Hello everyone…I’m Saanvi…Here is my episode 36…
Although I have taken a long gap and wasn’t active in tellyupdates all these days due to my personal reasons I always missed you people and the appreciation I got for my work.
I will keep you updated every alternate day from now on 😀

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Coming to the story:
Scene 1:
At Maheshwari Mansion:
SwaRagini prepare food as it is their first rasoi..
Laksh tastes the food and says- Good
Sanskar- I know bhabhi it is you who made all the dishes because Ragini doesn’t know cooking.
AP- How do you know that? (suspiciously)
Sanskar- Wo mom..She said me yesterday (gives a fake smile)
SwaLak smile looking at Sanskar’s antics.
Swara- Devar ji..My sister knows to prepare your favorite dish halwa..
Sanskar- Wow halwa..
(He excitedly picks up the bowl and is about to place the spoon in his mouth)
Sanskar- Bhabhi you are sure na that I will be alive after eating this?
All laugh while Ragini makes a sad face..
Laksh- He is just kidding Ragini..You don’t take those words serious.
Laksh holds Sanskar’s ears and says- They are preparing with so much effort that is more important than the taste..So eat quietly and don’t show attitude.
Sanskar- Did you notice this mom..When you prepared food bhai never bothered to compliment but today he is also reviewing the efforts put in preparing food..Ahem ahem..
Swara blushes and Laksh feels awkward and leaves the place.
AP- Can’t you keep silent..See he left without eating!!
Sanskar- He left because there is no freedom to compliment bhabhi’s cooking skills..Hai na bhabhi?
Swara feels shy and follows Laksh..
Ragini coughs and Sanskar sighs what happened with his eyes..
AP notices this and says- Your wife is telling you to eat..Learn sign language from now atleast..
Sanskar- Mom!! (He blushes)
AP- You always tease SwaLak..So I’m pulling your leg..
She looks towards Ragini and says- Have breakfast with your husband..I will have food in my room..
Ragini nods and sits beside Sanskar..

After AP leaves Ragini angrily stamps Sanskar’s foot..
Sanskar- Ouch!! What are you doing?
Ragini (angrily)- Will you die eating my food?
Sanskar gives a sheepish smile and says- Wo bhai wouldn’t compliment bhabhi..So I just did it so that she will feel happy..
Ragini- And what about me?
Sanskar- I like something more sweeter than halwa..If you will give me that then I will shower compliments on you..
Ragini- Sure..Tell me? I’ll prepare anything for you…
Sanskar- It is ready-made..
Ragini- Ohh..Where is it available?
Sanskar- Here..
Saying so he touches Ragini’s lips..
Ragini- What is this? (Gives a angry glare)
Sanskar- Nothing tastes so sweet these days except your lips..
Ragini- You are shameless..(blushes)
Sanskar- Yes I’m…
He slowly leans and kisses on her lips..He starts sucking her lower lip as if it is some sweet.

Scene 2:
In SwaLak’s room:
Swara- You came leaving the breakfast?
Laksh- I actually completed the breakfast..Didn’t you observe?
Swara- I unnecessarily thought you came here empty stomach.
Laksh- Actually my hunger didn’t go..
Swara- See..I knew..Wait I’ll bring a sandwich for you..
Laksh holds Swara’s hand..
Swara- What?
Laksh- My meal is before me..
Swara doesn’t understand..Laksh leans forward and bites her ear lobe.
Swara shivers while Laksh gives a naughty smile.
Laksh kisses her on chin and moves towards her lips..When he is about to kiss he gets a call.
Laksh after attending the call- I need to go to the office..
Swara makes a sad face..
Laksh pulls Swara by her waist and tells- Will continue in the evening..Don’t worry..
Saying so he pecks on her cheek and leaves for office and Swara smiles.

Precap- New character entry in the ff..

Credits- To all those who have waited so long for this episode 😛

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