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Manmarziyan – A white Noise Secret

Hello….I have tried a new genre this time.. Tell me how it is…And this is for our Evergreen Trendsetter Action queen Rosie..She is the reason am writing stories and I owe her a lot.. This is for you Rosie. My lal..Wish you a very happy Birthday! May your every wish come true and your life shine with success..I pray the lord and Mother Nature to bless you with Health,Prosperity.,wealth and more of wittiness and power to punch us..Cheers dear!! So..where is Jessie’s style wish..You have it as Arjun’s dialogue

.A Rozzian style for our Rosie.. Its a Reality based fictional attempt..Apart from the known characters,all other character names and their behavior is purely fictional..


A White Noise Secret (One Shot)

“Where is she?”,Arjun asked and his head turned the next instant to the direction Sam pointed her finger..They both walked towards her direction..

She sat there leisurely enjoying the view,with a sweet smile forgetting the world around.,the sea green beauty shone a shade brighter in that mid summer evening and white caps raced in a hurry to kiss the shore…The Straw made beach hat covered her face partially and her sunglasses reflected the view before, in green shade.,her single long white chiffon fabric swayed to the breeze competing with her black tresses..Captivated by the enthralling view before her,she closed her eyes leaning more on a pillar.,listening the roaring noises of the surf…Her ears keen on learning the language of splashing waves, failed to recognize numerous calls she received in her mobile..

“She is sleeping!”,Arjun said.. “Even if not,she won’t respond to us”,Sam said with a shook. “Yea Neil..the same beach..she? she is sleeping..we will be here”,Arjun disconnected the call and saw her.. “what’s there to smile while sleeping?”,he moved asking to sam..

She pretended to sleep listening them.,after minutes she opened her eyes only to see them seated on beach sand.. Her eyes narrowed behind the sunglasses when
Arjun and Sam saw her once inbetween their discussion..

“We should leave her back.,its risky..”,Arjun said.. “Both won’t budge, and still we din’t figure out the place”,Sam said looking the sea..

“Rojiii”,she sat straight listening Neil.. “Yaar..is this a way to go..you are so short tempered..”,Neil made a complaint and sat next to her.. She quickly removed her shades and said”,He asked me keep quiet”.

“So what?,will you be angry if I say the same..c’mon yaar..why do you hold a grudge on him always”,Neil said in a cool tone.. Rosie just turned her head the other side in anger.. “your growing anger gonna turn your face red.. then you will be a Red Indian..no..Red Rojii..No..no..Red rose!!”,he said.. “I see.., this is why Sam calls you Idiot..”,she said with a deep thought.. Neil mock glared her.. “What happened?”,she asked after a minute.

“As usual.,Vanished.! Voodoo Magic it seems”,he said heaving a sigh.. “What are they discussing this deep when we found out nothing?”,Rosie asked annoyed looking them..

“Sounds hatred”,Neil remarked..

“Lal..mere laal..oh my baby..Lal to laali ho gayi gusse mein..(Baby turned Red in anger)!”,Radhika came chiming and hugged her.. “Why did you go like that? Don’t repeat it..”,she said.. Rosie saw Arjun.. “Oh com’on.. he doesn’t like anyone interfering and today he was calm with you..still…you are expecting too much patience from My Man!”,Radhika pouted.. “Patience is not in his dictionary and A for Arrogance”,Rosie said in same stand..

“Now,don’t complain about my husband to me..he cares everyone..but never expresses..!”,Radhika said with fake anger and moved towards them.. The four were in a deep discussion before they came to Rosie..

“You won’t come to discuss..Attitude!”,Arjun muttered before leaving..Sam and Neil waved her following Arjun..

“Where are they going?”,Rosie asked to Radhika..

“Let’s continue ours..they are moving.”,Radhika said sitting next to her..

“Means?”,Rosie asked alarmed..

“I tried hard.,they aren’t convinced..Neil said he will inform once they find the place”, Radhika said..

“Arjun said this?”,Rosie asked in anger.

“Why din’t you come to discuss..sitting here and blaming him”,Radhika gave back.

“He always keeps me away from site works..that’s why I stayed behind.”,Rosie remarked..

“Because he doesn’t want you to take unnecessary risks..nothing else..now come,Don’t get angry on him”,Radhika pulled her along..

“Aww…Loveeee..Razzzyyy”,Rosie dragged leaning on her.. “Yesss…Rozzzzyyy”,Radhika patted her cheeks..

After an hour..In their office room..

