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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 55- Gathering proofs and stopping the engagement)

Hello hello hello!! Back with the next update!! Insanely insane.. I’d love it if someone wants to take over my story and give it a quick ending.. I have no problem.. anyone interested.. say “aye”.. Lolz.. okay.. my mom suddenly Said that I’ve grown fat.. so I told my mom I’ll eat well till new year’s and then go on with my juice diet..

“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still


So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin’ me closer
‘Til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone
Wait for me to come home”

Those lines are insane and I just keep listening to them.. aahhh…. Ed Sheeran rocks.. I be drowning in the ocean of music… Maa be like “please stop.. enough.. *with folded hands*”…. Lol

I’ll be posting the prologue to the sequel of this story at the end of the update.. please do let me know of how it is..

Ok.. so please.. as usual.. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors..

Happy reading 😃😃

All were tensed. All meant.. Niti, Manha, Ankush, Neil, Gauri and Supriya. Supriya on one side as not picking up anyone’s calls and Gauri was least bit interested in getting engaged to the goof. There were only two days left. Niti was walking up and down…. pacing back and forth trying to get an idea of what to do to nail Chandra Prakash.

“Niti stop. Pacing won’t help. We have to do something” Manha snapped.

“Get me a gun. I’ll go shoot him down” Niti snapped.

“Where do we get a gun from?” Neil asked as if he was hypnotized. He didn’t know what he was saying.

“Gun merchants. Obviously. Or a police officer you know” Manha rolled her eyes.

“I know of how to make Varun confess” Ankush said.

“ You think Varun Shekhar will open his mouth? He will never. Whatever you do” Niti snapped at Ankush.

Lord, she was on fire.

Ankush gave her a death glare and Niti was less.. she went to him and poked his eye.

“Woman what was that for?” he scowled as he covered his eye.

“You glare at me once more, I’ll pull your eyes out and you’ll not be able to see your would be wife when you’re exchanging rings and taking wows at the altar” she hissed and Ankush gulped. Niti smirked at the fear she saw in his eyes.

“So what do we do?” Manha asked.

Niti got a call. Her face lit up.

“Thank heavens you’re safe!! Where are you? Do you know how many times I’ve tried reaching you?” Niti asked.


“How did you end up in hospital?” she asked.


Manha, Ankush and Neil got worried. Who was she talking to?

“Are you insane? How could you think of going alone?” she asked all angry.


“I’m coming right away” she snapped as she cut the call.

“What happened? Who was it?” Manha asked.

“Supriya” she clipped.

“What happened to her?” Manha asked.

“She was attacked. She gathered all proofs against Chandra Prakash and Varun Shekhar and Exotics too” she replied.

“That girl never listens. How is she now?” Manha scowled.

“She managed to escape with a bullet on her stomach. She has mailed me the proofs. But I need the originals to submit it to Anant uncle. And I need to get her out of India. I’ll talk to the customs to let her go. If they don’t, I’ll have to bribe” she said seriously.

“Isn’t it wrong? Bribing?” Ankush huffed.

“You don’t see she’s in danger. Only this will be heard to you. Bribing and other unwanted things” Manha snapped.

“Now let’s go” she said and they all left.

City Hospital……

They entered a special ward for VIPs. Supriya was not an unknown face. She had her own identity and being the youngest daughter of Aghastya Dikshit was more than enough. They entered the room and found her with her eyes closed. The nurse left after they got in.

“Supz” Niti called out.

“Hey Neetz” she said weakly as she opened her eyes.

“Why?” Manha asked all angry.

“I’m sorry. I’m a journalist. So, it’s not something new for me” she replied in a low voice.

“But still it’s dangerous” Niti said as she cupped her face.

“Neetz it was necessary to save her. Anish loves her. He’s a good guy” she sighed.

“Anish? Super senior?” Niti asked.

“Yes him” she replied.

“We need to get you discharged and out of here” Manha said.

“How’s the wound?” Manha asked.

“We’ll know only if we check” Niti said.

“The bullet pierced through the side of her abdomen. No damages to the inner organs and tissues. It’s not bad. She can go home in two days” the doctor replied as he came in.

“How are you Ms. Dikshit?” he winked.

“I’m good” she smiled.

“What’s happening?” Niti looked suspicious.

“Nothing” Supriya said.

“NOW!!” Niti snapped.

“She’s not injured. She had a bulletproof vest on” the doctor chuckled.

“Whaaaaat?” Manha gasped.

“You were playing us all along?” Neil asked.

“Hehe” she grinned as she got up and started jumping.

“She can leave anytime. No charges” the doctor said as he walked out.

