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Coming to the story:
Scene 1:
After 2 days SwaRagini return to Maheshwari Mansion..Annapurna welcomes them..
Sanskar (thinks in his mind)- I won’t speak to Ragini..She said one day and went for 2days.
He sees SwaRagini coming and silently goes to his room.
Ragini slowly sneaks into the room and notices Sanskar busy searching for some file.
Ragini- Files are kept in study room. These are all property related documents.
Sanskar- I know..I don’t need your suggestion (Angry tone)
Ragini- Oh..So my baby is angry with me?
Sanskar- Baby? (He pops out his eyes in surprise)
Ragini- Sorry Sanskar..Mom didn’t let us go and you know Swara di also said she’ll stay back. Left with no option I had to stay back!!
Sanskar- Oh really? Then why was your phone switched off? (angry pout)
Ragini- You called me 15times in one hour. Mom said I’ll be busy with you only..So she kept my phone with her.
Sanskar- I thought my mother in-law is sweet but she became villain of my love story
Ragini laughs out loud..Sanskar smiles seeing her laugh.
Ragini- So your anger went away?
Sanskar- No..It’s still there.
Ragini- Why so?? (in a confused expression)
Sanskar- You didn’t apologize properly.
Ragini- Sorry Sanskar..
Sanskar- Not this way.. This way saying so he taps on his lips.
Ragini understands his naughty plan and leans forward. Sanskar closes his eyes while she kisses on his cheek and runs away.
Ragini again stops near the door and says Sanskar this much is enough for fake anger.
She shows her tongue out and teases Sanskar.
She runs away and Sanskar runs behind her.
At a point Ragini clashes with Annapurna and both RagSan give a horrified expression!
Annapurna gives a angry glare.
RagSan lower their head but then Annapurna speaks up- Newly married couple must have fun but in their respective room.
RagSan raise their head and look at Annapurna and she gives a cute wink.
RagSan laugh together by side hugging each other after Annapurna leaves the place.

Scene 2:
Swara enters her room and notices Laksh waiting for her.
Some mischief idea strikes her brain and she completely ignores Laksh..
Laksh comes and gives a back hug to her.
Swara- Laksh I’m tired.
Laksh- But..
Swara- Please Laksh leave me..
She moves away from that place such that Swara’s back is facing Laksh..
Laksh gets sad by Swara’s behavior but then notices Swara’s image in mirror where she is smiling to herself.
Laksh understands Swara is playing prank on him and picks his phone and changes the ringtone making some sound out.
He then acts like he got a call and picks it and in a panic leaves the place.
Swara notices something weird and follows him.
Laksh notices this and stops at the end of corridor and acts like speaking on phone.
Laksh- Why did you call..You know Swara came back home..
After a pause, acting as if he is listening to the other person says- No No darling..How can I be without meeting you..
He smiles and after a pause says- Love you too..
He turns back and acts to be shocked.
Swara has turned into red color and in anger shouts- LAKSH!
Laksh- Ha Swara (acting to be afraid)
Swara-Who was that?
Laksh- Who?
Swara- Don’t act smart.. Whom were you saying love you too?
Laksh- Can I love someone else other than you?
Swara (angry face)- Stop overacting..
Laksh makes a innocent face.
Swara- Show me your phone..
Laksh gives his phone..She opens call log but doesn’t find any recent call done or received..
She looks at Laksh suspiciously while he bursts out into laugh…
Laksh taps on Swara’s cheek and says- Wanted to tease me? Don’t play with Laksh!!
Swara- Laksh (angrily)
Swara starts running behind Laksh and just then Laksh collides with some person..
Laksh- I’m sorry..But who are you?
Person- I’m Sahil Sengupta..
Just then Swara smiles seeing him and says- Sahil Sengupta my dearest friend.

Precap- Jealousy ?

Credits- To all those who have waited for this ff ?

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