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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 20)

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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 20)


Recap: Raneil conversation & Arjun’s emotional talk with Dilip

Dilip drives his car aimlessly thinking about the problems in his home and especially in Radhika’s life because of Sam’s arrival, Arjun’s painful accusations on Dilip for making has as a scapegoat in his own issues. He finally stops his car infront of his home and rushes inside directly to Sam’s room. He barges in and drags her out…he holds her hand and is taking her out from house saying, “I will finish everything today”.

Sam stops and pulls her hands from him asking, “What are you blabbering?”

Dilip comes to her saying, “I will tell everything to Radhika today and you no need to black mail me anymore”

Sam smirks saying, “Even i dont want to but before that i have to find my Maa”

Dilip, “Yes, even i want to find that b***c….only she can explain how she turned you against me”

Sam angry replies, “Don’t dare to talk about her…the situation will be more worse if you do it again”

Dilip, “You already made it Samaira”

Sam looks him angrily with tears in her eyes, “Good to know that you remember my name. You always think about your only daughter, that Radhika…then how you can think about me. If you would have thought about me once…i would have not suffered and got insulted by the society”

Dilip, “It is because of your so called Mother..she is the main reason for everything. If she would have aborted you, then you would have not bore this insults and all”

Sam, “Why you want to be in cleasche, say it clearly that you wanted maa to kill me. You are a shamless father, you cheated my mom in the name of love and when you got to know about me in her womb…you forced her to kill me..you tortured her”

Dilip, “What non-sense are you saying? Oh oh…all these stories told by that lady is it?”

Sam, “It is not any story Mr. Dilip Misra”

Before Dilip says something, Arjun comes and interrupts them, “Radhika is on the way here”

Dilip looks at him with worried face and Arjun signs him through his eyes to be calm. Soon Radhika also reached home and tells, “I have to sort out everything today itself. I cannot take it anymore”

Dilip, “What non-sense are you saying? Oh oh…all these stories told by that lady is it?”

Sam, “It is not any story Mr. Dilip Misra”

Before Dilip says something, Arjun comes and interrupts them, “Radhika is on the way here”

Dilip looks at him with worried face and Arjun signs him through his eyes to be calm. Soon Radhika also reached home and tells, “I have to sort out everything today itself. I cannot take it anymore”

Dilip starts, “Radhi beta, acutally..”

Rads stops him saying, “You don’t interefere in this matter Dad. It’s between me and Arjun”

Sam smirks seeing Dilip and he looks more worried now seeing Arjun starring Radhika without any reaction on his face. Rads turns to Arjun, “Look Arjun, i can’t bear this silence anymore. I need you to tell everything right now. Who is Sam? Why u gave shelter to her that too in your flat? What are you trying to hide it from me? I want to know everything”

Arjun passes a painful look at her where in she is in the verge of of knowing everything from Arjun.

Dilip comes front and interrupts, “Radhika, listen me…”

Radhika shouts, “No one should talk now” she moves back and takes a knife from her bag and looks at it little scary. She remembers her conversation with Tintu on phone and stares Arjun angrily saying, “If you keep mum still, then i will hurt myself badly”

Sam gets tensed seeing Radhika with a knife and threatening them, she doesn’t want radhika to get hurt but at the same time, she needs justice for her wounds and kept quiet. She message Neil about the happenings going on here.

Neil got her message and worries reading it, he looks at the passenger seat where the lady is seating there silently. He remembers how he went back to the home after radhika leaves from there and got the lady with him. He increases his speed and drives fastly to Radhika’s home before she takes any wrong step.

Arjun panics and moves towards her saying, “Are you mad Radhika?”

Rads shouts, “Don’t dare to come to me…stop where you are”

Arjun rooted where is and pleads, “Radhika, don’t act like a stupid….throw the knife first.”

Dilip too comes forward saying, “Radhika….what are you doing beta? listen to me”

Rads, “No one will come to me…i wont listen anyone today. Arjun, why are you doing this to me? Can’t you see the pain in my eyes?”

Arjun in a pleading voice, “Radhika, i will tell you everything….throw the knife first”

Dilip couldn’t handle it more and shouts saying, “I am culprit…Arjun s not at fault.” he looks at Radhika worriedly.

Radhika who stares Arjun couldn’t believe what she heard and slowly turns her vision to Dilip who stands there folding his hands with his head down.

Arjun close his eyes and let out a sigh relief and looks at Dilip who is still sobbing.

Rads whispers, “Papa”

Dilip nods his head saying, “I am reason for all this problems in your life. Arjun just helped in hiding this matter from you and even he did not wish for it but i took a promise from him. He is really a gentleman Radhika…am the one who has to be punished”

Rads couldn’t believe what she is hearing now says in a choking voice, “What do you mean Papa?”

