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Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 3

Hiiii Guyzz !! Sonai here with next part !! Sry for delay! Exams end so now I can write hopefully !!! Lets start.

Sumo looked at Shravan angrily.
“How dare u Mr. Shravan. Don’t u have manners? First of all I don’t know u. And then also u r asking a girl for lift !”
“Sumo stop this drama. Enough of it. I know u r angry on me. Yes u should be. But for that u can’t call me a stranger. I can tolerate ur scoldings and anger but not the word ‘STRANGER’. It hurts …!! Plz don’t say it again. “
“Oh fine. It hurts u when I call u stranger…not when u became a stranger and fled. “
“Sumo I’m just insisting, else decision is ur’s “ saying so he turned away.
“I don’t even need ur insisting ok ! I can drive & will go by myself ! “
“Sumo plz stop quarreling. So many yrs we have fought so I don’t want anymore.”
“I’m going…understand Mr. Stranger ? “


She was going to open the door of her car but suddenly was pulled backwards. Shravan pulled her towards him by her hand, not to let her move into the car. Their eyes met each other . After 10 yrs they r seeing each other so closely, were enamored in each other so deeply that they can’t break the eye lock.

“Sumo u r coming with me understand !! “
Saying so he pulled her tightly so that she can’t get out of his clutches. Even Sumo didn’t try to get out, she was still looking into his eyes, as if there’s nothing more beautiful in this world to look at. Just his eyes were everything !
Shravan opened the door of his car for her.
“Just get in, and I don’t want any further argument”
Sumo was not in herself to hear what he said.
“GET IN !!! “

He repeated more loudly this time. Sumo came back to her senses !! She didn’t hesitate this time and making an unwilling face sat in his car. Shravan entered the car and started it.
“So where’s ur PCT”
“What’s the point of asking. I’ll guide u . After all I don’t think u remember any place in Delhi. Isn’t it Mr. Stranger ? ”
“Stop calling me by that name, will u ? Obvio I remember all places in Delhi. After all I’m not like u that always used to forget the answers in exams. Am I right Ms. Bhulakkari ? Just tell me the place !! “
Sumo looked at him angrily, in a look as if she’ll devour him !!
“ABC Road——-“ (Sry guyz I don’t know names of any roads of Delhi)
“I very well know and remember this place “

Sumo didn’t reply and was looking outside. Only her eyes were outside, but not her mind. Her mind reminisced the childhood memories which she spent happily and joyfully, laughing and crying with him.
Reminiscing through it at a time made large tear drops roll down her cheeks.
Shravan noticed it and felt bad . He felt maybe it was bcuz of him. He continued driving though without saying anything .
Then suddenly Sumo really looked out of the window, with widen eyes.
“Where r we going, this is not the road to PCT”

Shravan didn’t reply.
Loudly Sumo repeated “ Can u tell me where on earth we r going ? If u really don’t remember the place then plz let me down. I’ll go by auto-rickshaw . Shravan can u hear me ?? “
Shravan didn’t pay any heed and was just driving.
“I say stop the car Shravan . Can’t u hear me ?“
Just then the car came to a halt and Shravan looked at Sumo, who was indeed giving a partial tensed look. Shravan smiled and went out of the car. Sumo was utterly confused. She looked out but couldn’t match the place with any part of the place which she told to Shravan. Then as she looked carefully
she realized where she was now. She felt comforted half way as she was also anxious as why he brought her here. She came out of the car and looked at the surroundings. She saw Shravan standing looking at her with a smile.

Precap : The place where Shravan took Sumo is…….wait for next episode !!! I myself haven’t thought it yet !!!

So here it ends for today. I’ll try to post the next part soon…hopefully !! I know that u r excited t know where Shravan took Sumo, but wait for that !!
Forgive my typo errors and plz feedback my mistakes , flaws and anything good or bad u liked about this episode.


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