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Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 5

Hi guyzz..Sonai here..with next part. Let’s start.

Its the next day, morning.
Shravan was engrossed in thoughts. Sitting on the couch in his room what he could only think of was Sumo. He reminisced the past, and thought of the present, and also sometimes smiled in himself thinking of yesterday’s events..especially…the hug . He was enraptured in thoughts of Sumo’s beautiful appearance– her heavenly eyes and heart-melting smile ! He just couldn’t get out of his thoughts.


Just then his phone started ringing which made him jerk up in surprise and come out of his intense world of fantasy. And to his amazement, it was Sumo. He almost jumped out of the couch in joy and received the call. He was entranced in her voice. He was only listening, and not replying to anything which Sumo said ! He didn’t even say ‘hello’, he was just listening .
“Shravan…Shravan !!! R u there ? Why aren’t u saying anything ? Shravan !! “
Her loud squeal broke his trance.
“Yes,yes I’m there…btw..what r u saying ? “
“Uff..u have not listened anything..!! What r u doing ! Now listen carefully !!! I hope that u remember ur promise right ? “
“Yes I do, I’ll do whatever u tell..u said so right . In fact u know I was thinking about that only “, he lied.
“Ok, good then. So come and pick me up right now.”
“Why ?”
“I said that’s why…we’ll go wherever I tell, understand !! I’m waiting outside my house. Come fast”
“Coming “
Shravan went to Tiwari Killa and saw Sumo standing outside and talking over the phone with someone. No she was not at all talking, she was quarreling.

“Enough in enough !! What do u think of urself ? Can’t u just stop blackmailing me ? U have already ruined my life to this extent and u r going to make the rest of my life hell as well ! What else do u want ! JUST GET LOST !! “ Sumo bellowed out over the phone and saying so cut the call !!

Shravan couldn’t understand her behavior. The beautiful face is now having a countenance of deep anger , and also some kind of fear. Sumo, on noticing him , concealed her current behavior, and brought a brittle smile on her face . She went and sat inside his car, trying to look happy, but her mind was not at peace.
“At whom were u shouting at ?”
Sumo realized that Shravan heard her conversation and decided to wave his question.
“Take left and drive through this lane”
“First answer Sumo ? With whom were u quarreling ?”
“Actually…aa…aa..it was..it..yeah..it was the owner of a Tiffin centre. They always compete with our PCT. Let them compete , we know that our Tiffin centre is the best. Now that man has also started quarrelling. Forget it Shravan..let it be ! “
Shravan gave a heart-hearted smile at her, understanding that she told a lie, but he didn’t insist to know the truth .
“So where we should go ?” , asked Shravan.
“To the place u always took me after we solved a fight. We fought yesterday only and solved it also…so we’ll go there. And today only I’ll speak. No interruption from u ok ! Today’s Sumo Day ! Ok, first stop the car.”
Shravn understood the place which she was talking of and said “Why stop the car ?”
“I’ll drive, stop it I say “
“Do u know how to drive ?”
“Of course I know, plz Shravan I’ll drive “
“Ok , here u go”
Shravan stopped the car and they exchanged seats. Sumo drove the car. She drove through the market without saying a word. Shravan noticed the mixed facial expression of Sumo, a sense of acute fear or irritation was disturbing her, as well it was disturbing him. He couldn’t see her in despair. So neither he nor she spoke.
Sumo stopped in front of an ice-cream parlour. Both of them came out of the car and was looking at the shop. Many couples and children were having ice-cream there. They recalled that in childhood after solving every fight Shravan took her here. They had ice-cream and apologized to each other for the mistakes they did !
Sumo looked at Shravan who was still enveloped it memories. She gave him a push and pulled his hand and brought him inside.
“Two ice-creams plz, one Choco-chip and another butterscotch flavor” said Sumo.
Shravan looked at her face and found a trace of real happiness though her face mostly showed displeasure. He smiled in himself.
“Why r u standing and smiling ? Come and sit “
“So this is where u wanted to come”
The waiter placed the two dessert bowls on their table and they started having it .
“You still remember my favourite flavor ?”
“Yes how’ll I forget ! You ate so much that I always remembered”
Both of them smiled at each other.
“Shravan,this is the time when I should apologize. For my past mistakes conducted 10 yrs ago. See….”
Shravan cut her in half-way.
“No u shall not. I’m not gonna listen to sorrys . U tell me about what u did after I went London, what u did in college, and so on . I’ll not listen to tales of woe.”
“Accha ok, if u don’t like, I’ll not tell ! So listen—“
Sumo started telling him about her life when he was not there, how she spent time in college, how she decided to cook and how she build up her PCT .In midst she didn’t allow Shravan to interrupt, not even a yes or no. Sumo spoke without breathing.
All the while she spoke, Shravan just gazed into her eyes, his longing stare didn’t bother Sumo, she just spoke. Shravan couldn’t help but fall for her, he stared at her lip movements , but didn’t cared much for what she told. Such a loving glance that he even forget about his ice-cream, which by that time it had turned into soup.
Shravan’s eyes were not in the world, it was on the heavenly face of his love. Sumo , completing her long story , started panting, and saw Shravan staring at her. She snapped her fingers which made him come out of his trance . Sumo saw the condition of his ice-cream and started laughing, this time genuinely as spending time with him made her forget her worries. Shravan smiled back.

Back home, again Shravan was in fantasy, his mind only built up Sumo’s face. He was totally enamored in her, he realized that he couldn’t live without her.
The time has arrived, the time for his love confession. Yes, he is determined. He’ll confess her love to Sumo. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow only he’ll reveal his feelings to her.

Precap : Shravan calls Sumo over phone

So here it ends for today. I’ll try to post the next part soon…hopefully .
Forgive my typo errors and plz feedback my mistakes , flaws and anything good or bad u liked about this episode.


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