“Seems you turned a full time student”,Radhika mocked her.,while she checked the idols and sculptures photos… “Yea..they are divine!!”,she said gazing a picture intently.. Receiving no response in turn,she turned to see Radhika reading a file intently.. “What’s this?”,Rosie asked.. “3 files..Arjun asked us to have a look..In fact,he has a doubt..lets see..”,Radhika continued reading.. The files had the full details they collected,their hardwork.,and below each page Arjun remarked his notes.. Rosie quickly turned on her system.. She opened a file and compared all the remarks with her findings…

“See this mail”,Radhika called her.. “Of these three…Do you think his suspicion is correct?”,she asked.. Rosie nodded took the pics from her file.,scanned and forwarded to Arjun..

“2nd or 3rd?”,Arjun asked the moment Radhika attended the call..

“2nd”,she replied.. “Rosie..what you think?”,he asked.. “3rd”,Rosie said..

“why not 1st?”,Neil asked from the other side.. “Neil..I think by this time the idol in 1st pic would have been already moved to their place”,Rosie said.. Radhika smiled at that..

“We will inform you after..”Arjun was cut in the middle by Rosie., “after they remove the idols..then you want us to roam behind them”,she asked irritated..”We should stop before they do this”,she stressed her voice..

“You want to stop or to seize the other idols”,Arjun asked calmly. His calm tone surprised everyone.. “It’s K.R.Das! I know..the bastard is smuggling..Don’t you too know?”,she asked angrily…

“Do we have proofs?…you know how dangerous he is..we need to find the place first”,Arjun said determined.. “Stop arguing Rosie..He is our team head..and we discussed this..you sat aloof”,Sam intervened..

“Rosie.. you need to learn patience!”,Arjun said before he hung up the call.,which led all others to laugh except Rosie whose jaw dropped in surprise..

“You both think alike”,Radhika said while pointing his remarks.. Rosie too checked everything..The next few hours went in anticipation for the Trio who waited on the spots they guessed.. Neil and Sam waited on two different spots while Arjun waited in an another area..

The ladies in office still sat trying to figure out the location.,Arjun’s points on the possibilities of trespassing and the places that could be done, made them to work till midnight..
Analyzing each and every area that Arjun marked.,Rosie and Radhika shortlisted few..

“Let them go”,Arjun said the same to Neil and sam once they informed about the idols being moved out of the temples..Neil and sam updated the routes the vehicles traveled.,As expected the vans crossed the place Arjun waited.. He marked the location in the paper he held..

“Prepare the report”,Arjun messaged to Radhika..

“But..why without..I mean..I want to go..want to punch the bastard.. He traded those priceless pieces of art!! and not even a punch from me!!”,Rosie shook her head..

“Rosie..Lets finish it fast.,and move to the location..Promise!”,Radhika said immediately..They sat preparing the final report about the kinds of idols being stolen till date.,and the places..and the significance of each and every idol…Radhika felt satisfied with it.. “Brilliant job Rosie..!!”,She hugged her praising..

“We need to zero down the exact location..It’s almost done..Note my location through GPS and come down with arms”,Arjun voice echoed in the silent room.. Rosie sat gritting her teeth in anger..”Bring Rosie with you Radhika..”. She smiled listening that… “I have figured out few locations.!”,she said quickly and forwarded that to him on his insistence..


Next morning..

“Women on Mission!”,Rosie said dramatically with a Pistol.. They drove to the interiors of the state following Arjun’s location details..

6 months back..

The undercover team consisting Arjun,Neil,Sam was involved in a case related to the death of a leading Industrialist JaiPratap.,who was later found to be a partner with the smuggling kingpin K.R.Das.,And that’s when Radhika from CID,and Rosie an officer of Idol wing CID joined their team..Within a short span the ladies developed a sisterly bond,in particular Rosie and Radz.. Neil being the cool head got along with Rosie.,and it’s only Arjun who will silence her witty tongue with one angry glare and cut short replies..
The team of five had a tough time to figure out the roots of this particular smuggling..Their opponent left no loop holes which led the team to meet dead ends at every point of their attempt.The failures in each step made their bond strong and they turned more determined to nail their enemy..Their nation’s enemy..K.R.Das..nothing but a well heeled pathogen slowly killing the country’s rich heritage and culture..

Das is well known as an Industrialist and Kingmaker to the rest of the nation.,so it was really hard for them to bring proofs against him..But the team were no less.,they hatched up a new way to approach..Rosie disguised as research student went a tour covering the temples located in remote areas of South India to get hints about stolen idols.. Her interest and involvement made everyone including the ones who helped the smugglers,believe she is a student.. Neil and Radhika tracked KR’s every actions and calls.. Arjun and Sam worked on Idol smuggling details… ‘how?,from when?, to whom? and who all?’..they found the answers for all this questions..However.,possessing enormous powers Das was very clever to escape from all traps laid by the team.,and when Neil brought a news that even if proved it won’t be Das instead his man Kashith would be convicted as he had old records on the same, they felt that to be a checkmate..

