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LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part 5

This is Pari and i am back with the next part….

DEV:hello(in a quite weird way)
ASHA:u both know each other
ISHWARI:that’s great that u both know each,would be easy for u both to communicate ..right asha ji(as if trying to control the situation)
BEJOY:ya of course..i guess we should give them some space to talk.
ISHWARI:ya sure,why not..dev take Sonakshi to ur room.
DEV:(looking at sona)yes ma
meanwhile sona who is in complete shock was staring at dev without even blinking her eye lid,it was as if she had seen a ghost.
DEV:(looking at sona)this way please.
SONA:…..(no reply,still staring)
ASHA:sona(shaking her a bit)
SONA:(coming to her senses)ya..ya ,
DEV:(giving a smile)this way.
SONA:ya(follows dev)
ISHWARI:so how is all going (trying to divert asha and bejoy’s attention from sona as they looked a bit tensed after seeing sona’s reaction)
ASHA:all well..


DEV:(leading sona)here.
SONA:(enters the room and stands for 1-2 min staring at dev as if he is not a human and then she says,quite loudly)i can’t believe,i am meeting u once again!
DEV:(putting his hand over sona’s mouth)shhsh!can’t u talk softly..
SONA(moth covered with dev’s hand,gets shocked by this)…
DEV:come on tell
SONA:(with eyes tell him to remove his hand)
DEV:(understands and removes)sorry
SONA:i just cant believe that ma and baba thought that u were the best man for me…
DEV:(putting his hand in his trousers pocket,in a cool manner)well i am the best man for every girl but i don’t think u are the best girl for any man.
SONA:(getting angry and once again raising her voice)youuuu!
DEV:calm down,or else ma and ur parents will hear.
SONA:(calming down)ok..but wait why shall i ..let them know that we cant be with each other for even one second..
DEV:(turning his back towards sona)no you wont tell anything like that.
SONA:(walking in front of dev)and why so…don’t tell me u want to marry me ..i agree i am very beautiful but…
DEV:will u shut up and listen.
SONA:(saying like a first std child)okay
DEV:my ma wants to marry a girl and its her and fathers last wish …i have already rejected many girls..and if i reject u which i want to,it will hurt my ma which i don’t want so u go and say no and say that u are not ready for this marriage.
SONA:me…(thinking something)
DEV:r u listening?
SONA:(coming out of her thoughts)no!
DEV:what no..
SONA:i cant even reject u…
DEV:but why?
SONA:my ma and baba thinks that u are the perfect man for me and its their utmost desire that i marry u,if i say no it will hurt their emotions…
DEV:i understand.
SONA:now,what shall we do??
KICHU(knocking the door)maaji,is calling u both in the hall.
DEV:ok say her that we are coming
DEV(to sona)we should move now.
SONA:(nods her head and moves after dev)
they reach the hall
ISHWARI:dev,me and Sonakshi’s parents have discussed and we are waiting for ur s and sonakshi’s decision(sees dev and sona with eyes full of hope)
DEV(looks at sona,takes a breath)i am ready to marry her.
SONA:((after hearing what dev said looks at him and then to her parents and then to ishwari)
ASHA:what about u sona
BEJOY:do u want some time?
SONA:no baba,i have made my decision…i am ready to marry dev..
ISHWARI(getting super duper happy)wow!that’s great….kichu bring sweets.
ASHA:(hugging sona)i am so happy

everyone start celebrating,but both sona and dev stand in corner of the hall.They both looked sad but were wearing a plastic smile on their faces for the sake of their family.

SONA P.O.V.:oh no!now i am going to marry him..whom i cant stand one minute how will i stand him for the whole life..how??oh god please help me
DEVP.O.V.:so Mr.dev is finally going to marry but to whom Ms attitude..the worst day…why is this happening to me but my ma is very happy…and i will do anything for my ma..

so how was it??maybe it was small…plz do write ur comments and suggestions.
waiting for them😘

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