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Love On Road.. The unique ff!! ^PROMO^

Hii.. Remember me!! I’m ur cute 😜 SHANITICS OR SWETHA!!

The magic created by vidha was awesome!! And there by making this serial more awesome!!! Bt this serial became more special to we fans due to our relationship in TU.. It was our 2nd family… Those days we enjoyed the most!!we nvr thought that enjoyment will once become a memory!!


yeah.. now it has became a memory.. A golden memory.. We can’t go back and enjoy again those moments bt we can only recreate those moments… Similarly the magic created by MIESHA has been a memory.. Opps the bst memory near to our heart ♥ so now it’s time to recreate it… I’m sure u r nt that much missing miesha as thy r been recreated by my dear sisters and brothers through thr ff!!

Guyss I’m back wth another cute simple story..

Hope U will support me in this ff too haina!! If ur answer is yes!! Then lets go.. To another unique plot ff!! “LOVE ON ROAD” #THE UNIQUE FF!!

A national Highway (NH) is shown.. A jaguar car 🚗 is moving wth speed nearly 110.. A girl 👧 peeps out from the window(Opp of the driving seat 💺) of the car 🚗 Boy 👦 driving the car 🚗 pulls the girl 👧 inside telling “Shalu tu pagal hai kya!! Filmon mein stars ase karthe hai.. Tu math kar moti..” & pulls hr inside!! He cntinues ” u r not a celebrity… Bhul math.. U r my fat siso!!” Someone sitting back of the car 🚗 laughs 😆 The boy asks “why r u laughing??”Girl 👧 sitting in back of the car 🚗 answers.. The girls’ face is not shown.. “Y I can’t laugh 😆” and turn back.. The car 🚗 is shown moving again… That girl’s 👱 face is shown.. She looks at Road.. Through back side of the car 🚗 And says if there was no destination for this long journey I would be the happiest 😅 person in the world!! U said somethng di?? Questions shalu.. Nothing answers tat girl 👧

Life always bends➰ or take a u-Turn〰 to take us to our Destiny… Who is her destination point(Life partner)!! How she comes on road to meet hr destination point!! (how she fall in love wth her partner)And How will be destination road!!(Hw will thr love 💜 be!!)

To knw the answer ✅✅ of these questions ❔❔ read LOVE ON ROAD.. The unique ff!!

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