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Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 13

Hlo guys … I m back after long time….sorry guys but u know na study of class 11th ……so how’s my ff going on???r u liking it ?
So let us start wid episode…
Recap-raghav tried to rape twinkle but was stopped by kunj and beated black and blue and then arrested…
Epi begins….

Twinkle was crying very badly and kunj saw that and hugged her to console her …but she was crying very much
k- mr. randhava, aunty, bebe I will take her home…she will be fine.
b- haan kunj puttar take her from here…she need rest.
k- ji bebe
anita- sorry kunj sorry twinkle for raghav’s deed.
k- aunty u were not at fault…raghav will get his deed’s punishment


bebe-sorry twinkle puttar..
twinkle was not replying………
k- it is not ur fault dadi…. I think we shud leave.. kavya will u plz help me to take her to car..
ka- sur kunj…

kunj and kavya took twinkle to the car made her sit on front sir of car and kunj thanked kavya and kavya asked sorry from kunj. Kunj sat beside and twinkle and drove away to twinj mansion….kunj in the way was saw twinkle many time but twinkle was neither crying nor speaking. She had scars of teats on her face .. she also got hurt on her forehead….and on wrist toooo. He was very upset after aeeing twinkle state in about 15 mins they reached twinj mansion and kunj parked his car in front of home . he came out of car and went to twinkle and asked her to come out bu she didn’t so kunj picked her up in bridal style and took her to room and made her sit on bed… he called her many times but she didn’t replyed at last he brought water and pou it on twinkle. Now she was in senses snd was skocked by kunj’s action…..
k- yaar twinkle I m calling u since long but are not replying…. This is not good..
t- kunj plz leave me alone.
k- y?? u r my frnd and I will be wid u..

t- kunj we will talk tomorrow….plz know I want to live alone for sometime…
k- I will not leave u .. u need someone wid u
t- ok them plz bring a glass of water I want to drink it.
K- ok
He went to talk water…he returned awter 2 mins and was shattered to see the scene… he saw that twinkle was crying and blood was coming from her hand as she had cluched a piece of glass in her hand nd glass was fallen down in pieces….
K-(panicking) twinkle are u mad? What is this.

t- kunj this is punishment to me..
k- y?? twinkle u r not at fault.
t- no kunj I m … u always stoped me to talk to him but I never stopped..
k- twinkle ok..listen teri koi glti nhi hai is main..
t-but kunj….

twinkle again started to cry and hugged kunj tightly.
Kunj also hugged her back tightly… she was a little consoled after kunj’s hug.
After sometime she stopped crying and aparted from kunj…
Kunj went and brought first aid box…… he started to apply it on her head as it was hurted . but as soon as he touched her she winced in pain so he started blowing and twinkle was lovingly staring him…. Then kunj applied ointment on her hand and then wrist and gave her painkiller …..and said her to sleep….
k- sleep now twinkle.

t- nhi kunj…plsh

k- so ja twinkle plzz
t- ek shart hai tum mujhe sulaoge aur kahin nhi jnaoge kyunki agar tum gaye to raghav aa jayega…
k- koi nhi ayega..(no 1 will come)
t- no kunj he will… he said that I will return soon plz kunj stay here..
k-ok I m here wid u…
kunj sat beside twinkle and twinkle kept her head in kunj’s lap and kunj was looking at her with teary eyes , caressing her hair and also remembering the scenes …..
after a while twinkle slept… he kep her head on pillow and started to move but couldn’t go as twinkle had held his hand…. He looked towards twinkle and noticed that a tear was coming out from her eyes … he cleaned them with his hand and firmly mad her leave his land and tip toed towards his room. He went to his room and cried a lot….. he felt very bad for twinkle and rememberd all the scenes hugging one….. sleeping one….
He was thinking that y he felt happy when she hugged him in party but when she was in trouble why his heart was crying…..is this love… no no she is bestie that’s y…..i shuld call chinki she can suggest me..
He called chinki and asked her….

k- hlo chinki.
c- hiiii
k- I want to ask u something…
c- yeh hi that how we get to know that we r in love or not….right
k-yes how do u know.
c- I guessed. How is twinkle….
k- She is better……..
c-kahan hai?

k- room main sulaya hai
k- how do u know about twinkle…..
c- media….
k- ohh shit!!!! Agar usne news dekha toh upset ho jayegi….
c- nhi kunj kuch nhi hoga aisa ….kyun ki kal tak yeh news shayad khatam hi ho jaye…
k- no chinki I don’t think so because it is a big news.
c-ok ….twinkle will understand…give her time
k-yes ..ok tell me the symptoms of loveria

k-malaria Is a disease and loveee too so I joined it..
c-hmm gud but it is not a disease ….it is world’s most beautiful thing..
k- ok maa sorry …now tell me.
c-ok…so u feel bad…when she is sad.
k-ok he remembers when she was sad how his heart cried.

c-u feel gud when she is happy..
k-remembers when she was dancing happily he was also feeling gud…
c-u feel jealous when any other boy comes near her.
k- he remembers how got angry when raghav came near her.
c-to bas if these are true then u r in love surely.
k-ok any other test….???
c-yes ..when u close ur eyes if u see her face then it is confirmed…okk try it..
k-hmm…wait y will I try?
I was asking this for my frnd..

c-okk say him try.
k-yes …thanks bieee.
c-hmm bieee
kunj cut the call and close his eyes …he can only see twinkle’s face ..he tried this 3 times but only and only twinkle….
k-means I love her…..i have to tell her..but if she doesn’t ??? I will die if she leave meee…..i will talk to her…hmmm but after revenge…
next morning..kunj wake up and remembered yesterday’s scene and went to twinkle’s room in hurry..he was again shocked to see the scene…twinkle was not in her room and her room was in order which was messy at night.

Then he nticed that twinkle came out of bathroom and she has bathed…she was not crying anymore….kunj went to her and asked..
k-twinkle u fine??
t-yes kunj…
k- r u sure..

t-yes kunj..
k-u will go to work today..
t-haan g
k-pakka tu theek hai na..
k—wo kal jo hua..
t¬¬-kal jo hua so hua kunj uski wajah se jeena to nhi chod denge na..
k-mujhe ek aur baat btani hai.
t-haan bolo..
k-wo kal ki news..

t-tv pe bhi aa gyi hai..haina
k- haan …ttujhe bura nhi laga
t-kunj bas ab aur nhi jittna bura lagna tha rona tha ro liya…bas aur waise bhi tum mujhe siyapa queen khete ho na to siyappa karne wali ladki kamzor nhi padti..haina to issi baat pe hiifii….
She hiiffied wid kunj but ku j was really shocked ….and he just hugged twinkle to ive some support she also huuged back…
Screen freezes on their hug…

Precap- twinkle became normal and asked every one to not to talk about it…..twinj and yuvya and chinki’s next plan.
How was it guys…………
Plz cmmnt

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