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Love is Life (Episode 2)

Bhalla house

It’s night and everyone is sitting on the sofa and discussing about Aliya and Adi’s marriage. Just then Shobana (Aliya’s Dadi) , Aliya , and Mani arrive . Everyone greet them and make them sit .


Shobana : I went to a priest and he has given me an auspicious date for Adi and Aliya’s marriage and Raman and Ishita’s marriage .
Ishita : Really, that’s great . When is the auspicious day ?
Shobana : Today is 3rd November . So for your marriage , the auspicious day is on 8 November and for Adi and Aliya’s marriage , the auspicious day is 12 November .
Ruhi: Wow , that’s amazing . I think both the marriages should be grand weddings and we will do each and every ritual .
Raman : We don’t need to do our marriage grandly . We will do Aliya and Adi’s wedding grandly but not ours .
Ishita : Exactly. Raman is right.
Shobana : No , no , no , we need to do both marriages with full rituals .
Simmi : Yes , aunty you right . Bhai, we have to do both weddings the best .
Shobana :Ok so now we will leave . We have to start preparing for the wedding from tomorrow .

Everyone say bye to them .

It’s morning (4 November)
Rushing comes from her room and sees everyone busy in preparations of the weddings .
Ruhi : Everyone plz listen , I want to tell you something .
Everyone ask what happened
Ruhi: I have a great idea for ishi maa and papa’s sangeet. We will do Bollywood theme and everyone will dance . Each person will dance three time , two time with their couple and the third time solo .
Adi : Great, but we have to start practicing the dance . So we should start from today.
Ruhi : Since everyone is home , we will start practicing now .
Raman : Fine , but Adi go and call the Iyer family . So we can start practicing .

Iyer Family Comes ( Vandita , Bala , Appa , Amma , Shravan )

Ruhi and Adi start teaching the dance steps to everyone .
Later that day : Mani’s flat
Shobana , Aliya , and Mani are discussing how to keep Shagun away from knowing about Ishra’s marriage.
Shagun comes.
Shagun : What are you guys talking about ?
Shobana : I was thinking that I want to do Aliya’s wedding shopping and bring her Mom’s jewelry from Chennai . So will you come with me to Chennai ?
Shagun : Why not , I will come .
Shobana : Great , so Mani book our tickets for Chennai for tomorrow morning.
Mani : Ok

Precap : It’s 6 November , and Shobana and Shagun are leaving for Chennai . It’s Raman And Ishita’s Mehndi.

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