“Where is the pen drive?” Ankush asked after the doctor left.

“Who is he?” she cocked up an eyebrow.

“He’s Ankush Mishra. Radhika’s brother and a good friend. He too works in Bird Song.. as a legal advisor” Neil replied.

Supriya peeled out a layer of her skin. It was fake. Looked more like skin. She took the pen drive and gave it to Niti.

“You need to quit journalism. You’re a good hacker and you know Java like none of us. Please take up software” Niti pleaded.

“Neetz…” she started off.

“Don’t Neetz her. You listen to us. Nothing doing. You’re leaving this place” Manha commanded.

“Yeah. I don’t want to go back too. The people who never raised their voices at me were ready to throw me out” she sighed.

“We’ll get you out once you’re fine” Niti said.

“I’ll stay with her” Manha said.

“Why? We can take her home” Neil stated.

“We need to distract the goons you dufus. Aaahhhh…. Niti you have a brainless brother” Manha threw her hands in the air.

“I’m not” Neil snapped.

“Oh, you are” Manha laughed.

“I’ve called Vaibhav for security” Niti said.

“Need someone as family to stay” Manha smiled.

“Ok” Niti agreed.

“Niti” Vaibhav peaked in and nodded. Niti too nodded and he closed the door behind him.

“Ok we’ll leave. Call if you need anything. I’ll go give these to Anant uncle” Niti said as she clutched the pen drive tight.

“Niti there were girls Niti. All young ones. Below 10. In a cage. They had fear. It felt that they were praying for death and escape from the evil clutches than losing their dignity” she choked.

“I won’t let anything happen to them” Niti said in a promising tone.

“And the packets. They’re drugs. Cocaine, marijuana, brown sugar and heroin. They would have cleared by now” she signed.

“They wouldn’t have. Thinking you are dead. It’ll be a blow when police arrives.” Niti smirked.

“Hmm” she hummed.

“I need to go” Niti said as she turned around.

“Not now” Ankush pulled her to him.

“Do you have feelings for Niti? If you do, forget it” Supriya sighed as she played music on her phone and stared to dance.

Ankush sighed as he gulped down the pain and let go of Niti. Niti went off to see Anant and submit the proofs. She mailed a copy to Karthik. Karthik was lost in Anitha’s thoughts. The mail Niti had sent brought life to him. He got his team ready. He managed to trace Varun Shekhar.

“Get ready Mr. Shekhar. You too Prakash” he smirked.

Anant Narayan’s residence….

“Niti is it true? The smuggling?” Anant asked.

“They’re uncle. She checked it. They’re drugs. Cocaine, marijuana, brown sugar and heroin” Niti replied firm.

“Ok. I believe you. It’s possible that they would have cleared it” he sighed.

“No uncle. They thought she was dead. It’s possible to nab them. Even if we don’t manage to collect the drugs, we can nab the criminals” she stated.

“We’ll see. Beta stay for a the night. It’s late. Don’t worry, Ankur is not at home” he said.

Niti sighed. It had been two years since his son Ankur Narayan had died. He was in the Navy. The old man was not ready to accept the fact that his son was dead. He still lived in the phase that his son was out in the seas.

“Uncle Bhai will not come back” she whispered.

“Why? Did he tell you something?” the old man’s eyes beamed with hope.

Niti let out a breath “for how long has he been out?” she asked.

“Two years and a half years, ten days and ten hours” he replied.

“Do you know what happened six months after he left?” she asked.

“All were blabbering rubbish. Saying he died” Anant said all angry.

“It’s true uncle. Bhai died. Their ship was attacked without warning. Bhai is no more. Let it out uncle. Let it go. Cry. Aunty died of shock” she whispered.

“NO!! MY. ANKUR. IS. ALIVE” he punctuated each word angrily.

“Uncle please” she pleaded.

“Niti please. Not you too. I thought yas my daughter. You’re not with me in this” his eyes welled up.

“You’ve been living in a bubble uncle. Come out. I know the reality is too harsh for you. But you have to accept it” she stated.

“He’s no more then? My Ankur is no more? He won’t come back? He broke his promise?” Anant moved back and knocked down things that came his way.

“Uncle” Niti came forward, but controlled herself.

The old man had to let go. She saw him breathing hard and he was sweating. He ran to his room slamming the door and let out a loud painful scream. Niti cringed at the decibel and sat in the sofa waiting for him to come out. But he didn’t. She drifted to sleep sitting right there. She woke up in the morning to see herself on the sofa in the same position. She saw that his door was still closed. She went to the bathroom to brush up and made two cups of coffee and opened the door to his room. She placed tr coffee on his night stand and tried to wake him up. But she just couldn’t. She left after a while.

