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Hey everyone this is pari..got anew idea so …

DEVDIXIT(a succesful businessman):arogant,short tempered ,loves his family more than anything,handsome,does not believe in love,work holic
SONAKSHI BOSE:takes work seriously,independant,finds happiness in small things,loves her family,loves nature(she is a succesful nutritionist)


SONA:ma I am going for work
ASHA(coming towards her)wait I and ur baba need to talk to u.
SONA:ok,waht happen anything serious(concerned)
ASHA&BEJOY:yes its very serious.
SONA:oh ok,come lets sit and talk

they sit on the sofa
SONA:tell na what happen,whats so serious?
ASHA:u are now a succesfil nutritionist right
SONA:if u say so then yes
BEJOY:u r independant too…u have achieved whatever u wanted
SONA:ya so..

ASHA:can u pls fulfil our wish then
SONA:ya ya sure tell na ..what pls..i surely will come on tell what u want ma ,baba
BEJOY:it’s our last wish..that
ASHA:that u get married
SONA:what not again marriage no pls I don’t what to(saying this like a small child)u only said that I am independant then why do u want me to get married.
ASHA:maariage is not dependance..its
BEJOY:a partnership
SONA:u both are there na my partners
ASHA:but we wont be there with u forever na
BEJOY:ya so we want u to find a partner

SONA:so u both are not gonna listen to me this time
SONA(making a puppy face)ok fine,I will see..i mean I will do whatever u say .
ASHA:oh wow,finally..i will bring sweets such a happy thing

asha goes in the kitchen to bring sweets while sona smiles seeing asha’s happiness
BEJOY:beta,r u happy?
SONA:if u both are happy then I am
BEJOY:hmmm..my sweet sona,but let me tell u the final decision will be yours
SONA(smiles)thank u baba.ok now I am leaving…getting late and ya don’t eat too many sweets(sternly)

BEJOY:yes doc

they both laugh and sona leaves for the office.


ISHWARI:dev can u pls come home soon today.
DEV:hmm ya ok ma but why anything special.
ISHWARI:ya I have actually called some people to see u..
DEV:what another girls family…plz no ma u know na I don’t want to get married
ISHWARI:but u have to.
ISHWARI:dev (angrily)
DEV:ok ok,I will come home soon..now shall I go(making a sad face)
ISHWARI(smiles)hmm..ok bye.
DEV:(smiles)bye ma
ISHWARI:come home soon.
DEV(a bit annoyingly)ya I know.

ishwari laughs and dev leaves for his office….
ISHWARI:I just hope this relation gets final..i have to make so many arrangements kichu(dev’s servant)…(she says this to herself)

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