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Mahek 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vicky says to Shaurya that i want to produce wine in india, i want 50lacs, Vaitlana says nice idea, Shaurya says but your last business went in loss, Vicky asys all people take risk, you and father and grand father did business so why not let me try? Shaurya says but you cant blindly take risks, i m still paying losses you made, Vaitlana says look who is talking, the one who got everything in charity himself. Mother says to Vicky that you make plan first then Shaurya will decide, Vicky says i am not useless, i have right to run business too, just because he is running business doesnt mean i need his permission for everything, Shaurya says till you dont tell me your whole plan, i wont agree with you, i have to answer board of directors, its my responsibility, Vaitlana says Shaurya is handling business which should be rightfully of Vicky, Vicky have to beg for money which is actually his own from this outsider Shaurya, Shaurya starts leaving, Vicky asks what about my 50lacs? Shaurya says you will get it.


Kanta asks Mohit where is Mahek? today is not even shoot of her show, call her.
Shaurya is driving car, he comes out of his house but Mahek is standing there, he stops car and says are you blind? move way, he honks horn bu Mahek doesnt move, Mohit is calling her but she doesnt pick up and just glares Shaurya. Mahek cuts call. Shaurya comes out of car and says what kind of material has made you? you have no self respect, you are standing here even after so much insult? should i throw you out? bl**dy illiterate, just get out, he is about to go in car but Mahek says Mr. Shaurya Khanna, she step towards him and says you insulted me, put me down and said ill words to me, you called me cheap, lowly girl, i kept bearing it because my family wanted me to part pf show but what you did with my family, i cant bear it, i wont forgive you for that, i came to this competition for my family, winning or losing didnt matter but now super cook is challenge for me which i have to win to make you loose, Shaurya says listen.. She says no, you listen, you tried to use my family against me but they are my strength and i will prove it by winning this competition, do anything, use all cheap tricks to break me, put me down, try to make me loose, apply all tricks but trophy will be in my name only, stop me if you can, she glares him, Shaurya’s mother has seen all that. Mahek says when i get trophy then it will slap on your face, just wait and watch Mr. Shaurya Khanna, now see what this middle class girl will do, she leaves, Shaurya looks on and says Mahek Sharma, you took big challenge, till now i was you thinking you are irritating, cheap girl but now, you have inspired to make game more dirty, i promise to make your life hell.

Scene 2
Sharma family is worried, Mahek comes there. Kanta says where were you? PD says dont investigate her like that, Kanta asks where were you kid? Mahek says i went to talk about super cook, Kanta says take your name from that show, enough of it, all are stunned, Mahek says what? Mohit says why? first you forced her and now when she is doing good, you are asking her to back down, Kanta asys i thought this contest will benefit her but i didnt know our peace will go away, we have only respect with us and i cant loose it because of this competition, dont know what Shaurya will do next if Mahek remains in competition, Mahek i wanted you to win but now i want you to back down because i cant see my family breaking, she leaves, Mahek recalls challenging Shaurya that she will get winning trophy from him only.
Shaurya says bl**dy dhabba girl, what she thinks she is? he asks servant what he is taking? he says chocolate shake, Shaurya says i have given instructions to not make high calorie things, you are fired, servant says i am sorry, Shaurya asks from where you are? Servant says from chandi chowk, Shaurya says you egoistic people, get out. Vaitlana comes there and says i ordered that shake, you eat tasteless food so that doesnt mean we all eat it, you better your mind your business, Shaurya says Nans can eat it too, she cant control it, this is my house and my rules will be followed, he asks servant how many rooms you have in your house? he says two, Shaurya says give one room to Vaitlana, she will get high calorie food there, she will be happy there, Vaitlana says this was insane, let me who stop me from eating this food, Shaurya say si dare you to eat this food and then see what will happen, Vaitlana asks Servant to leave, he is about to leave but mother comes there and tastes shake, she says its good, she asks Vaitlana if she will try? Vaitlana says sure, she takes shake and leaves from there.
Mahek is watching Tv, she looks at Kanta and tries to talk to her, Kanta says this is my final decision.
Mother asks Shaurya to calm down, relax and smile, Shaurya says you dont know anything, mother says i know Mahek came here and you must have fought with her, why you are torturing her, even if she made mistake, be a big man and move on, what did you get by torturing her family? Shaurya says her family did crime, mother says i talked to inspector and got to know how much big crime that was.
Kanta says i want you to leave show, Mahek says its not good to leave show in middle, Kanta says Jeevan getting slapped, living in jail for whole night, Shaurya insulting you, was that right? Kanta says i told whole neighbors prodly that my Mahek is going to take part in india’s supercook but now i am saying that my Mahek has nothing to do with that show, we should dream bigger than our capability, we are middle class people, we shouldnt think about becoming celebrity.
Mother says to Shaurya that i dont know that girl but i know that the more you try to break, the more strongly she will bounce back, Shaurya says she is nothing but big words, i want to see how much she can bear without breaking.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Kanta that dont take emotional decisions, Kanta says when did you become practical? Mahek says when Shaurya did that with my family, when he made my family suffer so much, when he insulted me, it made me so angry, i have never been this much angry, door bell rings. Mahek opens door and finds Shaurya there, she says you? Ravi brings stick and says i will break your legs today, Shaurya looks on with slight smile.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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