No…you had never..and Arjun said about those..We will handle that different..Don’t stress yourself in all this..and where is your prince..”,Samrat asked to ease the moment.. “Prince?”,she asked..

“Yes..He did impress me with that attitude..Never believe anything against him..Don’t think am convincing you..Am so happy beta..Even I can’t find such a perfect life partner for you..This is God’s grace”,Samrat cheered in satisfaction..

“What happened paa..you are too emotional..”,she asked,confused thinking why he is so excited on her simple choice.A mere employee! Just like her mom said..
“You don’t have any problem with me marrying a employee of ours isn’t?”she asked clearly.. Samrat was brought back from his elation with that…

“We had spoke about it..No issues..Let him be there until you both leave for London..Hold a sec…”,Samrat replied.

“Radhu….Am so happy dear..Myself and Sam will select dresses for you..So come home before 6…Don’t come late…and I will convey to Neil and Sam”,Prena’s words made her smile..”and bring your prince..your dad is praising too much…how come he can be a competitor for us..”she remarked funnily..She felt relaxed and happy after speaking with them.

Radhika found him sitting Inside that car..”Is this yours? You hired?…why..?”,She asked standing next to the door.,while he sat relaxed occupying the middle seat of the car..
“Give my phone”,he said tapping his right hand over his thigh.

“You got angry.”she said and stepped inside a little only to get pulled by him…He locked the door that instant and got her on his lap looping his left arm around her waist…
“what did your dad say?” He asked tucking her hair strands behind her left ear..

“Heee..”,she dragged and tried to get down.. “No use..! Am not going to leave you”,he said and wound his other arm around her,hugging her close.. “Speak”,he said chuckling..She gave a annoyed face in return..He saw her intently having her close to him..She neither blushed nor embarassed at the sudden proximity being on his lap,but he felt her breath to turn heavy.”whats that”,he asked in a low voice..She was silent..He took her left arm and unwound the bandage,”why?”,he asked.. “hmm..what if Maa asks about ring..so..”,she said meekly.

“Will you leave me if someone says I cheated on you..for your money.”,he asked..She saw him and nodded negative..

“What if I say that?”,he asked and looked her face curious..She saw his eyes deep and said,”I won’t spare you..”. “will leave me?”,he asked shocked..She felt his body to shook a little at that..

Precap : Ardhika moments and wedding dress selection..Neil comes to Mumbai..


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