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Love makes life beautiful episode 22

So so so sorry guys for not uploading actually I was filled with exams and competitions at the last competiton of my school level I won on regional level competition I am so happy and I also had some emotional problems too I will tell in detail at the end and to the top of it my system went for service and it came after 2 weeks and the episodes which I have typed somewhat got deleted so only ok ok I don’t want to bore u all so first story then I will tel u the real story..
Theepisode starts with pragya seeing riya getting up. She got more worried coz rishab and aditi can manage but riya will not be without abhi. But pragya made herself strong and kissed riyas forehead and took her in her embrace.
Riya : good molning(morning) mumma.

Pragya : good morning princess did u sleep well?
Riya : yes mumma I am too hungry make me fresh up fast I have to eat.
Pragya : oh noo my princess u r hungry come we will fresh up fast already ur bhai and dii woke up come fastfast we will get ready fast ok.. they both headed to washroom. After 20 mins pragya bathed riya and made her ready and took her to breakfast table. There all were waiting fr her. Riya hoped on to purab who was sitting there.
Riya: chachuu.. good morning.


Purab: aww good morning sweet heart love u.. and kissed her. Riya smiled. Pragya served them breakfast. Purab not knowing the situation asked,
Purab: dii where is abhi bhai I didn’t see him?
Pragya eyed at purab to not tell him but he cant understand it. Riya now only got to know that her papa is not there asked pragya” mumma where is papa? I didn’t see him where is he?”. Pragya cant keep the secret said” princess papa went for work he will come soon. Purab he went to attend a meeting with the investors as dobriyals forged the papers and u idiot didn’t u have another time to ask this?” purab put down his head . all laughed at him. Riya was so sad hearing abhi is not here. Pragya saw this but couldnot do anything. She wished abhi returned home soon.
Here abhi was sitting in the conference room with his laptop for video conference.. they discussed a lot about the decision and finally concluded the meeting. The investors mr. chand asked abhi who was also a friend to him,

Chand : so abhi how is ur life,
Abhi : good going as always.
C: any interesting news?? With aaa naughty smile.
A: yes my son is participating in his first singing competition I am so excited about that .
C: offo abhi not that any affairs who asked about ur children?. Yohesh who saw this decided that there will be a huge banter as chande asked unimportant ques that too with abhi.
A: I am sorry mr. chand I don’t have any affairs other than my family they are more important to me my wife and my children are more important I don’t have time or interest in affairs.

C: oh come on abhi u r a rockstar u always have a double life right? Why r u hell bent on ur wife there are so many models actresses even fans who r dying to be with u and..:
A: no no mr. chand I don’t want this double life I love my wife a lot and my children I don’t have time for all this and for ur kind info even though I am a rockstar I am first of all a responsible husband and dutiful father first I will fulfill these responsibilities then I will think abt mine u carry on r work I have my own work and yohesh call me after 1 hour ok good bye sir. And shut his laptop with rage. MR. chand was horrified with abhis behavior and got to know that he was wrong so he apologised to yohesh and asked him to tell to abhi.

Riya here was so much depressed as her papa is not here to ply with her teddybears and not giving a piggy back ride. Pragya kept on talking to her to keep her mood light but she couldn’t. it was eveing but still riya missed abhi a lot and she didntr eat a single morsel of food. Pragya insisted a lot but she refused it again and again. Even she tried calling abhi, but he didn’t pick up the phone.

She was so worried. By that ttime, rishu and aditi came from skl and after finishing their home work they spent time with riya. She changed abit and started involving in her games. After their dinner pragya noticed that riya was so dull when she checked her she was shocked as her temperature was so high. She made her lie on the bed and called the doctor. The doctor came and examined her and said pragya to come out.
Dr : mrs. Mehra riya is suffering from high fever she is missing and longing for someone. Make sure she meets them soon. And I have given her sedative so that she can sleep and I cannot see mr.M ehra around. Is he not in town?

Pragya was worried “ yes doctor he has went to delhi and riya is missing him only she loves hima lot she didn’t see him from the morning so only I am calling him from the morning but he is not picking up and thanks for cming doctor I will take care.
Dr. : its my duty mrs. Mehra and take care of ms. Mehra. Pragya nodded. And she went inside the room changed the water bandages and switched off the lgiths. She went to give diner for others and made them sleep. Pragya was awake to take care of riya suddenly her phone buzzed. She took the phone and went to another room to talk.
P : hello who is this?
S : its me sweet heart.

