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Mahek 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
shaurya pulls Mahek back to him. Mahek says to Shaurya that you know there is nothing common between you and your mother, she is great and you are cheap, did she adopt you from somewhere? i feel like you both dont have same faces too. She leaves. Shaurya recalls his childhood memories which are shown in blur. Shaurya gets angry and bumps his fist on car roof, he sees pamphlet of Mahek’s invitation lying on ground and stares at it.
Ravi comes home and says to Jeevan that i have brought fire crackers for Diwali. Mohit says i have brought more good fire crackers, its chinese, Ravi says you are country betrayer, why did you bring chinese things? Kanta comes there and say we will be watching Mahek’s show tonight, we dont need fire crackers. Jeevan says yes i dont want anythin chinese in this house. Mohit mumbles that i will bring chinese wife. Jeevan asks them to bring sweets for guests, Mahek says dont worry i will cook it.
Shaurya’s mother says to servant that dont use aritficial diyas today, use original diyas. Vaitlana comes there and says wrap your pooja soon tonight my friends are coming and Sandra has allergy from havan smoke so dont do it. Shaurya says i used to watch show which showed that ghosts are allergic to havan smoke so is Sandra ghost? Vaitlana says your sense of humor has gone worst, she leaves. Mother asks Shayrya to not have bad mood today, Shaurya says we are both habituated to it, i dont mind her, i will come later, i have some work, she says okay you finish your work, i will prapare for party, she leaves, Shaurya looks at pamphlet Mahek left.


Scene 2
Balwant is doing aarti while whoe Sharma family prays to lord. Mahek gives parsad to everyone, Kanta makes her eat it and says you have given praise to our name. Jeevan says we never knew our tender Mahek will come on Tv, Mohit says lets prepare to watch show.
All are sitting in lounge. Sonal asks sheetal to eat Mahek’s cooked sweets, she is going to become super cook and we wont have it then, Sheetal says she will remain our Mahek, PD says you switch sides so soon. Dhabba manager Ratan chacha comes there and says she used to cook at my dhabba, if you beome famous then will you come on my dhabba? Mahek says i have learnt everything from you, she touches his feet. Balwant asks what drama is going on here? Ravi says its first episode of Mahek’s show, all are gathered. Balwant says now we will not get food or anything in this house, PD says you will always frown. India’s super cook starts airing. Someone knocks on door. Mahek says i will go and see. Mahek comes and opens door to find police there, policeman asks if its Sharma house? she says yes but why? He says i am here to arrest Ravi and Jeevan sharma, Mahek is stunned. Mahek comes in lounge and is shocked. Kanta asks what happened? why you are so tensed? Police comes there, and says Jeevan and Ravi Sharma are arrested, Jeevan says why? policeman says come with me, i will tell you, Kanta says how can you? we didnt do anything wrong. Mahek asks what happened? Policeman says FIR is filed against them, they have dont copyright infrigement, they have broken copyright rules by copying work of someone, Ravi asks whose work they copied? Policeman says you copied Shaurya Khanna’s work, all are stunned. Jeevan says we didnt take his advantage, Policeman says you printed pamphlet without asking permission from show’s owners to promote your shops with his show’s name so Shaurya have filed case for using his show to advertise your shop. Ravi says Mahek is taking part in this competition, we didnt use his show, policeman says you have to come to police station, Jeevan says you cant do this with us, we didnt do anything wrong, we have murderers roaming around and you are worried about this pamphlet? we will not go anywhere. Inspector slaps him, all are shocked. Inspector drags Jeevan and Ravi from there. Balwant says we didnt steal his show’s name, all family members plead police to not do this but they take them away. Balwant says to Mahek that everything is happening because of you. Katna says leave her. Family follows police outside house, Nehal and Mohit takes of pamphlets from walls of road, Nehal pleads to leave them, Mohit says we have taken off pamphlets, please leave them now, inspector says meet them at police station, they take them away, Kanta asks Ratan to call any lawyer.
Shaurya’s mother does aarti while Shaurya is standing there, he takes aarti from her. He looks around and says Maa why so much arrangement? only we are at home, mother says Nans has gone to her friend and your father couldnt come, Shaurya says yes be must be with his friends drinking wine, mother says you cant remain happy any time, Shaurya says i am happy because dad is not here, mother says you like to poison all happy moments, you put off my mood. Shaurya says i am sorry, i try a lot but.. Mother says be happy, she makes him eat laado. shaurya gets call, he comes aside and gets some information.

PRECAP- Inspector call Shaurya and says case is not much strong and what kind of family is this? they are making so much noise at police station, shaurya says dont free them getting emotional, keep giving me updates and make sure this Diwali become most memorable Diwali for them, he ends call. Inspector asks Family to leave station, Mohit says we wont go, inspector slaps him, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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