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Let’s start
Kunj’s POV
She was so excited to meet her bf and I was jealous First UV and now her new bf I feel the song Every body wanna steal my girl is so perfect for my situation “Take a right turn “she said for the past half and hour she is driving me crazy with this left and right turns “Twinkle how far “I said being frustrated when we were stuck in a traffic jam “5 minutes more “ she replied waiting for signal to turn green so that we could move After around 10 minutes we reached a old house which looked as if it was well maintained “Twinkle who is that lucky guy “ I asked trying to find someone “Kunj wait na “ I heard her say for the 5th time “Bf “she called out I saw an old man of around 80 walk out of the room and hugged Twinkle “Kunj meet my bf “Twinkle said showing me that old man He was a cute dada type man with white hair probably living all alone in this house “Kunj he was my care taker when I was small and we lived in Amritsar Dada has a son whom dad educated so that he could take care of dada but his son he left him and settled down in abroad so dad gifted dada this house “she said she and dada were almost in tears I hugged her “shh Twinkle why are you crying “ I asked her “Nothing “ she replied nodding her head “Who is he Twinkle “asked dada “Voh dada I am going to get engaged to him “ she replied we spent around a hour or so there and while leaving Dada said “Beta Twinkle is like my daughter no no she is my daughter always take care of her and never let her cry “he said almost tearing “Dada you and Twinkle have a common character of crying “ I said trying to lighten the mood he hugged me I hugged back


A leep of 5 days
Time passes so fast it seems like that it was yesterday that me and Twinkle had planned to do a fake engagement and now it has already been an hour that we have been engaged “Kunj “ I heard my queen call out “Yes Twinkle “ I replied “Kunj tomorrow is Ishana’s Sangeet I want to perform alone but Dadi wants the two of us to perform together “ she said in a go “ So what’s the big deal “I asked her”Voh Kunj Uv will also be there “ she said “UV I understand” I said to which she did not reply we practiced for the dance and performed on Delhi vale girlfriend everyone liked our dance Twinkle was damm happy the next day was A bachelors party and the girls too wanted to party Twinkle entered the club wearing a red tight fit dress which was backless and above her knee she looked hot and s*xy we had a competition of drinking shots and My queen was so excited fire for it she was the first one to take the challenge I was her competitor 1 shot 2 and then 3 and then we went down to 7 I saw Twinkle not being able to take it so I purposely lost she jumped up and down like a child we then left the hall Twinkle was so high so I decided to take her to my farm house which was close by “Kunj am I not beautiful” she said “Twinkle who said so “ I asked her “Voh I loved you before but you never loved me back then I meet UV I stated living him but then again he also did not love me then I again meet you but now you love Mahi “ she said it in a go with a childish tone I was shocked my queen was in love with me and silly me because of me she thinks I love that Mahi we reached the farm house
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
Kunj took me to his farm house I was not in my senses we walked in a room and then I woke up in the morning to find myself in his shirt I was shocked I looked around for him and then Kunj came in He was brought me a glass of Lemon water he understood my question through my eyes and answered it saying “You vomited last night I had to change your dress and don’t worry you aren’t the first girl I have seen in her undergarments “he said “Thank you “ I replied
Leep of 5 more days
The marriage was done everyone were happy but ….

Precap : Kunj’s POV
Twinkle where are you please comeback I want you

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