The case turned rubbery and idols continued vanishing one by one, that’s when Arjun and Neil decided to handle it different…They laid a new trap..siWith the help of their friend they purposely published a series of articles emphasizing the significance of Idols and sculptures in Indian culture..Rosie’s student disguise did help them this time..Accurate details about the artistic work on idols with their pics did lure the cheapsters involved in this..Arjun and team submitted a first report about JaiPratap’s murder with a different reason to fool Das.,and as expected the idols they mentioned went stolen within weeks of time.. The biggest question was where he hid and packed all these idols..they tracked all the possible places he would access but left with no clue..The hideout remained a unsolved puzzle..Their investigation though reached its Zenith,looked useless because of this.This time,they followed the vans,but found disappearing after a particular place..,and when found again,it had another driver and it landed in a garage..,Arjun thought they would be alerted if they check the vehicle.He figured out few locations of a forest area on the border of two states.,as they couldn’t do a random search without a notice.,he waited to zero down the location.. And here they are…in that location….

Arjun laid the map of that dense forest before them..The trio doubted on two locations,when Radhika came with Rosie..They discussed and when Sam raised a doubt about how they would have moved the idols if not by the roads,they located a place.. Chalking out the plan.,Arjun loaded his bullets when Rosie asked.,”Even if we catch him red handed.,there are lots of possibilities for him to escape from being prisoned.. we all know,he may have contacts with our higher officials and he may threaten them..so.,make a fool proof plan”,she said in a clear low voice and moved..

“She is correct..Corruption!! it has its roots everywhere..we need to plan well before seizing the idols and we can expect pressures from politicians too”,Neil said.. The quad involved in ifs’ and buts’ argument for nearly 15 mins unaware of Rosie’s absence..”Where is she now?”,Arjun asked suddenly.. They went on search winding things..

“Do you think Das will be here?”,Neil asked while moving..

“They stole it yesterday night.,so obviously he should be here..and I feel the case we dealt yesterday was his trap..why suddenly they lodged a complaint and involved us..he will clear his old hideout..and wait for us..so for clearing..he need to be here”,Arjun said..

They spotted her sitting on a rock relishing the white noise flow down..The dense flow of water from atop greenery covered mountains gave a danger sign to step near it.,while the middle stream had a complete silence..she sat on the rock inside the waters.The loud noise of water hitting the ground and rocks had only birds chirping to play with..It is more a treat for your eyes and ears…Arjun found the wet ground and droplets of rain on plants..”It has rained a little”,he said.. They were inside the car unaware of the drizzling..

“Isn’t deep…Rosie..comeback plzz.”,Sam called with a underlying fear.. “It drizzled when we came”,Radhika said looking around.. Arjun did have a doubt on this place too..

“There may be crocodiles”,Neil scared her.. “Any doubts Rosie”,She turned listening Arjun who pointed a passage near the underground river… She blinked in surprise and turned to her left..”I thought that”,she said pointing a similar looking area covered with wildly grown plants.

“Rainbow!”,Radhika cheered..It was complimenting view for the nature itself,the water droplets hitting the rocks on its way down glistened with bright colors it received on that fraction of second.. Arjun drew a arc with his finger over the rainbow and smiled at Radhika…She immediately jumped on him”Yes!!”,she said..It was like the nature itself helped these modern warriors who fight to preserve their country’s pride.. Rosie smiled realizing it and came rushing.. The coolness of the mother earth did cool her anger on Arjun.,
She smiled,”You are correct..Arjun..What you marked in that file..It is right!!”.,Rosie complimented him for the first time since they teamed up..

They got ready to hit their target within minutes.,”Use only if required”,Arjun said pointing the gun to everyone there.. Arjun and Sam entered through the right side,and the trio chose the left.. Neil stepped behind in half way when Radhika and Rosie moved further.. The girls held their gun down watching few men packing the idols.,few polishing it.,and few clicking pics..They could still hear the sound of waters flowing down with high intensity which drowned the heavy thud noises in that godown…

“Welcome beautiful ladies!”,their heads shot up listening the cold voice.. Their men surrounded the girls snatching their gun.,they were made to kneel down..

“You people are spoilt watching movies..doing heroic activities..now who will save you”,another guy came down.. “Kashith”,Radhika mumbled..

“What to do with them.,KR…why don’t we send these golden idols with those bronze ones”,Kashith walked towards them., he took a floral headband from a marble woman idol and donned on Rosie’s head saying,”Isn’t she beautiful”..

