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Love for Life Episode 9

Helloo…My cuties. I am so sorry for a late update Actually I was struck in my school works and more over My cousins are at my place So, I couldn’t update my ff.

Let’s get started with 9th Episode.



It’s nearly half an hour later when Shivika and Ishkara lost their senses and Rudra is sleeping like a small baby holding his hands and head close to his body. Soumya is staring him and lost in his innocent face. Cousins gang is still doing their party and they are imitating each other and knocking them in a funny way.

Scene shifts to Ishkara… Om and Ishaana are holding each other. Ishaana is trying to place her head comfortably on Om’s chest and Om is caressing her hair. Ishaana raises her head and looks straight into his eyes. He is looking in to her deep eyes. He can understand that Ishaana has many questions for him. Ishaana’s lips from a curve Om understands that she’s gonna ask him something so he places his index finger on her lips. Ishaana looks at him surprised. They share a eyelock.

Scene shifts to Shivika… Shivaay and Anika have been looking into eachothers since a long while. Their situation is like their world has freezed at that particular instant. Shivaay is holding Anika, his one hand has wrapped Anika close to him and his other hand has been holding her hand. Anika can feel his touch which is ice-cold. She didn’t jerked her hand this time as she doesn’t want this moment to end but to last forever. Shivaay slowly started moving his hand on hers. Anika is standing like a effigy and looking straight into his Kanji eyes. Shivaay brought his hand on Anika’s shoulder and then on her cheek. Anika slightly turned her face. Shivaay is so lost in her beauty. Anika didn’t understand what Shivaay is doing but She even didn’t want to ask him anything right now What all she wants is his cold and breath taking touch.

Shivaay’s POV`::

Oh God!! This girl…This girl is unbelievably beautiful…One look at her…My heart is stopping may be it’s…it’s heart break. She got that smile and that innocence is to die for… She is one of a kind… She is making me fall for her, I am mad for her. She is awaking the slumberous desires in me. Oh, Why, tell me why Did I fall for those eyes?. God, How cute can you make her look?! A bright peach coloured lips on a milky white face… I hadn’t even imagined in my sweetest dreams that I will meet you, The first crush of my life.
His mind is full of many suspicions, His heart beat is increasing like anything, His eyes are glued on Anika and He could feel her Aroma. Anika is still looking at him. They haven’t been talking since a long time instead they are looking at each other and loosing completely in each other. Shivaay and Anika are expecting eachother to speak out something.
Shivaay pulls her closer to his body and tucks her hair behind her ear. Shivaay mutters you are looking beautiful. Anika looks at him and She blushes slightly. Shivaay sees that and smiles at her. Anika comes close to him and whispers in his ear ‘Thank you’ She moves back and drops her face. Shivaay raises her face by puting his hand on her chin. Shivaay says you look beautiful even while blushing. Anika smiles at him and vice-versa (Actually both are in trance so they are behaving like that).

Anika’s POV::

What did he say? I look beautiful while blushing……Aww!!. (She gets the flashes of their first meeting She could remember their moments and pure feelings. The first word he spoke to her, his nervous smile yet a killer smile, his Kanji eyes which are so deep and soulful just like a new born Black hole) I am so lucky that I could meet his grace and he makes me feel like he is always there for me on the top of everyone. I feel like having butterflies in my stomach, Being in the garden of best flowers and My soul is just getting transported to the heaven. I just like his face……His face it’s…It’s damn cute, which is perfectly moulded by the god.
Shivaay is Soo lost in her face and Anika is lost in his thoughts. There is a quite dangerous silence from which we can expect a question from either sides. Anika points at Viraj who is at other corner of the foyer and says Look at him he again started working on his laptop, And here is we still in a party mood. Shivaay laughs and says So, he is also a workaholic. Anika says what is there in that to laugh and Yeah My brother is a workaholic. Shivaay says leave about it tell me Is Viraj your Real brother…?. “What do you mean by ‘real’?

Is there something like an ‘imaginary brother’ as well?” She wisecracked. “Can’t you girls talk straight? “ He snapped, feeling truly miffed for the first time. “Can’t you boys ask some sensible questions?” She promptly replied to his criticism, though with a smile on her face. “What’s wrong with my question? I only asked whether he is your real brother or not” He snapped again. “Dude… I called him my brother, not cousin. So I guess it’s a self-explanatory that he is my real brother.” She cleverly countered yet again, but this time the smile was missing. He realizes that the silly mistake was his, He didn’t retort back. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes; she is staring at her fingers, which are engaged in intertwining with each other and trying to form different figures.

