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Mahabharata ff part 40

The episode starts with pandavas asking Krishna to suggest a suitable place fr hiding. Krishna tells pandavas to go to Matasya king Virat. They will be secure there in agyatvas. No one will identify you. Yudhishtir says they will go as soon as Arjun returns.. Krishna sys then lets meet after an year… He goes..

Arjun is shown doing prayers. Suddenly a pig comes. Arjun kills it with an arrow. Suddenly some tribals come and the head says he has killed the pig. Arjun says that they can take it if they want but he has killed it. The tribes tell there head that this person is insulting you. You should avenge your insult and show us your strength.
Arjun says I am Pandu putra Arjun surely I will know a bit more than a tribal..
Tribal head says you are too proud. Show me your might. Pierce the hole in the tree. Arjun starts but the trebles’ arrow reached first. He says this is how I killed this pig. They fight for a while then the tribal said are you tired or do you want to fight more?? Arjun says I am not tired but how can I fight God and win??? How can I fight pinak Dhari Lord shiva who made the first bow and called it Pinak and gave the knowledge of bow and arrow to the world …
Lord Shiva shows his real form and says Indra had asked me to bestow upon you pashupatastra, but I couldn’t give it without checking you are deserving or not..
Arjun says o lord if I was deserving I would have known divinity when you first came but I dint meaning I am not deserving…

Lord shiva says- Indra your son is himself saying he is non deserving…
Indra says a person says he deserves need not mean he deserves. It is up to the decider to decide capability…
Lord shiva says I am happy with you Arjun so I will grant you the knowledge of Pashpatastra . This is not a weapon only knowledge. Those who are Adharmi can be killed by normal weapons but there are some people who stay by dharma but are with adharma . Against such people you need this Astra…
lord Shiva gives the knowledge of the Astra, blesses Arjun n leaves.. Arjun goes to return to his hut ..
Next day…
Yudhishtira goes to the river.. Bheem n Sahdev tell Draupadi they’re going to get sum food.
Sindhu king Jaydrath is passing through the forest while he stops his chariot having a glimpse of the world’s most beautiful lady n exclaims… Ah! How beautiful this lady is… She’s a must in my collection. But what’s she doing in the forest? She deserves some jewellery, a palace to live,. Hmm whose standing there, he seems to b her husband! I’ve to persuade him somehow.
He asks the charioteer to dissuade the attention of the man (Nakul). The charioteer runs behind the bushes making weird noises. Draupadi asks nakul too go n find out. Nakul chases the man n Draupadi is left all alone…!

Precap:-Jaydrath abducts Draupadi while bheem runs behind chariot.

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