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Love,friendship n trust – Swasan n Raglak

A good morning every1 doing their work swada went school n sanlak n dp leave for ofice in mm only ladies

Afternoon in kitchen ap prepear food except swaragini(both didn’t know cooking but help ap in cooking) swara search for some1 n ragini notice ask

Rags- what happend shona u want anything ?

Swara- nothing i was thinking that uttara didn’t come to meet me after knowing this i m here i think her husband won’t leave her n u didn’t tell me about sanskar marrige who is hi7 wife

After listing uttara name ap n ragini eye filled with tears n swara notice this

Swara-what happend rags n badi ma y u both cry ? Don’t worry uttara surely come n if she won’t come than i will beat her

Rags-shona she will never come n bhai didn’t marry to any1(swara shocked)

Swara- means

Rags- uttara is dead n swada is her daughter n bhai adopt her (rags tells swara everything)

Swara-i m sorry badi ma n ragini i didn’t want to hur u

Ap-no swara its not ur fault u don’t know anything

N all mens enter n shouting for food

Epi end

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