Dilip let out a heavy breathe and says, “Sam is my daughter…Your sister”

Rads is shocked and starring Dilip of unable to believe what he just said whispering, “What?”

She moves her gaze to Sam who is standing behind Dilip looking at her without showing any emotions on her face.

Dilip continues, “I hidden this just because i don’t want you to hate me when you know the truth about Sam”

Rads reaction changes and replied him in a cold voice, “Tell me everything”

Dilip could understand her now and he goes to Sam and takes her with him to Radhika saying, “I did wrong with her and now infront of you i am accepting it…she is my daughter but…i did not cheat your mom”

Sam jerks his hands from her saying, “Don’t continue your bl**dy lies Mr. Dilip Mishra. You cheated MY MOM”

Dilip shouts, “No…i am not. Now i don’t need to hide anything. I did not cheat your mom Samaira..infact she is not even your mom”

Rads couldn’t understand what they told and Sam gets shocked hearing Dilip saying, “I know you are cheap man but i never knew that you will stoop so low”

To everyone’s surprise, they hear a voice from the door saying, “He is saying the truth Sam”

Ardhika, Dilip & Sam is shocked seeing the lady standing at the doorstep with Neil beside her. Neil is taking her inside the home and passes a look at Sam and then turns to see Radhika who is bewildered and looks confused seeing him there. Behind them, Tintu also came there as per radhika’s saying with another friend.

Sam whispers, “Nandu maa” she runs to her and hugs her tightly crying, “Maa….where you went leaving alone? Why u left me Maa?”

Dilip too gets shocked and surprised seeing her there calls her, “Nandini”

Nandini turns her gaze from Sam to Dilip and stare him without saying anything…only tears escaped from her eyes continuously. Her gaze then turns to Radhika and stucks at her, she looks her lovingly and moves to her leaving Sam behind her. She goes to Radhika and hugs her tightly saying, “My daughter”

Sam is boggled listening her and slowly walks to her saying, “Maa….i am your daughter”

Nandini looks at Sam with teary eyes, cups her face saying, “I brought you up but i did not give birth to you”

Dilip interrupts saying, “What nonsense are you saying? Radhika is not your daughter. She born for me and Mala”

Now the younger kept silent and looks at the elders to blurt out the untold truth.

Nandini looks at Dilip says, “Sorry Dilip….still you don’t know few things”

Dilip is appalled and taken aback…she goes to Radhika and holds her by her shoulder saying, “No…No…You are lying AGAIN”

Nandini, “Now am saying the truth..i don’t have anything to hide now from anyone”

FB Starts—–

Nandini’s POV:

Me, Dilip & Mala were studied in same college. Me & Mala were very good friends who shares everything with each other. Dilip was one of the most wanted guy by the girls in our college coz of his richness and handsome. But he likes the only girl in our college and that is Mala…my close friend..she is very simple, soft and kind hearted girl in our college…ofcourse some guys were trying to make her as theirs but always gets failed. Dilip likes her the way she is and decides to propose her but before that he comes to me and told his interest on Mala. I don’t know what happen to me but onething for sure is that…i was not happy for that. Yes, i was not happy when Dilip told me that he loves Mala and wants to marry her..coz i love him and want to marry him. No one knows about this even Mala don’t..i don’t have courage to open up my love on Dilip and was waiting for right time to propose him, but i was completely shattered when he told me about his love on Mala and seeks my help to talk to her. My heart was screaming and shouting but my mind did not support for it and makes me to accept his request to talk to Mala.

I went to Mala and tells her everything, she did not agree for it initially…and i was the happiest person after hearing her refusal. I happily went to Dilip and told her what Mala told and tell him to leave her. Dilip did not say anything but just smiles a little and goes from there…i was literally praying god to turn his interest on me…after that incident i make myself to go and talk to him willingly. I started spending some extra time with Dilip and even he talks to me nicely. I was feeling like i will get my love for sure and this time i won’t lose him at any cost. I reduced my time with Mala might be coz of the insecurity…since Dilip started coming to me and talking with me often when i was with my friend. I don’t want him to go back Mala again. But the fate has something else…I got to know that Dilip meet Mala seperately and trying to convince her. When i reduced my time being with Mala, Dilip also avoids talking to me. I slowly understand what is happening around me…i recollects everything whenever Dilip comes and talks to me, Mala was with me always. I understand it very lately that Dilip still loves Mala only and used me to spend time with Mala. I engrossed myself with so much of hatred in my heart towards Mala thinking that she is the one who snatching my love from me. I stopped talking to her and made myself busy in my personal things.

