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LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part 4

Hey everyone…i am very happy today because my are postpond to nov21st….and that’s why i am able to post today….so lets start with PART-4



DEV(to himself ,)hmm..so Mr.dev Dixit going to meet one more girl,poor girl …maybe today gonna be her worst meeting ever.(smiles to himself)
ISHWARI:(coming in dev’s room)dev
DEV:(nervously)oh ma,see I am going to get ready..ahmm.umm what time are they coming?
ISHWARI:they would be here within 1hour.
DEV:ok then ,I will get ready and come.
ISHWARI:wait I need to talk to u.
ISHWARI(tears in ur eyes)u know wahen u were born ,ur father was very happy..since that day he had great hopes on u…he loved u a lot (dev’s father in my ff dies due to cancer)and when he got to know he was about to die then u were just 6yrs old,he said to me that I should make u the best man and get u married with the best girl..
DEV(getting emotional)ma..
ISHWARI(tears falling from her eyes)I made u a succesful man but I am not able to fulfil ur fathers last wish,to ….get u married..i just wish now that before something happens to me,u fulfil ur father’s and my wish….i want to see u settle..
DEV:(wiping ishwari’s tears)ma plz don’t cry…i will marry to whom ever u say…plz don’t say like this
ishwari hugs dev and says”I will always think ur good”and devs reciprocating ishwari’s hug says”I know ma”
DEV:ok now no more crying,I will go get ready
ISHWARI:(smiles)hmm…i will check the arrangements


SONA(entering the room)ma baba I heard that..
ASHA:thank god u came in time…we have to go
SONA:go but where
BEJOY:we liked one boy,he is a businessman..we want u to meet him once
SONA:but..baba now…i am so tired
ASHA:sona its not easy to get good relations…go get ready(strictly)
BEJOY:trust ur parents,see here is his photo(tried to hand sona the photo)
SONA(going out of the room)no baba I will directly meet him…i will get ready.

DEV:(coming down,to the hall)(he is looking hansome as usual,he is wearing a dark blue short,brown trousers and a white blazer,a bit fformal but classy)ma,I am ready.
ISHWARI:(looking at dev)oh my dev is looking so handsome
DEV:they did not come yet
ISHWARI:they will be here any time,kicchu keep those flowers there..yes that side
DEV:ma they are just coming to see me,not our house.
ISHWARI:so what??I want everything to be perfect.


sona standing In the hall wheras asha and bejoy are in their room
SONA:ma baba ,I am ready lets go(sona is wearing a the saree which dev gifted sona on their first date in the serial krpkab)


ASHA:how am I looking? Is this saree ok.
BEJOY:u r looking beautiful…
ASHA:(shies)ok ok now stop
BEJOY:as u wish my asha

sona comes towards asha and bejoy’s room to call them and during this she heard asha and bejoy’s following conversation
ASHA(geeting serious,a bit of tensed too)
BEJOY:what happen?
ASHA:sona….he is the perfect one for our sona but will they agree for this marriage
BEJOY:why not,our sona is no less..
ASHA(smiles)thats true.I hope this marriage gets fixed
BEJOY:even I wish the same..but we will not force sona
ASHA(looking towards the door and sees sona standing there)ya..sona
SONA:(after hearing her parents talk,she was post in her own thoughts..sudeenly comes out of her thoughts)ma baba I came here to say that I am ready and we can move now.
BEJOY(looking at sona)someone is looking very beautiful..asha see na how soon the time passes by..it looks as if yesterday our sona started her school and today she is…
ASHA:(getting emotional)hmm..
SONA:come on now don’t get emotional,or else we wont be able to go and then..
ASHA:ya ya lets go now,bejoy
BEJOY:ya coming,I am fine.

all of them leave.


ISHWARI:where are they?(looking again and again toward the main entrance)
DEV:no use looking again and again if they have to come they will come why do u worry?

when asha and bejoy enters..
ISHWARI(was sitting on the sofa,stands up seeing asha and bejoy)namaste,plz come in ..
DEV(bending down and taking blessings of asha and bejoy)
ASHA:god bless u
BEJOY:always be happy.
ISHWARI :please sit..
ASHA&BEJOY(sitting)thank u
ISHWARI:ur daughter did not come.
ASHA:she came,when we were entering she got a phone call and u know she ..
ISHWARI:I understand,work is important.
BEJOY(looking toward the door)there she comes.
everyone looks towards the entrance,including dev…sona enters but she was looking in her phone and due to hair her face could not be seen.
she walks a few steps and finally looks up taking the hair from her faces and making a smile on her face….ishwari sees sona and naturally a big smile appears on her face wheras dev’s eyes bulges out in shock.
SONA:(seeing ishwari takes her blessing)namestey
ISHWARI:god bless u..u are looking very beautiful
SONA:(smiles and looks towards where dev is standing)YOU!!!!(sona full of shock )
DEV:(gives a dumb smile)hello…

So how was it..was it long enough..i hope so….plz write ur thoughts ….😊😊😊

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