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Doctor informed Rajesh is fine…he will get conscious with in 1hr..I thanked doctor and goes to Purab…I know Hw he’s feeling now,…He’s broken by his friend’s betrayal…FRIENDSHIP…It’s an Wonderful relation among all..where we didn’t found any expectations..! where we just found True friendship..with out any economical difference…I must say ..It’s A Pure Relation have Care and Love..!! A person can bear any type of pain but..A person cann’t able to bear Friend’s betrayal…I slolwy sit’s beside puranb and tries to console him..!!
I slolwy say’s”Purabh! I know it’s not so easy..! but Now, Only Rajesh can take us to Pragya..!! Purab holds my hand and say’s”Abhi! I already lost a friend..But will not lost My Sister..! Pragya di is more than a sister to me..!! I will do anything for Re Unite u both..!!”by saying this he hugs me emotionally…I slowly pat’s his shoulder to console him and feels very happy..That Pragya got such a Loyal Brother who can go any extent for her…I must say..She’s Lucky to have a brother like Purab..!!

We both entered in to Rajesh’s room..RAJESH looks so worried and scare..His face clearly shows his fear..and it increases by seeing Purab with me..!! Purab stares him Angrily and goes to Rajesh..! I just stood by folding my hands becoz, I’m sure Purab will handle this perfectly…Purab sit’s beside him and say’s”Rajesh..!! Today u opened my eyes and took me back to Reality..!! U just proved me that It’s not good to trust anybody blindly…Thank u for this.!! he said with a cold look..while Rajesh trumbles with fear..!! Purab continues”But Rajesh, what to do..? I can’t change my self for a cheap person like u who really don’t know the value of Friendship..!! U didn’t know about FRIENDSHIP’s value..But I know it na..!! so, I can’t do the same like u…Now, U just got 1 option..! Neither U Reveal about My di..! nor Get ready for ur death..!! I will just count 10…I want ur answer .,..Or I will kill u here itself…Don’t act Over smart..!! I already got Information about My di..! But, as a friend just thought to give u a chance…common think about it…!!

By saying this, Purab comes to me…I smiled and slowly offers money to a nurse and she left the room by closing the door..!! Rajesh becomes much furious..!! Soon, Purab took his gun out and load it..he points Gun towards Rajesh and I starts counting numbers…! Rajesh becomes very scared ..! Finally I loudly say’s 9..! Purab firmly get’s ready to shoot..!! Just then, Rajesh shouts..No..I WILL TELL U..PLZ DON’T KILL ME..PLZ DON’T KILL ME..! “I took away Purab’s gun..and he slowly goes to Rajesh and say’s”Tell me fast..!” Rajesh starts to tell…[which is muted..!] By hearing this, Me and Purab get’s Hell Shocked..!!!


A lady is tired with full of ropes and her eyes r closed..! Suddenly, some goons comes and slowly takes off the cloth on her eyes..! Pragya slolwy opens her eyes and stares scarily everyone…Just then, A man of 50 rs Enters there and poured Water on her face..! Pragya slowly op[en her eyes and stares at him with full fear..she’s trembling with fear ..! Suddenly A hand forcefully pulls her hairs and stares her Angrily…! He shot’s ” U bl***y lady! Just becoz Of U…! just becoz of u..! My son lives in Jail..! just becoz u..! !”Yes, he’s nikil Father…DELEEP LAMBA..!! Pragya slowly say’s”Sasur ji..! Plz..He pulls her hairs again while Pragya shivers with pain..! Deelep say’s”Just shuit up..! I’m not ur sasur..! I’m ur death..! U and ur Ex Lover has ruined my Son’s life..! U both have played very well..! But Now, It’s my turn..! It’s my turn to give justice to my son…He has done such a great sacrifies..!! He married u by knowing ur carrying some other’s child..!!” U and Ur Father ruins my Family…Firstly Ur Father ruined my sister’s life and killed her..! and Now, Now u ruined my Son’s life..!! by saying this he slapped Pragya hardly..! hghe continue”See…Ladki! mei tum aur tumharey Ashiq ko nehi chodungi..! Aur mei tughey aapni parivaar key saath nehi jeney nehi dungii..![ See ladki! I will not spare U AND UR lOVER..! i WILL NOT LET U LIVE IN PEACE WITH UR FAMILY..]He slowly command goons to maintain high security .! and leaves..

I and Purab sit’s with full confusion..! we really don’t know hw to handle this situation..?? There just Long silence..!! Purab slowly comes to me and say’s”Abhi! now what? what we will do? hw can we catch him?” I just sit’s like that for some time…Slowly i turns to him and say’s” U just do what i say..KIDNAPPERS will reveal by them selves..!!”and slowly winked at him while purab stares me clueless..!

Pragya again ties to chair..she keeps on requesting Deelip to let her meet her family..let her free..!! Deelip on the t.v and finds an announcement..!! by seeing that, He stood Drum Stuck..!! Pragya too shocked seeing that Advertisement and say’s”no..! THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN..!!” Deelip immediately grabs his mobile and dialed to given contact no…Abhi and Purab were eagerly waiting for Deelip’s call..!!

Purab cell rings and he answered it..
DEELIP: Is that u guys have advertised about that land.??
Abhi: Yes, sir we r ready to sale that land!!
DE: Actually I’m interested in it..! But do u have the Original documents with u?
A: Yes, sir…Actually, that OWNER who has original papers have this proposal…He’s interested in selling that Land..!!
De: Achaa! so kk..we will meet and discuss about this very soon….Thank u..!!

By saying this,.he smirks and say’s”Dekhana Ladki..! Aaj kall log aiesa hi hey..tum hari Bhai bhi tumhey dokha diya hey…Oh uss land ko bechna chahatahei..!! Tum dekna..Mei mera beta ka sapna puri kardungi…Us land Nikil key naam kardungi..! Tumhara Maa key kvahish abb koie matlab nehi hai..![ Hey girl! Today, people r same…they just money minded..! Now, ur own brother also betrayed u…He wants to sell that Land..! U just keep seeing, Now, i will fullfilled My Nikil’s Dream..I will own that Land and names it on Nikil..! Ur Mom’s wish had no value now…]Pragya get’s shocked…she couldn’t beleive Her Brother Purab has betrayed her? She keeps on saying” No!!…Purab can’t do this!! Then, who is doing this?? Who?”

To be continued..!

PRECAP: Abhi and Purab reaches a place and get’s shocked….!!

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