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Shot 1 Part 1:
“Ragini , please listen to me……I really Love you , why are you behaving in that way, we are friends , right , I……………..” Laksh was trying to speak as he was standing behind Ragini who was reading a book in the library not interested in what he was saying.
“ We WERE friends Laksh….” Ragini turned keeping the book on table as Laksh stared at her shocked.
“ What……..what will you tell me ?? That you love me a lot, you’ll keep me happy…blah , blah , blah………enough of you….let me just tell you……..” Ragini continued.
“ Hello Sanskar , this is your 5th call from the morning and its just 1:00 , what….” Swara said like a sweet cute innocent child on the phone as she picked up her phone without seeing the caller ID.
“ So what , you are my wife and most importantly , My love……” A naughty voice came from the other side.
“ Sanskar ,pay attention to your work ,you know na it was Papaji’s dream to see you expanding his empire……” Swara said in a sweet yet angry voice.
“ Yeh….I know but…..”
“ No but-what Sanskar , we both will together expand his empire and make it the best company in this world , I promised this to papaji and you are spoiling my promise….” swara said cutely.
“ Ok Swara , I understood , We both will together do it….I won’t call you more than twice…Pakka……….” Sanskar said seriously naughtiness still loaded in his words.
“How much do you earn per month??? …………….let me tell you………..a big fat 0………” Ragini was continuing as Laksh interrupted.
“ Ragini , we are currently in collage , as soon as I pass the collage i’ll………….”
“ Whats the guarantee………Laksh , being straight , I don’t want to be with someone who lives on others money , I want to marry someone who is well settled , who can take my expenses…..” Ragini said boldy as Laksh stared at her shocked at her words.
“ Ragini , we’ll do everything together , we’ll settle together………..” Laksh said as his last expectation was also dying.
Ragini passed him a smirk , “ I don’t want to Laksh………and please , I have told you what I NEED AS WELL AS WANT…so please……” Ragini gave him a slight push to get him out of her way and left the library.

Laksh stood their shocked , broken , confused , he didn’t knew how to react , it wasn’t love at first site or something , he had fallen for her gradually , her eyes told him a lot which her lips never did , she was a 1st year student while he being a 2nd year student , from the day she had entered the collage , they became friends , hanging out together , getting scolded together , laughing together , sharing everything but today he felt that he actually could never get to the real Ragini or maybe say , he never wanted to…………Ragini was always like this , not running behind money ,but for sure running behind instant happiness , she wasn’t out of those who would struggle to get things ,she was the one who would get anything either by hook or by crook , he was the one who never saw it……who never cared to see it, with time he fell in love with her , or maybe he was destined to fall in love with her, he wasn’t only in Love with her but madly in love with her , he had experienced every emotion with her , say Love , friendship , wait , smiling , crying , and today too he got to share a new emotion with her , the emotion of being hurt….he was hurt , Badly……….she was the Ragini whom he loved but why was SHE the Ragini whom he Loved. The question haunted him and he knew he could not live without her , he could not.
“ Ok baba , but only twice………….” Swara too said , this time naughtiness loaded in her voice as well.
“ Ok bye….” Swara said.
“ Love you………….” Sanskar said as he kept the dialler.
Swara smiled from the other side as Sanskar too smiled in his cabin staring at her picture in his phone.
Ragini looked towards the sea, “ No one told you to love me Laksh , you were the one who did…..” She said as she got up.


2 years Later :
SWARA MALHOTRA/MAHESHWARI : A 27 years old fashion designer , Married to Sanskar Maheshwari , her collage Love , Carrier Oriented but Sanskar is the one who means the world to her , Loves him and her mother the most in the world , but finds it quite difficult to explain.
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: A 27 years businessman , Married to Swara Malhotra , his collage mate who is his heart beat ,the reason for him survival , during the time when his parents passed (During his collage days) She was the one who gave him enough courage to face everything , he can’t live without Swara and tries every possible way to give her the bests of Happiness’s in the world.
RAGINI GADODIA : A 23 years old normal girl , just passed collage and in search of job , Currier as well money oriented , the only thing that matters to her is a lavish and happy life.

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