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Love birds (part-14)


this episode starting from Sankara and dhruv.she tries to talk with him.
Sankara:sorry dhruv..I can’t do any mistake like this again
dhruv: I won’t believe you.I know how to get my thapki.mind your own business. (he goes from there)


vasu calls everyone to downstairs. everyone comes there.except thapki.
dhruv:maa,anything important news…why are you called us.?
balwander: yes…we are planning to arrange marriage for thapki and bihaan.
dhruv and Sankara gets shocked.aditi sees Sankara face.she smiles at her.
poonam: thapki is very lucky to get nice family like this.vasu smiles.
bihaan gets happy.he hugs vasundhara.
bihaan:maa …I am so happy.thanks a lot…he hugs her and runs to thapki room.

he sees thapki speaking in phone.he called her for share this information. but she acts like busy.her friend end the call already
then later bihaan realizes she was acting
bihaan takes her phone suddenly from her ear..
thapki: bihaan please give my phone…
bihaan:no I can’t give this…
thapki:oh you can’t give this….she goes close to him.she touches his face.
bihaan:what what are you doing thapki….
thapki: nothing I am doing….we are going to do marriage…so….
bihaan: how you know this…
thapki:I know already.vasu aunty says this to me…
she goes closes to him.bihaan holds her hands tightly.(ranjhnaa plays…)he thought she is coming to kiss him.she blows his hair from her mouth.she laughs.she runs from him.

dhruv and Sankara gets tensed.they sees bihaan and thapki.

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