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Lakshmila by Cynthia (episode 4)

Hey guys, I am back with the epi 4, I might update daily on Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday, as I am not busy in those day, but not sure if I will be able to. Guys please pray for me as my Science and Maths test are approaching🙏. Keep commenting and reading. Stay happy☺

Epi 3…
It is night and Sita is in bed, tries to sleep. But although she struggles to do so.
Sita keeps imagining Ram’s eyes.
Sita: I wish I could meet him, first I saw him in my dream, then I saw a man with the same type of eyes. Why is this happening to me? Why I feel an unique bond between us?


The next morning…
Sage Vishwamitra is medidating. He sees a visual indicating a danger. He quickly opens his eyes, and rushes to the brothers on the hilltop.

The hilltop (in Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)
The brothers as usual are practicing warcraft. They also practice aiming their arrows and shooting.
Meanwhile Sage Vishwamitra arrives at the hilltop. The brothers greet him.
Lakshman: Sage, you are here?
Ram: Is everything alright, sage you look worried.
Sage Vishwamitra: While I was meditating I visualised an image of danger indicating something bad is gonna happen.
Lakshman: What could it be?
Ram: …The asurs…
Sage Vishwamitra: You might be right, as the asurs are the only danger here.

Tadaka’s place.
An asur comes to Tadaka.
Asur: The warrior princes’ of Ayodhya has killed our 5 groups. Only 7 groups are left.
Tadaka: What!!! How can this be possible as no one in the land can beat my groups. How come these 2 warriors beat them. I invade battle against them, today!!! Say to the messenger to deliever my message.
Asur: As you say.
Subahu and Maricha arrive there. Tadaka signs them to do there game of arm wrestle. Other asurs’ arrive there. They cheer. The arm wrestling game begin.
Audience [asurs] (cheering): Subahu…Marich!!!
Subahu wins the game.
Tadaka hugs Subahu.
Tadaka: I knew my Subahu will win, audience clap!
The asurs clap.

The hilltop (in Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)…
Sage Vishwamitra teaches the brothers about weapons. He shows different types of weapon and how to use them to the brothers.
Sage Vishwamitra: Remeber these knowledge as these will help you in any battle.
The messenger arrives there.
Sage and the brothers quickly go down.
Sage Vishwamitra reads the message.
Sage Vishwamitra: Ram, Lakshman, Tadaka challenged you.
Lakshman: That means we have to get ready for tomorrow.
Sage Vishwamitra: Not tomorrow, it is today on afternoon.

Sita looks at the painting of the face.
Sita: Why is this painting got stuck in my head?
Urmila runs to Sita, she tries to hide behind Sita.
Urmila: Sita didi, please tell Mandavi di to stop, she is chasing me for no reason.
Mandavi: No reason ha, stop lying you borrowed my special flowers without asking.
Urmila: I said sorry to you.
Mandavi: Alright, just because you apologised and never touch my stuff without asking.
Urmila sees half of the painting. Sita hides the painting.
Urmila: Sita didi, what is this, show me.

Sita stays mute and doesn’t show her.
Urmila: Okay you won’t show me, fine, then tell me what is that.
Mandavi comes to Urmila.
Mandavi: Sita di, please tell us.
Sita: Woh…umm…woh, this is the face I saw in my dream.
Urmila: Is it? let me see.
Urmila sees the painting.
Urmila: I know who is on the painting, didi your future husband.
Sita blushes
Precap: THE BATTLE between the brothers and the asurs

Sorry for small epi and not including Lakshmila scenes.
Silent readers(if there is some) please comment as it helps me to improve.

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