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Mahek 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mohit calls Kanta and says hotel gaurd didnt allow me to go inside but i will try to sneak tomorrow, Kanta says you used to jump out of college but you couldnt do this, she ends call. Balwant says you people should have controlled Mahek before, if anything wrong happens then relatives wont shut their mouths from taunting.
There is bonfire party arranges for guests. Shaurya gives money to waiter and asks him to make two intoxicating drinks, bring one to me and have other one for you, waiter leaves. Shaurya comes in party, he takes guitar and sings Kuch iss tarah song while looking at Mahek, Mahek is enjoying song and ambiance. Shaurya is mesmerized seeing Mahek enjoying bonfire. Waiter offers juice to Mahek, she says i dont want it, thank you, he says please take it, she says i told

you, i dont want it. Shaurya glares him and says world is filled with fools. He takes juice from waiter and says you bl**dy uneducated man, brought one glass of juice in whole tray? get lost from here and dont show your face again, waiter leaves. Shaurya brings spiked juice to Mahek and says why you are not drinking anything? take this juice, Mahek thinks, Shaurya says would you make juice for yourself too? Mahek takes juice from him and drinks it, she feels weird and says it has weird taste, Shaurya says you are pointing out mistakes in my juice? Mahek says why you always take me wrongly? i said what i thought was right. Shaurya drinks juice while seeing Mahek drinking spiked juice, he smirks. Mahek feels dizzy. Shaurya says play music. Mahek
Waiter which Shaurya insulted says that he called me uneducated? fool? idiot? now i will teach him lesson, he mixes wine in juice, Shaurya comes to bar and says why did you come back again? waiter says i destroyed your mood so let me serve you juice, he gives spiked juice to Shaurya. Shaurya drinks it, one contestant comes to Shaurya and asks can she dance wit him? Rajiv comes to Mahek and says why are you not dancing winner of today? Mahek says my head is spinning, Rajiv says lets dance, you will be fine. Meine hooton se lagayi plays, Mahek throws away her dupatta and wilding starts dancing, Shaurya is slowly dancing with other contestant and looks at Mahek, he says party has started now. Geeta says to Rajiv that seems like Mahek is inebriated. Mahek brings Shaurya and dances with him, Shaurya get inebriated too and they both widly dances with each other while all look one with shoced dance. Mahek lies on floor and is dizzy, Shaurya says she needs air, he sits beside her and asks her to wake up, media is recording all this. Shaurya makes Mahek stand up and says i think she needs rest, you people enjoy, i will take her to her room, he lifts her on his shoulder and takes her away.

Scene 2
Shaurya brings dizzy Mahek in her room and makes her lie on bed, she pulls him on bed too and says you know i call your cruel Kumar, he stands up angrily, she says Mohit calls you tall devil, Shaurya says what about your Kanta chachi? she calls me rich spoilt brat. Mahek says right, she asks why you remain angry? you have acidity? he asks why you pretend to be nice all the time? Mahek says i dont pretend, i am nice, he says give me a break, she says you are tall, you should cut your feet, Shaurya says you talk so sweetly, people will get diabetes because of you, look at your weight, nobody was trying to lift you, only i lifted you. Shaurya takes off his jacket and says look at my muscles, you remember i told you that your face is like potato parathas and your eyes are laado, Mahek says your nose is like pakora i cooked today, she snickers and stares him, he asks why you are staring me? he pushes Mahek slightly, she falls on bed and pulls shaurya down too, they are lying on bed now. Mahek says why you talk so bitterly with me like i have to pay your debt? why you hate me so much? cant you talk to me with love? Shaurya says you want me to talk sweetly? what other complains you have? she says you have attitude, you made my family cry, you taunted me so much, she pouts, Shaurya leans in to kiss her but falls asleep and says i made her drink wine but why my head is spinning? Mahek sleeps beside him too.
Its morning, Shaurya wakes up and sees Mahek lying beside him on bed and his hand on her back while she is lying on her stomach, he says fish.. he gets up from bed and has hangover, he looks at Mahek’s sleeping form. He tries to remember last night’s event, how he spiked Mahek’s drink, how she wildly danced, how he drank juice waiter gave him, how he funnily danced with Mahek and how he took her from there. He says it was not part of plan. He goes to his room.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that this was your plan right? you spiked my drink and spent night with me? what did you do with me? tell me, Shaurya says i did everything with you which a boy does to girl inside room, Mahek Sharma you are not virgin anymore, Mahek is shocked and steps away from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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