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LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 7

Hey everyone sorry for the delay..as i am exams are fro tomorrow i have to prepare for it and ya this episode is a short one as i don’t have enough time..really sorry😖…

DEV(totally irrated)how dare u pour water on me
SONA:shhsh stop shouting and u were not waking up,so i have to.
DEV:(in a low but irrated voice wiping his face with a towel and standing up)are u a girl or some kind of witch,how did u enter my room
SONA:how dare u call me a witch…and i entered from ur balcony.
DEV:(calmly)now it’s u who is shouting..were u a thief before turning into a doctor.
SONA(getting very angry)it is a really waste talking to u.


DEV:then why are u talking..disturbed my sleep
SONA:because i had a plan by which we can escape from this silly marriage game(saying this she turns to go)..but now i think.
DEV:wait,stop thinking and tell me the plan
SONA:oh really but u said that i disturbed ur sleep,u don’t want to talk to me..i am a witch and a thief
DEV:ugg..i was mad ok ..now tell me the plan plz.
SONA:(laughing)ok ok if ur requesting me so much then i will tell u the plan.
DEV:great..(muttered under his breath)i hope its not stupid like her.
SONA:did u say something?
DEV:no not at all..tell the plan na
SONA:ok ..so firstly do u have a girlfriend.

DEV:excuse me ..that’s personal and we are not even friends that i will tell u that…and u were going to tell ur plan then .
SONA:uff stop,its all related to the plan..so plz tell do u have a girlfriend?
DEV:umm(feeling embarrassed)no i don’t.
SONA(sensing dev’s embarrassment)oh its ok even i don’t have a boyfriend…so listen now u have to make a fake girlfriend..and even i will make one fake boyfriend..then we will take our fake gf and bf in front of or parents in such a way that there is a misunderstanding between them and they themselves cancel the marriage.
DEV(fully confused)umm i didn’t understand.
SONA:umm.see i will be like talking to my fake bf in some kind of restaurant or some place,u will bring ur mother there and make her see me with my fake bf.
DEV:ok and i will do the same in front of ur parents,right

DEV:but will it work ..i mean what if they think that ,our fake gf and bf just as our friends or employee
SONA:we will act in such a way that they think that they our real bf or gf….got it.
DEV:hmm ok
SONA:so lets start this from tomorrow.
DEV:ok,done but who is going to be our fake bf or gf.
SONA:well i have a friend Neil,he surely will agree to become my fake bf..u think about urself.
DEV:me..oh yes Natasha..my friend she will surely agree for it.
SONA:great then first i will..meaning i will go with Neil in front of ur mother ..
DEV:hmm ok decide the place and tell me,i will bring ma there.
SONA:oh ya tell me ur no:,or else i have to come like this again.
DEV:no not again ,here my no:
SONA:hmm ok,come on now drop me to ur main gate
DEV:why go from the way u came na

DEV:(smiling)come this way,don’t make any sound
both dev and sona tip toed towards the main gate and dev bid goodbye to sona and sona left for her house with ria

PRECAP:dev:ma lets go to the XYZrestaurant,heard that the food is really tasty.
ISHWARI:ok lets go.
infront of the restaurant,ishwari scolds sona..dev is very sad and sona too is sad

so how was it ,i think the plan was not clear but i am sure u will understand it when u read the next coming up episodes…so plz keep reading and commenting
and yes if there are any silent readers then plz do comment.
take care😊

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