“How is she Manha? No one came right? No problem right?” Niti asked as she entered.

“Better than ever. And when you put up such goid security, why worry?” Supriya squealed.

“Kid, shut up” she rolled her eyes.

“Fine” Supriya frowned.

“I’ve booked your tickets to Vegas” she said.

“Vegas? Seriously?” Manha looked suspiciously.

“Just a random pick” she shrugged.

“I’m Ok anywhere” Supriya said.

“I’ve booked her tickets a on a date after aweek” she said.

“Good” Manha clipped.

“Yaar, why next week? Neetz make it tomorrow” Supriya snapped.

When Manha came forward “please” she pleaded.

“Why are you so stubborn?” Niti asked.

“I want to leave” she pouted.

“Ok wait” Niti said as she made a call.

“It’s done” Niti said as she cut the call.

“Thank you so much Neetz” she smiled wide.

“You’re so cute!! Be happy like this always” Manha ruffled her hair.

“That I am” she grinned wide.

“I’ll leave” Niti said.

“I’ll take her to your mansion. Bonnie won’t be lonely for a while atleast” Manha said.

“Bingo” Niti gave a thumbs up and walked out.

Engagement day….

Dikshit’s residence….

The Dikshits residence was glowing. streams of marigold hanging around. Gauri was clad in a red lahenga with heavy golden work. Decked in antique temples jewelry. Niti who was in a purple anarkali came to her.

“Don’t” she said.

“I have no choice” Gauri sighed.

“Anish? What about him?” she asked.

“Tika will you shut up?” Gauri snapped.

“You’re elder to me by a month. You can’t throw that power here” she grinned.

“He’s not a good guy” she sighed.

“Let’s go” Anisha entered the room.

“Yes mom” Gauri said as she went with her mom. Niti had no other go than to tag behind.

Arjun, Radhika along with Neil and Sam were there too. Ankush was with Karthik and Anant Narayan. Gauri made he way to the stage. Neil sighed as he saw her going to the stage. Arjun tickled Radhika’s waist and Radhika snapped hias hand off. Arjun pulled her to him and she was plastered to him.

“We’re sorry to interrupt. This engagement cannot take place” Anant said as he entered with Karthik and Vaibhav.

“What on earth…” Chandra took off.

“Don’t talk Mr. Parkash. We’re here to arrest you on charges of drug smuggling, human trafficking and diamond smuggling and for attacking journalist Supriya Dikshit. Last but not the least, blackmailing my kiddo Niti” Anant said in the calmest tone.

“And we have your cousin Varun Shekhar with us. So, don’t think you have the slightest chances of escape” Karthik smirked.

“Attack on Supriya?” Aghastya gasped.

“She escaped!!” he hissed.

“Yes. We have all the proofs against you. Don’t worry she’d have boarded her flight now and dare you to think of laying your hands on her” Niti hissed.

Niti got a message..

It was Supriya’s…

Supz: Neetz.. plane delayed by two hours.

She smiled inside. Replied punching an “Ok”.

“Do you think you can nab me even if you have my cousin?” he smirked.

“We have ceased everything. From your drugs to the girls you’ve held captive” Karthik hissed the last part disgusted.

All those little girls there.

How heartless?!

It had hurt him. He just wanted to shoot him down.


Killing would be an easy solution. He had to suffer. For a long time. Treated like given slow poison.

Chandra Prakash was pulled away by Vaibhav. Before he was dragged long enough, he took a gun from one of the officer’s side and placed it at his temple. Niti yawned as she saw Manha exactly behind Chandra.

“Dare you to come near me” he hissed.

Manha went close to Chandra and tickled him which made him drop the gun and Manha stomped his foot with her sharp pointy heels. He was pulled away again. Manha burst out laughing. He couldn’t hold a gun properly. Niti laughed all the more seeing Manha laugh to her heart’s content. Sam, Neil, Arjun and Radhika watched the girls including the bride to be dance to a party anthem. Ankush smiled wide and captured as many pictures he could. The girls danced around Ankush as he was the only young handsome male there. Ankush had shivers as his fingers brushed Niti’s. Everyone smiled at the three of them dancing and Ankush in the middle with a blank look.

At the airport….

Supriya scowled as the flight was delayed. There was half an hour more. She was sitting on the metal chair playing “Talking Tom” and someone bumped on to her suitcase and it fell.

“Blind or what? Idiot kaheka!!” she hissed in anger.

“Hello madam….” he raised his hand to speak, but was at loss of words seeing the woman standing in pure rage in front of him.