Our college gets over and we all 3 scattered into different places, i was not able to come out from the failure but still i was trying to forget it. I was leading my life but still somewhere in my heart i was deeped down in love with Dilip. My Fate never supports me i guess…it takes me to the place where it snatched my love. I met Dilip again in a hospital where i came to meet my another friend. An awaiting shock for me is, i met Dilip with Mala as his wife…which i couldn’t even tolerate to hear it. My heart ached to see them together…it was crying vigourously inside and i was screaming aloud to hide my pain…but to the world i just stayed calm and maintained that in my face. Mala noticed me and comes running to hug me. She hugged me tightly by expressing her happiness seeing me after a long time. I saw Dilip comes behind her with a smile on his face and greets me gently which irked me the most. I understood from Mala’s statement that Dilip somehow convinces her and her family and finally married to Mala with everyone’s blessings. I couldn’t feel happy but angry seeing the mangalsutra in her neck which supposed to be mine. I just faked my smile and gently excuses myself to leave from there. But then, Mala stopped me and takes me to her home forcefully.

I just don’t want to be around them which creates my hatred towards her more but i can’t express my hatred towards them..i silently obliged and went with them. I stepped into their house where am in now currently…it gave me the pain of thought that it should have been mine instead of Mala’s. I wanna shrugged that thought from my mind but it kept on haunting me seeing Dilip & Mala as a very happy couple. My wounds started piercing my heart badly which gives me only pain…i wasn’t take it anymore and tried to shut it down. But when Mala takes me to her personal room and cries badly hugging me..i was shocked initially but soon the evil shows its happiness seeing her tears. I composed her and asked her the reason and even i couldn’t believe myself that how can i be so happy seeing some one in pain. But i felt happy listening Mala’s pain..yes she was in deep pain that she couldn’t get conceive even after so many treatement taken. Yes…the doctors told that she won’t be able to be a mother coz of some medical problems. They are looking for a surrogacy method to get their own baby and that’s the reason they came to hospital to enquire about that. She praised Dilip a lot for his enormous support on this and she told that she loves him more than anything in this world.

Deep inside my heart, i felt so happy after a long time…yes very long time…i feel like i wanna enjoy this moment happily..but i just show her my worried face. We spend somemore time alone and after that i left from there. The whole night i did not sleep and my mind was always thinking about Dilip-Mala-Surrogacy. I decided something which cannot be supported by most of the people at that time..but still i made my mind and went to sleep peacefully. Next day, i get ready and goes to meet Mala and Dilip in their home, i told her that i am ready go for surrogacy just for them. Dilip & Mala is shocked and initially they did not agree for it and tried to make me understand about the problem which i might face in my future. But i shoved them off saying i am ready to do it for them. After a long discussion i made them agree for this and they get every emotional seeing my affection on them. But all i have done is purely for my beneficial. Yes, i was ready for this just to take back my love from Mala by making this child as my lucky coin… i planned to blackmail dilip to marry me once i have their baby in my womb…i know that was a very cheap trick to play with but still i was not left for any options other than that to get back into his life. I made a backup plan also..if Dilip won’t agree me then i made my mind clear that i should go away from their life with their baby in me…i promised myself that i won’t give their baby back to them. I literally pledged to spoil Mala’s happy life forever without having their baby..just because i thought she snatched my love.

We trio met the doctor and made everything ready for the treatment and everything happened as i wished. I was having dilip’s child in my womb..yes it is dilip’s and i don’t consider Mala at all. I started caring for the child since it is the only hope for me now to go back into dilip’s child…how idiot i was…i was in my own dreamland..dreaming about my life with dilip in future but as i told you…i never get what i wanted. It’s been a month now and everything went good till i get a call from Dilip and i went to his home since he called me to talk about something important. I happily went there to meet him and he took me to Mala’s who smiles widely seeing me and hugging. I did not understand initially but my world becomes upside down when Mala told that she is pregnant with two weeks. My dreams shattered and i could see that it broken into pieces seeing Mala and Dilip so happy hugging each. I couldn’t stand there anymore and excuses myself coming out of the room. Thinking about my life and fate…tears escaped from my eyes. I quickly wiped my tears hearing Dilip called me. I turned to him and try as maximum to give him a gentle smile, he takes me to his personal room and he hesitated for so long to initiate the talk. I just stared him silently and after a long pause he opened up his mouth saying a formal words thanking me for having their child in my womb…automatically my hand touches my belly feeling the pleasure of having the baby inside me but the thing which shattered me the most is what dilip said after that. Yes…he almost killed me by his words…he asked me to abort the child which is in my womb. How cruel he was to ask me to abort my baby…sorry i know it is not but still i have it my womb. It is my baby only…how can i kill it..it’s just one month old and he wants me to do it immediately before it gets late. I rooted to that place being numb for sometime..i couldn’t believe my ears and i felt that he is not the one whom i love. His love on Mala changes him a lot…i could see that and that makes me angry at him. I shouted at him about his nonsense talk and refused to do what he said.

