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Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 8 (Party)

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Purab’s POV
So we enter a mansion named Mehra Mansion, there were so many people wearing different costumes some spooky, some really spooky, some were cartoon characters some were werewolf’s, Vampire’s what not? Everybody is here. Yes you guys guessed it right I was invited for the Halloween party to Mehra Mansion by Aaliya Mehra. I walk straight towards her and tapped on her shoulders. She turned back and I assume she was dressed as an angel I was kicking myself inside Abhi was laughing his heart out. We would have said ROFL many times during texting but this guy he really did it. I said,” Aaliya excuse me, I will be back.” I went inside kicked him in his butt and was back again. Aaliya asked,” Hey what happened ? You seemed to zone out for a minute there? I said, “Nothing Ms. Mehra .” She asked , ” How do I look ?” I stammered a bit and said,” Just like an Angel.” She blushed and said,” Let me introduce you to my family.” She dragged me towards a girl whose back was turned towards me. She tapped on her shoulders, she turned back ,saw me and collapsed on the floor with a shock on her face. Tanu’s POV
I felt someone tap me on my shoulders turned back to see Aaliya smiling at me, when I saw the other person standing next to her I was shocked to the core I must say I just collapsed on the floor. I dint know what happened later on, I woke up on my bed with Aaliya next to me. She asked,” Tanu, what happened to you?” I said,” I… I… “Aaliya hugged me pacified me and asked again,” Tanu tell me what happened.” I was about to say when a new guy entered my room and asked,” Do I look that horrible? You fainted seeing me?” I was embarrassed of myself and thought,’ Did I imagine it? Or did it really happen?’ I said,” I am sorry I thought it was someone else.” Aaliya nudged me , it’s a signal to be quiet. He introduced himself, “Hi I am Purab, Purab khanna. You must be Tanu right?” I looked at Aaliya and she nodded. He excused himself and left the room. I asked ,”Aaliya , who is he?” She was blushing I nudge her and she said,” He is the one who called me an Angel.” I thought,’ Oh my God that’s why she us dressed as an angel, her actual dress was vampire. And this guy is dressed as a Dracula really? I think he is very sweet to be dressed as one.’ I am diverting myself a lot have to Aaliya why was I so shocked! I said, “Aaliya, I saw Abhi…” It was her turn to be shocked now and asked, “Where? When? I was there with you when you collapsed.” I said,” I don’t know how this happened but I thought Purab as Abhi or is he really Abhi. I am so confused right now.” She hugged me and said,” Tanu calm down, He is Purab *a slight blush* and not Abhi you may have imagined since you had a nightmare the other day. I thought,’ May be she is right, I am stressed out a lot because of that dream.’ Today I hit Nikhil when he came out of the closet wearing a golum (Lord of rings) dress. I remembered the one which ate me part by part. The most shocking thing was he never ordered for this one, he ordered a Dracula costume. It somehow got mixed up and he had to wear this. Aaliya told me to take rest, I went to wash my face. When I washed my face and looked up in the mirror I screamed.
Abhi’s POV
Aaliya took us to meet Tanu and Nikhil. When Tanu saw us I mean me. Yes I tricked her in seeing me. For her it would have been like Purab’s body exploded and I appear in his place. When she saw this, she collapsed on the floor. I wasn’t able to control my laughter. I was laughing my head off… Purab dint understand anything at first later when I told him what happened we both were rolling and laughing. Aaliya introduced him to Nikhil and left with people who were carrying Tanu to her room. He was offered red wine and when he was about to drink it I made him spill it on him. Nikhil took us to my room, he tried to switch on the lights but in vain. He apologized and was about to call someone regarding the lights but my voice interrupted him. I said,” Nikhil my dear friend how are you?” He was terrified to the core beads of sweat formed around his forehead. He said,” Purab don’t play with me.” I said,” Who is Purab? This poor guy whose soul I am controlling now?” Nikhil’s POV
Don’t know what happened to Tanu she collapsed after seeing Purab. Aaliya introduced him to me and told me to take special care of him and left the place. I offered him wine he almost was about to drink it when it accidentally spill over his dress. I took him to our guest room and tried to switch on the lights but it won’t I don’t know why, I used it yesterday too. I was about to call Robin when I heard his voice. I froze in my place not able to think straight I only muttered ,” Purab don’t play with me.” He said,” Who is Purab? This poor guy whose soul I am controlling now?” I felt sorry for Purab but is this really happening or am I imagining things? I was able to make out Purab’s silhouette in the dark and touched him lights flickered on and I saw his eyes were black as coal. I felt like they both were worm hole trying to pull me in and that’s what happened. I was pulled into his eyes and was locked inside it. You won’t believe me I was really locked inside his eyes. I was shouting,” Let me out! Let me out.” I heard a calm voice saying,” Sure after I kill you and suck your blood from your body. Yuck Abhi what happened to you? No no there are other people to do this job.” He was smiling and I know the meaning of that particular smile it is a dangerous one. I saw someone coming towards me, I was shocked beyond belief.
Purab’s POV
This guy never shares his plan with me I hate him. You guys want to know what he did? I sucked that ugly minded idiot into my eyes and now is locked inside it. I was pulled out of that room by Someone whom I recognized with the smell. It’s my sweetheart Bulbul, wait what is she doing here? I asked,” Hey sweetheart what were you doing here?” She replied,” Sweetheart my foot, what are you doing here with that vampire? She is dressed as an angel oh my goodness I am just hit able to digest this. It’s so disgusting.” She turned her face away from me I was controlling myself telling ,’Not now not now not now.’ She is looking damn hot dressed as a vampire. She was mashing faces scolding and insulting me I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her I held her face and Kissed her at first she was protesting but later she gave in. We both were kissing passionately when we heard the devil’s voice. Yes you guessed it right that was Aaliya. She was hollering,” Purab where are you?” We broke our kiss and Bulbul hid in the room lights flickered back on and I was wiping my dress with a tissue. She entered saying,” Here you are! So where is Nikhil?” I said,” I have no idea he left me here and went away I hope.” She murmured,’ I told him to take care of Purab. Irresponsible fellow let him come, I will show him where he belongs.’ I asked,” Hey Aaliya what happened? Any problem?” I can see Bulbul rolling her eyes I pleaded with my eyes ‘Go out please.’ She went murmuring something of which I have no idea. I was looking at the door when Aaliya interrupted,” You seem to Zone out very often Purab. Come on let’s spend some time together. Come with me won’t you?” That was more like a statement and not a question. I had to go I was cursing Abhi all the while. We reached the spooky hall I dint mention how it looked like right? Well instead if chandelier you can find an octopus shaped one. Lights were not too bright or too dim you can see clearly though. Blood or something of that consistency was splashed onto the walls. In the middle was a fountain through which red wine was flowing but you will really think it was blood. Rich in colour and consistency just like blood I felt like vomiting at the sight of it. I thought, ‘Walls were better than this.’ Few people who found out it was red wine started drinking it. I moved away from there but Aaliya pulled me closer to her yes she us hanging onto me like a hanging chad. I saw Bulbul glaring at me at me and I smiled weakly.


Why Tanu screamed when she looked herself in the mirror? Whom did Nikhil see inside his Prison? What will happen next ? Will they both be harmed? Or not?
Wait for it 😉

To be continued….

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