Scene shifts to Ishkara… Ishaana says “Aaj… Kush toh bahut hoge tum,”(You might be happy now) She mimicked Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue from the Hindi movie ‘Deewar’.” Umm… Party ki mausam hai…Kush hona toh banta hai”(It’s party climate and we should be happy) He giggled. “Main party ki baat nahi kar rahi, Main toh tumhara dil ki baat kar rahi hu, Jo mujhe ignore karke bahut kush ho raha hoga”(I am not talking about party, I am talking about your heart which might be feeling happy for ingnoring me) She snapped with a miffed look on her face, but still with a forceful smile on her face. “Aisi baat nahi hai, Main toh sirf……(It’s not like that I was just…) She cuts him “Toh phir kya baat hai, tum mujhse teekh se baat tak nahi kar rahi ho”(then what’s the matter, you are not talking to me like always) She is totally broken. He sees a tear peeping to come out at any instant from her right eye He moves to catch that precious pearl.

He places his hand on her right cheek “Ro kyun rahi ho”(why are you crying) He shows his concern towards her. “main ro nahi rahi, Infact mujhe rone ki kya zarurat hai”(I’m not crying, Infact why will I cry) She lied with a blunder expression. “Wahi toh main puch raha hu”(That’s what I am asking).”Tum nahi jaante Om, Main ne apni zindagi mein kya khoyi thi, Meri zindagi mujhe kis mod pe rakh liya aur meri zindagi mein kya kya guzaara, Isiliye main kisi ko itni asani se apni zindagi ki hissa nahi banne deti…(You don’t know Om, What I had lost in my life, Where my life kept me and left me alone and what I have gone through in my life and that’s why I didn’t let anyone come in my life so easily and make them a part of my life)That’s just you and Anika whom I owe in my life.(Her eyes are completely filled with tears ).Om realizes his Dumb mistake of ignoring Ishaana just inorder to surpress his feeings. He thinks that falling for her is his mistake and for his mistake why she has to suffer Om has nothing to say He just not want to face her. He clearly don’t know that he can hurt his First crush and First love So badly. Om pulls Ishaana towards him and Hugs her so tightly that the warmth should burn his fault and drop them in the form of ashes. Ishaana reciprocates the hug. Om makes the hug more tighter. Their hug is tight tighter tightest one…… 😉
Soumya is struck in her novel and here Rudra comes to his senses. He goes to Soumya and hugs her. “What are you doing Rudra?”. By listening her voice he comes to pulls himself aback.

Rudra’s POV::

Oyee!! You are really a Dumbo…… What did you just do? You hugged her right…… Sach mein You are not Rudra Singh Oberoi you are Duffer aur Dumb Singh Oberoi. Now, you have to face the inner Kali maa in Sumo. You are strucked man………Be ready to face her.

Soumya looks at him “Yeh sab kya hai Rudra?”(What all is this Rudra?). “Lo, Aagayi Kali maa.” These words split from his mouth by mistake He realizes he said it a bit loud. “Rudra what did you say?!…. Main Kali maa!! She gave a furious wala look. “Tum na badi ajeeb ho, Main ne tumhe hug kiya tha, Tumhe who yaad nahi raha phir yeh puch rahi ho ki maine tumhe Kali maa kahaa.”(You are so weird, I had hugged you and you forgot that one and asking me that why I called you kali maa).

Soumya fumes in anger for his counter strike on her. Rudra realizes that he is doing mistake on mistake and makes puppy faces. Soumya didn’t find him cute this time as her focus in on what all Rudra said to her. “Let me know you, Why did you called me Kali maa?. “Umm….He trying to find out something from his dumb brain. Err….”. What’s that Rudra? Just say it clearly. “ Actually I thought you will be angry on me after all I hugged you I thought you will become like Maa Kali So, I said it. “Now, Tell me why did you hugged me”. “Woh… Actually I had a habit to hug someone near to me after my sleep, I couldn’t see you clearly due to being slumberous. And what did you thought that I will hug you intentionally…. Nah…not even in my dreams okay.” Soumya makes a angry look and turns her face side ways.

To be continued…………..

PRECAP:: Ranveer to come to party……Shivika close….Ranveer shock…..Cousins gang ki Shaitani…..

That’s it for now Guys…

A Big Sorry to Shama, Tulsi, Nandhini, Sreeja, Priya and Prateekh for not putting any Cousins bonding wala scenes. Many have kept on asking me for Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya scenes. Next episode only You guys are gonna set fire.

I had tried my level best to give you all the best. I really hope you all liked it.

You guys have no idea that your one word comments can boost me all over again. So, boost me up with your lovely comments. Can I expect a big number of comments from you.
Guys!! Please, Let me know if I am lacking something in my ff and If I am loosing the past aroma or my track is sidelining anywhere. Please let me know your opinions through your comments.


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