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Love is not a game-twinj os

Hi everyone.I know u all but u don’t know me as I am a silent reader but please don’t be angry because of it.This is my first OS as well as my first effort.U all have inspired me to write this OS.Uall are very gud writers but I am a very shitty.Anyways hope u like my concept.

I and Twinkle were sitting in a bench at a park.I was very much upset and she too luked very upset.The reason for our sadness was our friends who always teased us.
Twinkle-Kunj, I guess we two are only left in this whole world without girlfriend and boyfriend.
Kunj-I also think the same.Wherever I go I only see pairs.
T-All our friends have girlfriend and boyfriend but we don’t so they always make fun of us.
K-U are right Twinkle, if only I had a girlfriend then no one would tease me.
T-That gives me an idea.Let’s be girlfriend and boyfriend.
K-But how? I don’t love u.
T-Neither do I.Let’s just think that we are playing a game.U be my boyfriend for 20 days and I will be ur girlfriend for 20 days.
K-That’s a great idea.

Day 1
I and twinkle went for dinner.She kept on doing bakbak n I was listening to her silently.That day I named her bakbak queen.

Day 5
I invited bakbak for a horror movie.While watching it, she got frightened and caught my hand very tightly.I felt a current passing through my body.

Day 8
This time bakbak queen invited me for a movie which was very romantic.After the movie ended we went to nearby fortune teller shop.The fortune teller just saw our face n said,”Just don’t waste ur time like this.U two are made for each other…live together…life will be beautiful…love is not a game…It’s related to our feelings.”Actually what did the fortune teller wanted to say live together.He is telling a lie.

Day 12
We went to horror house.Bakbak queen was so frightened that she hugged me n once again I felt a current passing through my body.

Day 15
We went for a get together party.I was lost in my thoughts.Suddenly I bumped with someone.She was bakbak queen.She was about to fall down but I didn’t let that happen. I caught her by her waist n luked into her eyes.I don’t know why I wanted that moment to freeze.My heart said,”U are in love” But my brain interupted,”This is just a game.Nothing else she doesn’t love u.”Again my heart said’”Just express ur feelings to her.”Amidst this we realized our position n composed ourself.After the party was over she gave a peck on my cheeks n left.I didn’t comprehend that action of hers.

Day 19
I realized my love for her n decided to express my luv for her.We met in the same park from where the game had started.She went to the nearby ice cream parlor to buy ice cream for both of us.After 15 minutes I got a call from an anynmous number.”The girl met with an accident and is in XYZ hospital.”the caller said.I rushed to the hospital.In the hospital the doctor came out of the operation threatre n said’”Are u Kunj”i just nodded my head in yes.The doctor handed me a note n said”she is no more.”I felt as if sky had fallen on me.I didn’t wanted to live.I read the note which said,”Kunj I luv u.Iwant to play this game for my whole life.The fortune teller was right luv is not a game.I is related to our feelings.I luv u more than anything.”I LUV U TOO TWINKLE.”
The End…
Sorry if it bored u.Pls do drop ur comment below.N Can we be friends?My b-day is on June 30.I am 16 years old n if u want to know more about me then u may ask me.

Lots of love,

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