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Mahek 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Inspector calls Shaurya. Kanta is shouting in back and says we didnt do anything wrong, we just used show’s name, we are nice people not some robbers. Inspector says to Shaurya that this case is not strong and this family is mad. Kanta shouts that whole neighborhood will come here for protest. Kanta says if Shaurya had problem then he would have talked to us but he filed FIR, will they spend night in jail? Shaurya says to inspector that dont get emotional and free them, make this Diwali memorable for Sharma family, he ends call. Mother comes and asks Shaurya why he seems so happy? He says lets play with fire crackers, its good to use them after burning hearts of people, mother says i dont understand, Shaurya says lets leave.

Jeevan says to inspector that we are honest and innocent people, he folds his hand and says please leave us. Ravi says dont beg him, tell him we didnt do anything wrong. Inspector says dont talk much else i will send you to central jail. Mahek says what would you do? you are involved with Shaurya and doing this deliberately, inspector says dont shout, we will take action, Nehal says what will you do? Jeevan asks him to take fine and free them, inspector says now you are offering me bribe? one more crime? Mansi says are you deaf? he said fine not bribe, inspector ask them to leave, Mohit says we wont go, inspector slaps him hard, Jeevan says dont you dare touch my son, inspector says if you dont stop then i would beat you too. Mahek says Nehal and Mohit come with me to root cause of this problem.
Vaitlana’s party is going on in Shaurya’s house. Mahek, Mohit and Nehal comes outside Shaurya’s house. Mahek says to security that we want to meet Shaurya, he says you cant. Nehal sweetly looks at him and says baby security please allow us to go inside, Shaurya asked us to go in, security says many people come here drunk to gt inside, you need permission card. Mahek asks Mohit to keep security guard busy, she leaves from there.

Shaurya is firing fire cracker, mother asks him to be careful, he says i am not kid, dont worry. Mahek goes to back wall of house, she climbs and jumps from wall inside house. All guests are in garden while fire cracker is burning, Mahek is on otherside, Shaurya sees her but she hides behind bushes, he looks around. Mahek prays that nobody should see me, i have to talk to Shaurya. Shaurya gets call and says i will call you later, he ends call and leaves.

Mohit asks security guard to let them go inside, Nehal says please let us go. One car comes there, girl is sitting inside. she calls guard, she asks who are they? are they beggars? Mohit says i am Mohit, i want to meet Shaurya for five minutes, she asks if he is here to ask for job or want to have food? she asks guard to bring food from inside and give them, give enough food for their family too, her car goes inside. Nehal says what is she? she thinks she is queen? Mohit says she doesnt know we have smart phone too.
Shaurya comes in his room and calls inspector, inspector says i have controlled and destroyed Diwali of sharmas, Shaurya says you will get promotion now. There is knock on door, he says wait. Same girl comes inside and says i am waiting for many years but you are not coming close, Shaurya turns and stares her, she says sweety you run away from me like i will eat you, i would like to but not without your permission, she caresses shaurya’s face, Shaurya pushes her away and says i told you many times to be away from me, she says how rude, i left my foreign to keep company to my shaurie, Shaurya grabs her arm and says only my mother calls me by that name, she says earlier you used to let me call you by this name when used to roam around me, i like when you grab my arm tightly, Shaurya shouts enough, do you have illness of forgetting things? or should i remind you Shurti bhabhi?(sister in law), Shurti says i might have married your loser brother and became your sister in law but i know i am your first and last love, she turns to leave but looks at him and says not today but someday you will come to me Shaurie.. she leaves. Shaurya breaks mirror by hitting his fist against it.

Scene 2
Mahek is hiding in garden and says what if they have dogs? where is he? she sees Vaitlana coming near, she hides behind bushes. Shurti comes to Vaitlana and says mother in law seems like you have out on weight, Vaitlana says dont call me mother in law again, i will cut your tongue and hair and i dont have to carry extra marital affair to maintain size zero. They both see Shaurya talking to guest, they glare each other and leave.

Ratan comes to police station, he tells Kanta that courts are closed due to Diwali, we cant do much. Inspector ask them to go home, Kanta says you leave when your family member is in trouble? we are innocent people, courts and cases are not part of our lives, please forgive us taking me as your sister. Balwant calls Mansi and tells her that PD’s health has gone worse, i have called doctor, Mansi starts crying, Kanta asks what happened? Balwant asks what happened with Jeevan and Ravi? did they free them? Mansi says we are trying, take care of PD, she ends call.

Mahek is hiding behind bushes and sees Shaurya talking with guests.
Mansi tells Kanta that PD’s health is not well. Kanta touches inspector’s feet and says their grand mother’s health has gone worse due to them being in lock-up, dont be so stone hearted, please free them and let them go, inspector feels bad for her and says i cant do anything till orders dont come, i cant give you ride home. Ravi says God didnt punish you till now, but it will now, inspector leaves. Kanta asks Mansi to go home and take care of Pd, Mansi leaves, Ratan asks Kanta to not worry, everything will be fine, Kanta sits on bench and weeps, she says what kind of test is this God?

PRECAP- Shurti orders security to throw Mahek out of house. Mahek says please let me talk to Shaurya, its about my family, guard drags Mahek out of house, she calls for Shaurya or his mother. Shaurya comes there and says you know what? Karma is bit*h, your Jeevan chacha is paying for his deeds, if you dont leave then i will call police and send you jail too with your chachas(uncles).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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