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Love me in the end – Twinj OS

Hi guys (I can say u guys right as we r friends.). Thank u so much for the lovely comments. U all made my day n u all have motivated me write to this OS. Here it goes…

The room was beautifully decorated. There were flowers everywhere-pink, white and red rose petals strewn on the bed. There were heart shaped balloons all over the floor n wall. (Sorry I suck at describing these things.)I just glanced at the clock. It was nearly midnight but still he was not asleep. He was waiting for his so called love. “Today also she didn’t come.” I said n entered the room. “It’s the fifth time she did like this. Every time u trust her she lets u down n at morning u get a sorry message from her. Till when u will wait for her, Kunj.” “It’s nothing like that Twinkle. She may be busy.” He said in a sad tone.


“Just forget her Kunj. I am ur wife n it has been almost a year since we were married .Forget her n move on in ur life. I love u Kunj.” I was willing to say this but I couldn’t. All I could do was console him. His so called GF Alisha betrayed him. She wanted his money not his love. She tried to marry him by hook but all her efforts went in vain. Now she is in relationship with someone else. I tried many times to tell Kunj about Alisha’s truth but he never understands. “Kunj now go to sleep.”

I said n cleared the rose petals that were strewn on the bed. He laid down n closed his eyes. I thought that he fell asleep so I got up from the bed n moved towards the couch. When I was moving towards the couch Kunj caught hold of my wrist. “Kunj u haven’t slept yet.” I said. “Twinkle u are my wife n u fulfill all the duties being my wife but I am not able to fulfill my duties. I am the worst husband ever.” He said n pulled me towards him. “It’s nothing like that.” I said. I don’t know what had happen to Kunj, he was talking so weirdly. He pulled me closer n I fell on top of him. I felt butterflies in my stomach. We had a cute eye lock which was broken by me. I tried to get up but I failed. Then Kunj said, “Twinkle I don’t know what has happen to me. Whenever I close my eyes I see her…Whenever I feel the cold breeze I see her…Everywhere I see her…Even in my dreams I only see her…She has controlled my heart n brain…I am in love with her.” After listening that I was so jealous. He was talking about that witch Alisha. I again tried to get up n this time I succeeded.

My eyes were full of tears but I didn’t want to show my tears so I turned around. Kunj back hugged me n said, “Don’t u want to know who she is?” “No, I don’t.” I said in a hurry n broke his back hug. I was about to leave the room but he caught my wrist n said, “That girl is non other than u. I love u Twinkle. U made me understand the real meaning of love. Love is not about gaining but it’s about giving. U have sacrificed lots of things for my happiness. Today these decorations are for u not for Alisha. I love u.” I felt as if it was a dream my ears wanted to hear those three little words since very long. “I love u too Kunj.” I said. He pulled me towards him. “Say it once again.” He said. “I love u Kunj” I said n I kissed him hard, pressing him to the wall. I pulled away from him when I became breathless. He snuck a peck onto my forehead. He carried me in a bridal style n put me gently on the bed. He leaned towards me n started kissing my neck, shoulders. He took out my top off. He started feeling my br*ast. I started unbuttoning his shirt. I caressed his hair. He was on top of me. We rolled to the left side of the bed. Now I was on top of him. My ears pressed to his chest. We again rolled to the left n he was on top of me. “U look beautiful”, He whispered as he leaned more n more, making me lie down on my back. His palm cupped my face, kissing my forehead lightly. He rolled on his back n I was on top of him. I was enjoying that moment. “I love u Kunj.”

Two Years later
“It’s a girl!” he said n started jumping.
“Kunj, everybody’s watching…stop jumping.” I said.
“Let them see. I am so happy…I want to jump!”Kunj said.
“So what shall we name her?”I said.
“Mahi” he said.
The End
Sorry if it bored u. N pls do drop ur comment below.

Lots of love,

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