“What hello? Huh what?” she asked as she waved her hand in front of his face, breaking his trance.

“It feel by mistake. Like I did it wantedly” he cleared his throat as he composed himself.

“That’s what. You’re blind” she snapped.

“You’re small. Beautiful. But you have one big tongue” he chuckled as he pinched her nose.

“Dare you to” she snapped.

“Oh you’re saying because I’m a stranger right? Im Arjun. Arjun Mittal” he smiled.

“Aaahhh” she threw her hands in the air

“What happened?” he asked.

“I hate the name Arjun!! And I hate you more!!” she screamed with her fists balled.

“You’re cute” he smiled.

And your name?” he asked..

“Jerry” she snapped.

“Suits you. Oh, then I’m Tom” he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes and bent down to pick up her suitcase. He too bent down to help, but she held her hand out indicating him to stop and he just smiled. She got up and walked away. He was in the same position, watching her smiling like an idiot. She entered the plane and sat down after placing het suitcase in the cabinet. She sciwlrfas she saw the man sitting next to her. Big surprise to him too. He smiled as he sat down.

“I forgive you for all that you said out there” he started off and saw that she was looking out the window.

“Hell to you” she snapped and looked out again.

“I’m shedding my ego and trying to be friendly. Here you are, hurting me more and more” he pouted.

She looked at him and smiled seeing him pout.

“I’m Supriya” she said and put the blanket over her head.

He chuckled seeing her cute antics and shook his head muttering “cute” under his breath.


Prologue to the sequel…

Undying Love..

“I hate you Komal Mehra!! I hate you!!” were the words from his mouth.

“You’re no less Jai Malhotra!!” she screamed back.

“So we’re even. I’m happy about that” he smirked.

“Are you going to be staring at me or walk away?” she crossed her arms.

“I knew it. You can never love anyone. You’re just like your father. Obviously, you’ve got his filthy blood running down your vains. You can only use people. Just like how your dad used my mom, faking to be in love with her” he hissed.

“Not a word Jai. Not on my dad” she snapped pointing a finger at him.

“Why? Why not? The truth seems bitter aye?” he smirked.

“Your mom was no less. She couldn’t see beyond it. But your so called father had an instinct and he loved her. He could have stopped her” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Not a word on my parents” he caught fistful of her hair tight.

He looked down at her with pure rage. She looked up at him with a mocking glare. His hold on her hair got tighter and she didn’t flinch even a little.

“We’re equal” she spat “you’ve lost the right to stand this close to me” she pushed him off and his hold on her was no more as he backed off stumbling with the force she had applied.

He looked at her with pure anger in his eyes. His eyes red and in a deep shade of black and her eyes reflecting the same. He took a step towards her, but stopped himself. He corrected his blazer and raked his fingers through his hair and turned back to walk away. But he stopped again. He turned around and saw her fiddling with her hands, looking at the fresh green grass below her feet. He threaded to her and pulled her in his arms which seemed shocking to her. He caught her face roughly and crashed his lips over hers mercilessly. Komal tried hard pushing him off , but his hold on her got tighter and tighter with every second that counted. But she ended up responding to his rough yet manhandled kiss and bit his lip hard that made him back off and breath hard.

“That is my way of saying a goodbye” he snapped at her.

“Did you read a novel before coming to break up with me?” she mocked.

Both stared at each other with pure hatred and walked separate ways.

“Komal?” came a voice that broke her thoughts.

“Huh? Yep Naira?” she asked.

“Still thinking about that?” Naira asked.

“My twin!! I’ve let go of that long ago. He’s no more in me” she gave a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Dare you to lie to me” Naira scowled.

“You’re just like dad” she ruffled her hair.

“Don’t touch my hair. I’ve spent hours choosing the right hairstyle. It’s your wedding today. Dare you to try to distract me. I know you still remember that douche. The bride’s being called to the altar” Naira rolled her eyes.

“It’s not easy to forget him. I really loved him. It’s been four years and I’m still stuck there” she sighed nodding her head.

“He never deserved you” Naira hissed.

“Let’s go, I have an altar and a groom waiting for me” she sighed as he turned around to look at herself in the mirror and corrected her big antique necklace and gave herself one final glance.

“Let’s do this” she breathed out and walked out with Naira behind her.


Hehehehehehe…. so k..… done with the update….. *blows a big breath*….. Aaahhh.. one more Arjun!! Baccha you happy? Sathya ka!! We have one more Arjun!! Arjun D.. Lol…

Prologue!! Manha thanks for helping…. Title too!! I’ll update the others soon…. For now… Tata babaye… love you all loads…. tc… keep smiling…. bear hugs to all of you 😍😘

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