Dilip’s tone changed and this time looks like he strictly warned me to go for abortion before it gets late and he doesn’t want the child now just because Mala gets pregnant. And this time again she won by making me lose again and again. He cares only about Mala but not even understand what i felt for him and what i feel for the growing child. I couldn’t believe my eyes how can someone be like this…and this time my jealous, anger, hatred everything goes on higher and higher and without saying anything i left from there. Dilip sent his men to check whether i did abortion or not…i felt so disgusted and the most worst part is Mala is not aware of all these politics which he played with me. Mala still thought about the another child which i had…even she did not know about dilip’s cheap thought. I planned to play in their life…i lied to Dilip that i did the abortion but i kept it as a secret and myself hidden from him to get this baby on the earth. And he informed the same thing to Mala that i aborted the child…Mala was angry on me and cursing me to do that sin. She hated me to the core and when i tried to call her to inform she reluctantly avoids meeting me and hearing me even once.

I almost lived a secret life, isolated from the society and i got a loyal relation from a nurse who treats me well when i used to go for check up secretly. It’s been Nine months now and i got a labor pain and gets admitted in the same hospital where Mala was there unfortunately. For mala coz of some problem she got the pain earlier and lately we both delivered the babies at the same time. Once i get the conscious i was in urge to meet her and the baby and i made sure that i will meet her when dilip was not around. I pleaded the nurse to take me to her ward to meet her, i saw her in unconscious state with her baby nearby. I became statue seeing the peaceful smile on the corner of her lips and the smile on the baby which makes me to think evily…i emotionally blackmailed the nurse and did the sin which i should have not.

Nandini’s POV ended

FB ends————-

The whole house is in dead silence listening Nandini’s statement, Sam & Radhika cries silently listening about their story from her, ArNeil silently watches them, Dilip is the only person who is still in the verge to know what she did. He asks, “What have you done with her?”

Nandini looks Radhika and Sam with teary eyes saying, “My hatred towards them took me to a wrong step. With the help of that nurse, i exchanged the new born babies and left from that hospital with the baby i got.”

She lifts her eyes looking at Dilip who is breathing heavily knowing the reality and she continues, “I took the baby from Mala and kept my baby with her. The baby which i took from mala is none other than Sam…and Radhika…” after that she couldn’t continue and cries badly.

Deep silence occupied in everyone’s mind and heart, Sam looks at Nandini of unable to believe what she heard from her beloved Maa. Radhika becomes numb knowing her birth truth and she could feel that now dilip’s hand is moved from her shoulder and she looks at him with painful eyes. She turns and looks at Dilip who walks to Nandini slowly. He strangles her neck harshly and she struggled to breathe. ArNeil somehow managed to pull him from her and Neil takes Nandini with him, whereas Arjun takes Dilip. Arjun leaves Dilip and he immediately moved his gaze to radhika who is standing like a statue of not knowing what happened with her. He goes to hold her shoulder for support but she raises her hand to stop him and steps to Dilip says, her voice gets choked, “You did not want me to born is it? Am i an unwanted child? Tell me Papa…sorry guess i don’t have right to call you by that”

Dilip feels bad seeing her crying…his only lovable daughter..his life she is. He comes to her to hug her but she moves back saying, “I am unwanted child. You wanted me to die right. I will fulfill ur wish now”

By saying that she immediately takes the knife and cuts her nerves in her left hand before Arjun or others understand what she tried to do. All shouts Radhika and runs to her but before they catch her she runs to her room and locks the door from inside of not allowing anyone to save her…Tintu who becomes numb seeing the blood oozing from her hand. His friend asks, “You gave the original knife to her instead of the duplicate?”

Tintu comes to sense and said, “Arey..i gave the duplicate one only…i don’t know how she got the original one”

Rads cries her heart out of unable bear the truth being an unwanted kid of her father whom she loves the most in this world. Soon she gets unconscious and falls beside her bed. Arjun & Neil breaks the door and rushes to her. Arjun takes her in his arms and Neil ties his kerchief in her hand to stop the blood loss. Arjun carries her and gets inside the car where in Neil drives it fastly and soon they reached the hospital.

Dilip cries badly seeing radhika in this state..he couldn’t control anymore and rushes out to go and see her. Nandini & Sam left out…Sam looks at her and her eyes clearly tells her accusations on her for making their life hell. She too left her and goes to hospital to check about Radhika. Tintu also followed her leaving Nandini alone in the home.

Precap: Radhika ignore Dilip and put forth a condition.

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