“Beauty with brains..both..!! confused how we know? I saw you sitting on the rock when I was about to step out.,was waiting for you.,why the hell you people smell my smuggling business..now I have to kill you”,KR smiled at her…

“You bastard!!”,Rosie yelled.. Das laughed aloud,”Scream as much you can..none will come.,because anyone outside would possibly watch the dangerous waterfall from miles away.,only you people dared to step here…Das boasted about his illegal business and his smartness of how he fooled people,even the toughest officers in the system…

Radhika smelt something to fume.,alerted with that.,she made a move for the first time she knelt.,the guys pushed her down,her movement alarmed Rosie,and she checked for Neil.. “Leave them now!!”,Sam screamed from the other side gaining attention on her..

“Oh you too!”,KR exclaimed in joy with that everything went smoky around them…The unexpected plan had some effect on them too.,they tied kerchiefs to avoid suffocation..but Neil din’t leave a place to be smoke free..

“Do you think this to be rose water?”,Radhika covered her mouth as she made her way out.. Sam and Neil advanced further to tie them down.,but it turned out to be a unavoidable encounter… Arjun shot down mercilessly and proceeded fast towards them.,the men had hard time to stop his advance towards their boss.. Kashith got the shot when he aimed Das..Arjun came for Radhika. When Rosie said she was standing away,he got angry and scolded her in a fit of anger… “Go,stay with her”,he yelled and that fueled her anger.. A guy from no where engaged into fight and Rosie stood waiting for a moment to punch Arjun.. At one point,she did threw her hand, but Arjun held at the nick of moment,nodding no..

“Baby..you wanna punch my hubby!!”,Rads asked from behind in shock. Rosie smiled sheepishly.. Arjun covered them both to the way out..”Pls stay out!”,he said before moving.. Rosie unable to control herself threw few punches whenever she got a chance..to be precise she made the chance to happen..Everyone other that KR was down., and Arjun kept the gun behind and beat him in anger.,he saw Rosie and called her..,”Go ahead!”he said.. Neil wiped blood from sam’s knuckles..

“I won’t leave you people”,KR growled when Rosie walked back after punching him to her heart’s content… Arjun saw Radhika and she moved to the exit.. “Bad luck this time”,Rosie said without turning back..

“and Bad luck to u every time..!!”,Arjun said before he shot him down.. She stopped on her tracks in shock..”Why to have him?”,he asked., “Neil..,why they din’t come yet?”,he asked as he sat down on a rock.,Minutes later their chief came there with few officers.. Arjun fabricated a story when asked about this sudden encounterwithout seeking permission,and Sam gave a video where KR caught the girls under custody.. “We have more copies sir.”,Neil said with a smile.. Their chief saw the place around,”Self defense”,Sam said..

The idols were seized and Rosie noted each and everything being the dept officer.. “You gave your report?”,Arjun asked..”But I din’t mention about KR,”she said.. “Not needed..If we speak about tailing KR,then we will be questioned about this..So..”,Arjun paused and looked her.. “The stolen idols details is enough and we just now got to know that the famous Industrialist KR Das.,is involved in this crime..Do you get that”.he asked with a smile..She nodded..

The team as decided faked surprise about KR’s involvement when asked.. “They kidnapped the officers involved and being Radhika’s husband I came to rescue her..Neil and Sam accompanied me as we were together for a enquiry here..”Arjun finished in one go..

The idols were being taken in vehicles and the senior officials gave the report to press…Rosie stood watching the waterfalls.. “The cheapsters has utilized this white noise beauty to hide their illegal activities”,Rosie said with her eyes on the waters..

“It’s the same nature which helped us..”,Arjun smiled recalling the rainbow.. “It’s over now!!.”,Sam sighed.. “Our team will miss you Roji”,Neil said to her.,

“Happy Birthday Rosie..May your every dream other than punching me come true”,Arjun said placing the same flower crown on her head… Neil,Sam and Radhika wished one after other.. “It’s your birthday.,you achieved something big”,Neil patted her head.. Radhika stood in support of Arjun ’cause of nausea..

“This is why I told you to stay back,you should more careful at this time,Arjun said to her..”And its your birthday,I worried for a risk on you.”,he said to Rosie.

“Will you inform me when you get your kid?”,Rosie asked..Radhika nodded a yes meekly..

“Don’t you worry ..I will get my daughter learn Karate from you”,Arjun said hugging Radhika..

“Daughter??”,Rosie asked.. “He has already confirmed”,Radhika said smiling at Arjun..


So…how was this?.. Finally I posted…Yipee! From saturday this story sleeps..Ahh!! All you lovely readers pls drop in your views..It will be helpful…Pls do ignore my Typos and
Grammatical errors… Rosie..If not you I wouldn’t have been enjoying with friends here… Its your ‘Dark’,which brought this Silent reader to light.,and you encouraged me to write..
wonder what bond we share.,you encourage and support me everytime… Mere lal…Once again A very happy Birthday!!! Love you dear!!

Take care and love u all loads..

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