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Love Birds (part-2)

Next day morning thapki does aarthi.vasundhara smiles at her.Sankara comes to house.bihaan sees sankara.he goes to her and says that thapki is very beautiful and nice attitude.sankaras stares at her.vasundhara and balwander blesses her.Sankara comes to vasu gets blessing.bihaan says thapki that Sankara is his best friend.thapki says glad to meet you to her.she done fake smiles to thapki.dhuruv comes to thapki.he says thay thapki was very pretty and asks her to host any program in his channel.but thapki says she is not intersted in this.she goes.dhuruv looks at her.

Sankara goes to bihaan .she asks to him why you are not come yesterday.he says I told you the reason already then why are you asking again and again. she says that she has so many dreams about yesterday but you ruined everything and she repeated the question again and again to him.bihaan gets angry.he goes away from her.bihaan comes very fastly and thapki also comes.both are hits and she falls down.but bihaan holds her.they have an eyelock.Sankara looks and gets anger.then thepki and bihaan goes.

Sankara goes to bihaan room and says sorry to him.
he says Sankara I won’t control anyone and i hate the person if anyone tries to control myself.I said to you so many times I doesn’t done this with you intentially.Sankara says again sorry to him.but he didn’t say anything to her.

thapki enters to room and comes between to Sankara and bihaan.she smiles at her.thapki keeps her hand in his shoulders and sits with him.Sankara thinks that thapki made a distance between her and bihaan and gets angry at her.she says to thapki today she is going to outing with bihaan.thapki says wow bihaan and Sankara.you know… don’t know about Mumbai very well.so she also wants to comes with them.vasundhara comes to them and says no problem thapki.you also go with them.vasu smiles and goes.Sankara says no thapki you can go anyother day.you don’t come today. bihaan says to Sankara that thapki also should come with us.he says to thapki to get ready for outing.she goes happily.


thapki gets injures in her legs.bihaan runs to her.Sankara throws coke bottle in very angry and says she won’t leaves thapki.

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