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LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part 3

Hii …this part is gonna be a short one because my exams are coming and i have to do lots of projects so….pls forgive me…promise that by this week i will post a longer one…maybe by sunday or so..😊

dev and sona are in the auto-rickshaw,
due to wind sona’s hair is flying and due to this dev gets angry
DEV:uff..why do u girls have such long hair??its flying like anything
SONA:and why do u have problems with each and everything ….(taking all her hair to one side so that it doesn’t troubles dev)
DEV:cant u stay without arguing
SONA:can’t u stay without complaining
DEV:(getting very irrated)just shut up)
SONA:u …(sona’s phone rings)
SONA(to someone on phone)yes…oh ok then manage it..the medicines….
DEV:(meanwhile dev’s phone also rings and he talks to someone on phone)what the hell,cant u do even this thing properly…(quite loudly)
SONA(on phone):sorry i cant hear u..i will talk to u later.
SONA(due to dev she was not able to talk properly…now sona snatches dev’s phone and cuts the call)
DEV:what the hell…how dare u?
SONA:because u i was not able to complete my call
DEV:and because of u..
AUTO DRIVER(stopping the auto)pls get down
SONA:but why?
AUTO DRIVER:because u r fighting…i am not able to drive.
DEV:see its all because of u
SONA:me!its u ,who was fighting(getting down..dev too gets down)
AUTO DRIVER:uff ,how did u get married
AUTO DRIVER:why are u not husband and wife…i thought because u both..
DEV:how dare u even think about it?
SONA:see its all because of u(pointing to dev)


meanwhile the auto driver goes away…
SONA:(sona phone rings again,its ria)hello,what oh ok fine i will reach home.
DEV:(calling manav)hey, i am stuck on XYZ road,pls send a car na..
SONA:(catches another auto,while getting inside)I hope we never ever meet.
DEV:even I hope the same.(angrily)
sona goes home and dev too goes home in his car after sometime
SONA:hey riya(riya is also there)sorry my car broke so was not able to come to the coffee shop
RIA:fine,no problems…u know aunt and uncle are busy finding a boy for u,till now they have see 50boys photos.
SONA:oh Ghosh!hmm


ISHWARI:thank god dev u came in time(seeing dev coming)
DEV:ya..is it possible that I u will call and I wont come
ISHWARI:okay..ok stop ur dialouges and go and get ready..the girls family would be here anytime..
DEV:ya ok(smiling to himself)
ISHWARI:I have kept the clothes on ur bed were that
DEV(going to his room)ya

so how was it plz do comment.

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