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Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 1

Hi Guys…this is Sonai. Hope u all remember me. I’m writing an ff for the first time. So let’s start.
Suman Tiwari and Shravan Malhotra are beast friends from childhood. Shravan called Suman as Sumo due to her aggressive and naughty behavior. They always played together, studied together and loved each others company. They promised to be together always. But due some family circumstances, the promise didn’t fulfill and Shravan had to go to London for higher studies. Sumo was very upset and so was Shravan. The distance of hearts and place made them realize that they r not just friends but had fallen for each other. Shravan decided to confess his love for Sumo the day he’ll return to India.

It is the day Shravan returned India from London. His father, Ramnath was so happy seeing him. Everyone in his house is very happy. Shravan was also happy after meeting his family after 10 years…but the one he wanted to meet the most didn’t came to meet him. Sumo didn’t come. He was so sure that Sumo would come to welcome him…but she didn’t.
The day passed and it was night. Shravan was sitting in the balcony, looking at the moon. Pushkar, his cousin came inside the balcony and sat beside him.
“Whom r u looking at, Bhaiya?”
“The moon”

“What’s there in moon?”
“The incredible beauty which makes me remind of her”
“Her, who’s the ‘her’,”
“What ???”
“No I mean…aa…that…Su..Sumo didn’t come to meet me today ?”
“No she’s angry on u”
“What do u mean by why ?? You r coming after 10 years. That’s why. She told she will not meet u. U have to meet her and apologize.”
“Oh I see. Ok I’ll go and meet her.”
“Now ??”
“No Chote…tomorrow. Good Night .“

Precap: Shravan goes to Tiwari Killa to meet Sumo. Sumo ignores him and acts like she does not know him.

So guys this is my first trial of writing an FF. I don’t know when I’ll post the next part as my exams r starting from Monday …so let’s see. But I’ll try my best to post soon.
Plz feedback my mistakes and anything bad or good u feel for this ff !!
Moreover today is our Nikita Dutta’s birthday….so Happy Birthday Nikita Dutta

Lots of love to all !!

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