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Lakshmila by Cynthia (episode 3)

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Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage…
Urmila comes to Sita.
Urmila: Do you need anything?
Sita: Actually I need some purple flowers but they are in the forest.
Urmila: I can get them.
Urmila runs off.
Sita (shouting): Urmila…no…its dangerous out in the foest.
Urmila: Don’t worry I am gonna be fine!!!


The hilltop (in Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)
Ram: Did you thank that person who sent food for us.
Lakshman: Yes, bhaiyya, I did thank that person, she was none other than Janak Nandini, I recognised her the moment I saw her.
Ram notices Urmila (when she was half way reaching the forest) also he saw asurs heading towards the heritage from the forest.
Ram: I have to go.
Lakshman: Bhaiyya, is everything fine?
Ram: A lady is heading towards the forest, it can prove very dangerous as the asurs are coming here from the forest.
Lakshman: Bhaiyya, you should stay here I will go after that lady.

The forest…
Urmila arrives in the forest.
She finds the purple flower and picks it up. An asur from behind tries to attack Urmila with a sword. Lakshman arrives there and sees this. He shoots an arrow at the asur, he falls over on the ground. Few more asur attack Lakshman, Lakshman shoots an arrow at all of them.
Urmila: I should have listening to Sita didi, now I have put my life in danger also yours, and thank you for saving my life.

Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage…
Ram fights with the asur forces, Sita is in in the kitchen unknown that asurs have reached the heritage. A lady informs her about this, she tries to escape meanwhile she sees an injured bird, she tries to find the medicine leaf to heal the bird. An asur also attacks her, Ram shoots an arrow at that asur. Sita only sees his eyes as he was holding the arrow in a way that only eyes could be seen.
Sita remembers her dream.
A man is shown with an arrow only his was shown as he holding the arrow in a way that only his eyes could be seen. Sita wakes up, she quickly gets a paper and some paints, she paints the same face in her dream.
FB ends…
Sita (shocked): He has the same type of eyes as my prince(the one whom she saw in her dream).

Ram kils all of the asurs meanwhile Kushadwaj comes there.
The sisters also come there.
Kushadwaj: I am sorry putri’s I was so busy dealing the asurs outside that I didn’t remember that you were also in there.
Sita: Its okay, chote pitaji, you were fulfilling your duty.
Kushadwaj: I think we should leave for Mithila.
They go and take their horses, meanwhile Sita notices Ram’s horse.
Sita: This has my pallu on it, tha means this horse is Ayodhya’s ashwamedha horse, how is he alive.
Lakshman returns from the forest (Urmila left before him)
Lakshman notices Sita.
Lakshman: Devi, do you want something?
Sita: Is this ashwamedha’s horse.
Lakshman: Yes devi.
Sita: How is he alive?
Lakshman: My bhaiyya saved him, devi.

Kushadwaj signs Sita to get on the horse.
Sita gets on the horse and they leave for Mithia.

The hilltop (in Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)
Lakshman: Everything is fine, the princesses have left.
Ram: I have seen a lady, she wasn’t caring for her life instead she was saving an injured bird.
Lakshman: I came across the lady who sent food for us, she was asking about the ashwamedha horse.
Precap: Taraka challenges the brothers.
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