P : u why did u called me now? I told u I will itself call u but u wont listen to me. My daughter has fever and I have to take care of her don’t call me now.
S : oh come on sweet heart don’t go with ur usual dialogues family son daughter all these stuff don’t u give some time to me. Haah we both love each other u r not at all spending time with me even we patched up after 5 years u r not gvng me time yaar
P : suresh pls understand my situation. Here abhi is there and my children is there I cant leave them alone they will ask me ques I cant answer them and u know that abhi is possessive abt me I cane leave him also and..
Suresh : oh come on pragya for god sake u love me or not say it directly.. pragya was shockingly tensed.

Here abhi came inside his mansion in his car with mixed emotions first is fear he was scared as he didn’t tell any of his children abt his trip and sad as he didn’t see any of them for one day. He walked with baby steps as he don’t want his surprise to be spoiled. That’s why he didn’t pick up any of pragyas calls as he don’t want to miss her cute expression on seeing him. He first went to his twins room. He kept his bag aside and kissed their foreheads rishu stirred and saw abhi smiling at him his eyes got widened and shouted” papa u r back where were u” abhi shut his mouth and said “ champ don’t shout now only I came I want to surprise u all ok see adhu is sleeping don’t disturb her” rishu nodded and said with teary eyes” papa I missed u” abhi smiled at this and said “ aww I missed u too rishu love u now got to sleep we can continue our fight tomm morn ok” rishu “ pakka na?” abhi nodded and said” pakka”. He again kssed him and tuck him in his bed and went switching off the lights smiling at his sons antics.

He then went to his room to see his wife talking to someone seriously. Even though he didn’t want to eavesdrop the words shocked him a lot. The phone convo continues..
Suresh : oh come on pragya for god sake tell me u love me or not?

Pragya : yes I love u suresh but u hv to understand me yaar we will meet and I will spend some time with u as u asked I will leave this house as I cant live here anymore tomm is abhis birthday and there is a party too so I will leave him and ome to u but I hv to make sure my children are good so I will make arrangements and come.
Suresh : ok pragya I will believe u I will outside the mansion at night and we will go to pune from here and star our life afresh ok now don’t be sad I wont say abt ur so called children now just give me one kiss dear pls..pragya reluctantly gave a kiss. And kept her phone with worried face.

Here abhi heard all this . he couldn’t take it anymore. He could feel hot tears in his cheeks. Does these tears mean that pragya is betraying him and our sorry his children? How could she? I loved her. Just then he noticed his gudiya sleeping with drips nad cold bandages on her head. He hurried to her not able to see her in this state. He gently kissed her forehead and gudiya opened her eyes. Abhi saw riya was sleeping hugging his photo and his jacket. He got tears and ashamed of himself as he left her achanak. Riya after seeing him sobbed “ papa where ale(ARE) u I missed u papa no one told me where u ale(are) I missed u papa don’t leave me alone pls papa pls papa” he couldn’t see her like this. He kissed her eyes like kissing a soft cloth wondering even this could hurt her. He took her in his arms and rocked her “ shh shh gudiya u r my princess na don’t cry sweet heart papa cant see ur tears I am sorry I left u see I came fast only to meet u I missed u too jaan see I am here don’t cry”

riya nodded but wasn’t sure so she didn’t leave him and kept her head in his shoulder. Abhi who got really angry on pragya for leaving his gudiya and speaking to some random stranger rubbish he shouted at the top of his voice,” PRAGYAA”. ALL WERE STARTLED HEARING HIS VOICE.

PRECAP : “what do u think u are doing? Do u think I am a fool?” “ pls listen “ “ no I don’t want to do it lets end this here just get the hell out of my sight” “ wow what a thought stop ur shameful thoughts right here”

Who says this to whome? And who is suresh? To know that stay tuned.

Hii guys seeing u after a long time I gave minor reasons first major is coz of my friends I always trust them a lot but if they do one small thing which hurts us I cant take it I was a bit emotional thinking those acts so nly otherwise I would have updated but I have to say a big thanks to tellyupdates as it gave me a wonderful family here which I cherish than the real ones I am so blessed to have u all now I am one my mid of revisions I will see u at the next episode pls drop ur views both positive and negative and also chappals tomatoes are most welcome I didn’t do proof read so sorry for mistakes love u all thank u for bearing this devil I am so happy with the new readers I am not able to keep this story to ur thinking but will keep on dng it and one imp. News I thought of ending this at 30th episodes as u all kow the reason but I will post os and ss as my hands will not rest it wants to torture u all but I promise at april 1 my last exams I will either continue or start new ff coz I love this story as abhis is the best father in all ff I love to see him as father love u all stay blessed.. keep reading.. keep smiling and keep bearing me…

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