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Love for Life Episode 8

Hello ya’ll Beauties, Cuties, Sweeties and many more No word to describe you all My Dear sweet readers. I got so many lovely comments for my previous episode and Thank you all my Dear readers.

Current track of IB seems to be travelling towards it’s hype……Shivaay, Anika and Daksh’s love triangle. Rumya’s secret unintentional marriage and Om past and his live with that RiddhiMaa……


Welcome Back Shama (Dimples)…… I really missed you a lot.

I have been talking too much and I know I am too talkative……

Let’s get started with this Episode…

Episode 8::


Om is checking his wardrobe thinking what to wear??. On the other side Rudra takes out all his swag from the cupboards and He is in a great confusion on what to wear?. Shivaay sits on his bed biting his nails in tension and Is not able to decide what to wear?. All O’bros are feeling like they are on lifeboat and deciding swag is their life and death question.
Om gets a message from Anika and rushes to Shivaay and Rudra. He shows them the message sent by Anika stating about the dress code of Black colour of their trend. All the three feel a bit relief about getting a clear view about what to wear.


Anika and Cousins gang are getting ready in modern Black swags. Whole room is like The room left after the military protocol really so messy. The cosmetics, Compacts are all over the place. (Being a girl I have that experience how messy my room will be after every makeup time and I guess you to know about it).
The Servant comes to them and tell about the arrival of Ishaana. Anika comes down and hitches toward Ishaana and They share a warm hug. Cousins gang come down and They all are all Angels from heaven. Eventhough they are in Black swag.

Oberoi’s arrive at the Post- Diwali party. Anika and Viraj comes to them and greets them. Shivaay looks at Anika and Anika looks at him. Om doesn’t want to meet Ishaana’s eyes and he is looking here and there. Ishaana thinks to asks him about why is he avoiding her. Rudra gets shocked seeing Soumya there. Soumya became furious seeing him.Anika asks about Priyanka. Om says that she is not feeling well and doctor asked her not to go out anywhere. Viraj reacts and asks what happened to her?. Anika and Cousins Gang looks at him surprised. ShivOmRu thinks that it’s just a formality and His concern to show honour. Viraj thinks that Why the Hell he can’t control his word and feelings. Shivaay says She is suffering with Viral fever. Anika asks How is she now?. Shivaay says She needs speed recovery so, She has to stay at home. Viraj sighs in relief. Om says I am so sorry on her behalf for not attending party. Anika says that’s okay and says we shall start the party as our special guests are here. Shama says Arey!! What is the special drink of today’s party. Rudra says today’s special drink will be Rudy’s fruit punch. He pressed his last words. Shama nods like understanding his plan. Rudra asks About the kitchen. Shama says that She will direct him to the kitchen

In the kithen, Rudra makes his special fruit punch. Shama says we cousins do not have a habit of drinking. Rudra says nothing will happen and if you want I will make normal fruit punch for them.Shama nods and agrees for normal fruit punch. Rudra makes Normal fruit punch and marks the glasses that has alcohol content in them. Shama and Rudra leave from the kitchen.

