May Your Birthday be filled with Sunshine and Smiles  ; Laughter, Love, and Cheer.

Wishing that you have Lots and Lots of Birthday Fun.


May this Year be the Best of your Life, until the Next One. Happy Birthday Aamu !!
Recap:Twinj are going to get engaged and on the way they here the news Twinkle Taneja is going to get engaged to …
Let’s start: 

Twinkle’s POV 
……To Kunj Sarna I was shocked and looked up at Kunj who had suddenly applied the brakes not because of the news but because we reached my house I immediately questioned him “Kunj how did the media come to know ?” “That question can be very well answered by your dad “ He said pointing towards my garden which looked as if a press conference had taken place I rushed inside my house and called out “Ma …Papa …Ma “ Ma and papa rushed out along with bebe and Dadi “Why are you shouting so much “ asked dadi “Dadi oh news ..” I said but was stopped by dadi n between “Ha the news that you and Kunj are getting engaged So what the world should know that my grand daughter is getting engaged “ she said with a huge smile and so were everyone in the room including Kunj the only person who was shocked and still plastered a smile was me I ran into my room “She is blushing “ I heard dadi say but  don’t care I was about to close the door when I was stopped by Kunj “Kunj “ I exclaimed “May I come in” he asked to which I nodded my head He closed the door and stared at me “What “ I asked him through my eyes “Voh I was here to see you blushing “ he said while he chuckled “Kunj” I said in anger which he sensed and said sorry immediately “Voh Twinkle I was thinking why don’t I pick and drop you to college everyday “ He said “Why “ I asked him “Voh so that people don’t think that we are getting married for a deal “ he said “Oh okay fine ,is that it or you want to ask something else too “ I asked don’t know why I said that line what else would he say don’t know why my heart wanted him to say something It was something different “Yeh and infant of Yuhi act as if we are madly in love with each other “ He said to which I gave him a confused expression and asked “YUHI” “ Yuhi , come on Twinkle Yuvraj + Mahi = Yuhi “ He said seeming as if everyone in the world must know it “Oh so is there something for Twinkle and Kunj too I asked

“ God why did I ask him such a question “Oh ha I have one Twinj “ he said with a smile and he said it so instantaneously as if he had made the world long back “ Okay great Twinj “I said it sounds so cute “So Twinkle your makeover “ he asked “Ha my makeover “ I said palming my pace I almost had forgotten about it “ Okay so Twinkle tomorrow you are going to wear the black a-line dress we brought “ he said to which I looked up at him as if he was speaking something which I had never heard and yes indeed I never knew I brought a a-line dress He understood my confusion and showed me the dress entering my walk in wardrobe “Oh so this is called a a-line dress “ I said I know I maybe sounding like a fool coz being a boy he new about it and me “Okay and leave your hair open “he said breaking my thoughts “okay” I replied nodding my head “When will you leave for Amritsar? ” he asked me to which I shrugged my shoulder and said “god knows when I want to go early but Mom and Dad are busy and they wont let me go alone “ I said seeming very sad and indeed I was sad “So why don’t you come along with me “ he said My eyes shone was it for being able to go to Amritsar early of to go to Amritsar with him Leave it I hugged him and thanked him “When will we leave?” I asked him “Twinkle at least  ask Uncle and Aunty “ he said “They will agree to it “ I said confidently “So pack your bags be ready at 9pm tomorrow I will come to pick you up “ he said moving out of the room “and pack some good clothes he said “ while turning back from the door “I will “ I shouted as he left the room I lied down on the bed dreaming about returning back to Amritsar after 15 years “Twinkle pack your bags”Ma said entering the room with 2 servants “Ha ma “ I said getting up from the bed I walked in my wardrobe and took all the dress kunj had brought for me and some traditional wares too anyways we will be again going for shopping in Amritsar I said thinking about the time I spent with Kunj in the mall

Twinkle’s POV ends

Sorry Guys for a really small episode voh I am quite busy this week but how could I not post on my Aamu’s birthday so here is a small gift to you from my side and don’t worry guys you would get 2-3 posts in this week and the next one coz there are may birthdates in this month and one more thing is this ss boring coz the comments are dropping day by day So do tell me if it is boring I will end the ss soon 🙂

Love you all 🙂 take care 🙂 and Happy birthday Aamu once again 🙂
next update maybe 5th November (I have a test on 6th) and promise Ishana and Omkara’s entry 🙂

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