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love is a sweet pain with ishra ,arshi and abhiagya (OS)


Hai friends!!!!!!!!!! i’m sravs and I’m here with an another os with the same three lovely pairs ishra and arshi and abhiagya……..this is an one shot and the story goes like this………..

GIRL: what are you doing???this flowers should be placed there not here and you please come with me

This had been watched by a couple who are they??

ANOTHER GIRL:how can she react so normally abhi also by knowing that her love is loving someone{yes yes they are abhi and pragya}

ABHI: I too cant understand pragya{yes she is pragya and talking to abhi} but ishu{yes the girl they are talking about was ishita}is so strong see how she is scolding her for not fixing the flowers properly and roaming here and there as the wedding was of hers

MAN: ha but the wedding is mine no abhi that’swhy she is so active

ABHI: ha yes arnav I know it was your wedding and by the way where is your happieness??

KHUSHI: abhi……….why are you teasing him

ABHI: ohoo see the shadi didn’t happen but from now only someone are supporting her would be husband…………..

PRAGYA: khushi wait yaar your marriage will be happened tomorrow only one day more please get hold of your love atleast infront of others

KHUSHI: ohooo see arnav who is trying to tease me……….she herself is in madly love with someone and……..


ARNAV: what are this girls

ABHI: ha what did god thought while creating this creatures


MAN: hey guys!!!what are you upto

ISHU:{who came just know with a fake smile} nothing raman as usually some drama is going on

RAMAN: ok ok stop it guys

ARSHI: ok{they hug each other}

ABHIAGYA: ok{they too hug each other}

RAMAN: ohoo but I don’t have my love infront of me to hug her{ishu felt sad by hearing this}


RAMAN: ishu come with me fastly please{he drags her}

ISHU: why you brought me here raman dekho yaha koyi nahi hey

RAMAN:{by kneeling down} you are my one and only love that I can you through out my life will you also love me ??i will not demand your heart fully but a small place in it…..please accept my love will you???

ISHU:{with a happy tears in her eyes}

RAMAN:{by standing straight} ishu it is good nah?? Will shagun accept my love if I will propose her like this

ISHU: realisation had hit her mind{by wiping her tears away} yes yes raman!!!!!she will definitely love you

RAMAN: thanks ishu love you bye I will propose her right now

Ishu runs to her room and pours her heart out

ABHI: ishu ishu

PRAGYA: what happened ishu


RAMAN: shagun

SHAGUN: please raman if you are here to propose me then I’m having lot of work for marriage

RAMAN: shagun shagun please listen to me…….


ABHI: ishu please tell me what happened

PRAGYA: ishu we cant see you like this please tell raman that you love him

ISHU: no no I will loose him as a good friend

ARSHI: then what will you do now???

KHUSHI: I wish devimayya that you should get all happiness

ARNAV: what should we do now

ISHU: not you I will do I will make shagun feel jealous and I will make her propose him before arshi’s marriage

ABHI: but ishu it will give you more pain

ISHU: but raman will get his love

KHUSHI: ishu try to understand

ISHU: no just leave this topic {she goes from there}

RAMAN was talking to shagun

ISHU: raman come with me I need to talk to you come

RAMAN: but……..

ISHU: no but and vut come with me

SHAGUN feels like killing ishu……

RAMAN: what is this ishu I was talking to shagun and you

ISHU who sees shagun starts her action

ISHU: raman leave her na{she hugs him which shocks shagun to the core of her heart}
RAMAN: wh………

ISHU: {by holding his arms} what what see she don’t love you{raman don’t want to remove her hands from him but he too don’t know why}

Shagun leaves that place which was noticed by raman

RAMAN: what are doing ishita??? Do you know that shagun was also loving me???but was not responding me…..do you how will someone feel to see their loved ones with others????no nah….if you were in love then you will also understand……..{he left that place}

KHUSHI:{with tears in her eyes} see ishu I already said to you
Arnav was leaving and was running from there without uttering a single word

ISHU: arnav please don’t say anything to raman he reacted normally

PRAGYA: abhi

ABHI: ha ok wait I will also go

ARNAV: raman how dare you to say such a words to ishu

RAMAN: what arnav

ABHI: you said that sorry you asked her na if she is in love she is doing all this for you

ARNAV: to make her love to get his love

ABHI: yes you heard him right ishu is loving you and helping you to get your love

RAMAN: I’m not understanding anything

SHAGUN: raman raman{she was reaching him}

ARNAV: after listening to what shagun says you will understand everything

ABHI: come lets go arnav anyone should have fate to get our ishu in his life
RAMAN: what are these people talking about??

SHAGUN: leave it raman……..i love you raman……….i cant see you with anyone{she hugs him}

SHAGUN: you know how much I felt jealous when I saw you with ishu

RAMAN: understood everything:self thought: that means ishu did everything to make her jealous and{his thoughts were broken by shagun}

SHAGUN: I love you I love you so much

But what raman was hearing is

ABHI: you said that sorry you asked her na if she is in love she is doing all this for you

ARNAV: to make her love to get his love

SHAGUN: raman are you listening to me??

RAMAN: no no when she is with me I feel so happy and when she holded my hands I felt so happy{all the images of his and ishu’s moments are playing in his mind} a small smile appeared on his lips……..yes I love her…….i don’t love you I love ishu……..yes I need to tell her{he runs without even listening to shagun}


ISHU: abhi why this happened to me??

ARNAV: ishu please

ISHU: no no it is better that I only faced this pain not even our enemies should feel this pain

PRAGYA: ishu why are like this???

KHUSHI: you are a great person at heart{she hugs her}

RAMAN: ishu

ABHI: why did you came now???

ARNAV: did anything remind to scold her

RAMAN: you wait guys…….ishu I’m sorry

ISHU:{with a weak smile} it’s okey raman

RAMAN: but for not that one ishu

ISHU: then for what ???

RAMAN:{with a smirk} I realised how much my actual love is loving{by hearing this abhi and arnav had a smile on their lips}

ISHU: congratulations raman I’m so happy for you and sha……

RAMAN: stop it you idiot……….{he cups her face} how could you love me this much ishu

RAMAN: I love you ishu will you love me???


RAMAN: I learnt that I never loved shagun……..i love you and only you

ABHI: atleast this buddu realised it

PRAGYA: stop it don’t disturb him


RAMAN: ishu I’m waiting for your answer I love you will you also love me???

ISHU: yes!!!!!!!i love you too{they hug each other}
ALL: hey great atleast ishu also got happiness

KHUSHI: thank you devi mayya

ARNAV: what did your devi mayya

ALL: just bang their head with hands and finally have a group hug…………..



If we are having friends like arnav and abhi then we are so lucky to have them do not ever loose them……………
Being like ishu is difficult but it gives happiness to everyone whom you loved……….so try to be like her………………

And finally if you truly I mean truly liked this os then please post a reply that means a lot me………..

And if you didn’t like my os also then also post a reply that shows how is my story and how it should be modified…………

Friends I hope ki you will like my os if not then let me know it please……………..will you be a good friend of me by sharing your views on my story????


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