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Life – Twinj ~Intro and Episode 1

Twinkle kunj sarna- a cardiac surgeon, married to kunj sarna loves her hubby lots and can do anything for him
Kunj sarna- a consultant cardiac surgeon, loves his wife twinkle lots.

This ff is based on the daily life of the married couple.
The characters are all the same as in tei
This ff is full of love and the struggles of daily life for our lovely couple
Let’s just see what life throws at them.
Episode 1-
After a tiring day at work the couple collapse on their bed.
K- what a tiring day at work
T- I know na it’s 7pm, a time for fun 😏😏 but here we are half dead


K- who said we can’t have fun
And whilst saying this he grabs twinkle into a deep and passionate kiss which lasted about 2 minutes.
Out of breath twinkle pulls away and smiles at kunj
T-my naughty hubby we have a whole 3 months off work and ur already ruining the fun.
K- I know we have three months off but we still have work tomorrow
T-Jaan can’t u wait one day then we’ll be relaxing.
K- how can I wait when I have the most hot and se*y wife next to me
T- kunj stop flattering me na and anyways we have to meet Mehak and shaurya for dinner so be patient.
Saying this twinj go to change and kunj wears a grey blazer with white top and grey jeans he also wears sunglasses.

Twinkle wears a grey pinafore dress with white top black tights and black ankle boots. She curls her hair while kunj is just staring at her.
K- baby u look amazing
T- So do u but that’s because I chose ur clothes as ur taste isn’t very good.
K-well my taste must be good because I chose u sweetheart
Twinkle blushes and kunj winks
T- okay lets go
Saying this the couple leave hand in hand

Precap- twinj at dinner with MehRya. 😍😍😍

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