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Love makes relationships….[epi 3]

Hi guys, first of all I thank you for your comments. I am glad to see that u all love my track . I personally request u all to watch swaragini show regularly. Once again thank you.

Episode 3
Starts in the kitchen.
Ragini: [ sad face]………………
Uttara: bhabhi!!!! What happened???
Swara: really is there any problem??? Rago .
Ragini: han swara.
Everyone shocked.
Ragini: there is a problem……………. In laksh’s phone.[ with a puppy face]Swara: you dump…. Scared me
Ragini: yesterday……….
Flashback in ragini’s mind.
Ragini was arranging the clothes in the wadrobe.
Raksh was sitting in the bed.
Ragini: raksh, go have a wash and come change ur night wear.
Raksh: bt mama….. papa???
Laksh: I came … my doll. Come lets have a wash.
Both of them having fun in the washroom. Ragini heard that they were singing songs loudly.
Ragini: you both come fast…. Stop playing [ with angry tone, bt actually not meant to be angry].
Laksh and raksh: coming!!!!

Laksh phone rings….
Ragini: laksh , you have got a call.
Laksh: yes bring that
Ragini gives it to him. He speaks and hangs up. She was standing still there [staring laksh in the towel]Laksh: what darling??? Want to join us..[winks his eyes]Ragini: stup up laksh…. Come fast.
Laksh gives back the phone. Suddenly , raksh unknowingly interrupted and he drops the phone… in the water tub.
Flashback ends.

Swara: answer me….yesterday..???
Ragini: yesterday, , while playing laksh and raksh dropped the phone in the water tub. So he cant make any calls, its given for repair. So I kept my phone also in the room. Because no use of having it today. Anyway he is not going to call.
Uttara: oh oh bhabhi … ….
Swara, pari and uttara laughs. Ragini also smiles.
Suddenly swara’s phone rings……

Everyone stared swara…
Ragini: see u all teased me. Now sanskar is calling… what will u say???
Swara: stup up rago!!! Han sanskar.
Person: hello swara.i am laksh . can u pls give the phone to ragini.
Swara: [ stares at ragini]……….
Ragini looks confused.
Ragini: what happened?? Why are you staring at me??
Swara: [ hands the phone ragini] this is your hubby on the line.
Everybody laughs expect ragini.
Ragini: hello laksh..
Laksh: hello !!! darling . I cant be here without speaking to you even half a day. y were you not answering the phone?? I missed you so much.[ speaks continuously]Ragini: one minute laksh. This is not fair. U always make me embrass in front of all.[she sighs]

Laksh : everything is fair in love and war… don’t u know that.
Sanskar: enough laksh… [sanskar drags the phone from him and switches on the speaker]Laksh , sanskar , and adarsh were in the sanskars’s cabin to speak with uttara after knowing the scene from laksh.
Sanskar; ragini. Is uttara there by ur side??
Ragini: han sanskar.
Sanskar: switch on the speaker.
Ragini does that.
Adarsh: uttara……how r u??
Sanskar: r u fine??? We are happy hearing about ur pregnancy.
Uttara gets emotional.

Uttara; bhai…….[ tears roll down]Laksh: don’t cry uttara…
Swara wipes tears.
Uttara: I am fine ….bhai. I am angry with u all.
Laksh: but why??
Uttara: after hearing that I am here. You all are in the office.
Sanskar: Actually , we also eager to see you. But one important meeting is there at 5 pm. After that we all run and come.
Adarsh: to see my little angel with baby bump.
Sanskar: to see my cute chocopie as a wife of someone else now
Uttara cries..
Laksh: uttara, I still remember that day. When nurse came out the room carrying you and gave it to mama. And she told us that you three got a cute little princess as sister.bt now??
Sanskar: u r going to give us little princess.
Pari: if it is prince , u guys wont accept it??[ teasingly]Adarsh: no , definitely it will be princess.
Swara: you three pagal brothers made her cry now.
Ragini: really don’t have any sense….
Uttara: no bhabhi…. Even though they are stupids.. still I love them….miss them…
Adarsh: just wait for few hours….. we will be there.

Sanskar: swara, make special food tonight with sweets. I want to celebrate.
Swara: han sanskar.
Laksh: han swara make it special. Don’t allow ragini to make food..[ teasingly] she might burn it as usual .
Ragini: [ wide opens her mouth] ahhhhhh …. What??
Laksh: han plsss. You don’t do that for my sake.
Everyone laughs. Ragini moves out in anger.
Swara: ragini…….
Sanskar: stop it it laksh..
Laksh: sorry ragini>….. I was just kidding.
Pari: too late laksh…..she left already.
Sanskar: ok c u …. Bye everyone.[ he hangs up]

At office
Laksh: oh shit!!! My stupidity always makes her angry.
Sanskar and adarsh teases him.
Laksh: you both stop it pls. I want to think …. To make her calm down.
Laksh thinks…………… Ragini in her room seeing laksh’s photo fumes in anger.

Precap: evening………………

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