The party foyer is filled with many secret laughs and silent glares. Anika and Shivaay are peeping into each other. Om is looking here and there he didn’t want to meet Ishaanas Eyes. Anika thinks Shivaay is looking handsome in Black. Shivaay thinks Anika is looking beautiful in black more than in anyother colour. Om thinks Why the Hell?! They chose black for dress code She is looking damn beautiful and I just can’t take my eyes from her Oh! Why?. Ishaana thinks By wearing black his heart too became black and he is avoiding me like anything. The foyer is all about the war between their Hearts and Minds their desires and facts are killing them from inside. Rudra and Shama comes there. They are holding two trays full of glasses with fruit punch. Om asks did you mix anything in that?. Shivaay, Om and Rudra remember a past incident. Rudra says Bhaiya! Why will I mix anything? And if you have any doubt on me you can asks Shama. He looks at her with a kiddish look. Om looks at Shama and asks her whether he mixed anything?. Shama says Rudra……… Shivaay cuts her and say I believe in Rudra that he will not repeat it again. Om nods and agrees with Rudra. Rudra and Shama sigh in relief.
Tulsi says I think we shall start the party now as we have our special guests here. Priya says No……First of all we have to know about them(Oberois). Nandhini says that’s a great Idea. Shivaay smiles and asks What they wanna know?. Priya says tell us about you all. Om starts saying Shivaay is the eldest among all three He very business minded and I know some corner of his heart had a soft side for someone. Shivaay looks at Anika and Anika looks at him. Om slightly shooks Shivaay and calls out his name. Shivaay turns to him and says Yeah maybe you are right I have my soft corner for some one. He looks at Anika. Nandhini says we too have our Attitude King, Viraj and Don’t know these days there is a slight change in his behavior. Sreeja says Same to same like Shivaay. Rudra says Om is afraid of commitment and Hadn’t been in any relations till now. Ishaana looks at him. And He will always have his Shayari’s ready for any situation. Prateekh says Even we have our Shayari queen Shama She will always have her own shayari’s for any situation. Shivaay says and Here comes our Agent Rudy Who is a bit loose. Soumya laughs and Rudra looks at her with a angry look. He continues to say He is a attention seeker and He can anyone laugh at any hard situation he has that capability of doing so. Soumya raises her eyebrow and looks at him. Rudra gives a What if! type look. Tulsi says even we have a attention seeker kiddo Sreeja.Om says There is one thing which you guys don’t know. Tulsi asks what is that?. Om says that Soumya is our cousin our only cousin. Shama asks Soumya that you didn’t informed anyone before about it. Soumya says I don’t know you are gonna invite them anyways I am so sorry. Shama says That’s okay Somu. Rudra says there is one more thing which you all don’t know(Cousins gang, Anika and Viraj). Priya asks what is that?. Rudra say Sumo is my college mate. Sreeja reacts and says you shouldn’t call Soumya Di as Sumo She is such a cutie and you are calling her like that. Shivaay and Om says the same. Rudra says Sorry to Soumya. Viraj says I think we shall start the party. Rudra brings the tray and gives one one glass to all of them He assures himself about marked glasses.

The party bash starts. Shivaay, Om and Viraj are sitting aside and enjoying their fruit punch. Remaining all are drinking fruit punch and they start dancing on Kar Gayi Chull and then on Kala Chashma(You can imagine how crazy will be the dance steps for those songs).

Ishaana is in a trance and walks towards kitchen. Om sees her and thinks Why is she going that side? And decides to follow her. Om calls out her name. Ishaana turns back and sees Om coming towards her. Om comes to her and looks at her. Ishaana couldn’t stand properly and She is slipping. Om hold her and makes her stand properly. Ishaana and Om are supporting each other. They both share a eyelock. Om pulls her close to his body and Says I want to tell you something. Ishaana asks what?. Om says I wanna tell you that you are looking beautiful today. Ishaana widens her eyes and says What do you mean by saying I am looking beautiful today? Am I not looking beautiful everyday. Om says I didn’t mean to say that Infact you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Ishaana asks Are you okay?. Om says What happened to me? I am perfectly alright. Ishaana says since from Diwali celebrations you have started to ingnore me and now you are calling me beautiful now. Om stares her madly and pulls her more close. Ishaana asks what are you doing?. Om say Ishaana…… You are truly a immortal beauty. Om is completely in trance and hugs her all of sudden. Ishaana holds him and they fell down.


Shivaay is sitting and enjoying his fruit punch. He sees Anika and goes to her. Anika sees Shivaay coming towards her. Her heart beat increases. Shivaay comes to her. He says Do you mind if I hold you?. Anika looks at him surprised and moves back. His hand caught her, to stop her. She jerked away. His fingers were ice-cold, like he’d been holding them in a snowdrift before. But that wasn’t why I jerked she her hand away so quickly. When he touched her, it stung her hand as if an electric current passed through them. I’m sorry Shivaay muttered, pulling his hand back immediately. However, He continued to reach for her. She watched him, still staggered. He held her close and closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

Soumya is sitting on the couch and enjoying her fruit punch. Rudra came and sat beside her on the couch. Soumya looks at him and then she turns her face away. Rudra moves more close to her. Soumya asks what are you doing rudra?. Rudra kept his hand on her lips as a gesture to stop her from saying anything. Soumya is moving back and Rudra continuously kept on coming on her. Rudra says Sumo Sorry Somu You are really so cute and I don’t like you when scold me for flirting with other girls. Soumya says do you want to say that. Rudra says Why don’t you understand flirting is good for health. Soumya look at him astonished. Rudra say When you are normal I find you really very cute nut when you scold me I think you are like chudail. Soumya says Did you just call me chudail?!. Rudra says Haa…… I called you cute also but what to do you just heard that word?. Soumya turns her face away. Rudra says Should I need to bring mirror to show you how cute you will be when you are in angry. Soumya thinks he is under trance so She should stay quiet. She didn’t utter a word. Rudra looks at her and fell unconscious on her. She gets shocked. Soumya makes Rudra sleep properly on the couch. She leave from there.

No Precap Guys…

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