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Lakshmila by Cynthia (episode 2)

Hey skr fans, I am back with episode 2.
I like to dedicate this epi to my lovely sissies, Amalina di, Vanshu di, Varshu di and Padma di as they were the first to comment in the last epi.

Everyone in the family are sitting in the hall.
King Janak: Kushadwaj, can you take these kids to Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage.
Kushadwaj: Sure, putri’s get ready, we will proceed soon untill then I have prepare for the journey.
Sisters: Okay.
The hilltop (in sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)..
Lakshman: Bhaiyya, I heard that Janak Nandinis’ and Kushadwaj Nandinis’ are coming in this heritage.
Ram: I think now we have to make the protection process extra tight as the asurs can attack anytime.
Lakshman: You are right, bhaiyya, we can’t trust the asurs.


Sisters come to Kushadwaj.
Mandavi: We are ready, pitaji.
Kushadwaj: Lets proceed.
They go outside and get on the horses.
Guards follow them.

(In Kaikeyi’s room)
Manthara: Kaikeyi, why aren’t you listening to me, your love for Ram has blinded you, Bharat is your son not Ram.
Kaikeyi: Manthara, stop your nonsense right now, you are a dasi then behave like one, Ram and Bharat are equal to me, I know that Ram wasn’t born from my womb, though he loves me more that his blood mother, Kaushalya.
Manthara: No, if he becomes the King, Kaushalya will be King Mother (Raj mata) not you!
Manthara angrily leaves the room.

On the way to heritage…
Sita: Why does this place looks so isolated?
Kushadwaj: Because, asurs attacked here.
Sita: Poor public, the asurs might have ruined their houses.
They reach the heritage.
Sage Vishwamitra welcomes them.
Sage Vishwamitra: Welcome to my heritage.
Urmila: This place looks completely destroyed.
Sage Vishwamitra: Few days ago, asurs attacked my heritage, but somehow the ashramvasi managed to build their houses, but the asurs are planning to attack again.
Kushadwaj: Sage, if you allow me I could send my forces to guard the heritage.
Sage Vishwamitra: Thank you, but that’s not needed because two warriors from Ayodhya are guarding the heritage.
Sage Vishwamitra points to hilltop.
The sisters go into the heritage.

They help out the ashramvasi.
Sita: I think we should send some food for them.
She cooks food.
Shrutkeerti: The food is ready, but how are we gonna send this to them.
Urmila: I have an idea.
Urmila calls a young boy.
Urmila: Can you send this food to them?
The boy nods and goes.
Mandavi: Wow, Urmila, you became cleverer by staying with me.
Urmila: People becomes dumber if they stay with you didi.
Shrutkeerti laughs.
Mandavi tells her to shut up.

The hilltop (in sage Vishwamitra’s heritage)…
The boy comes to the brothers.
The boy: These are for you.
Lakshman gets them.
The boy goes.
Lakshman: Bhaiyya, someone has sent some food for us.
Ram comes there.
Ram: If someone has sent these food for us, I think we should eat it.
They eat.
Lakshman: These food are so delicious.
They finish eating.
Ram: Lakshman, you should go and thank whoever cooked this behalf of me and you.
Lakshman: As you say.

Mithila… (in King Janak and Queen Sunaina’s room)
King Janak: I hope the putri’s are fine.
Queen Sunaina: They will be fine.
King Janak: Still…

Sage Vishwamitra’s heritage…
Lakshman comes and so does Urmila.
They collide.
Urmila: Offoh, you dropped all my flowers, say sorry.
Lakshman: Devi, I am sorry.
Urmila: Only one sorry doesn’t work for me, there were a 100 flowers, so you have to say sorry 100 times.
Lakshman ignores her and goes.
Urmila: How rude, first he didn’t say sorry 100 times then even he didn’t pick my flowers up.
Lakshman sees Sita cooking.
Lakshman: Devi, did you sent food for us?
Sita: Yes.
Lakshman: Devi, it was very delicious, and thank you on behalf of my brother and me.
Sita: Where is your brother?
Lakshman points at Ram.
Lakshman: There is my brother.
Lakshman goes.
Sita (thinking): Someone who left his houses and comforts of royal palace for public, I think I should meet this veerpurush for once.
Precap: Urmila goes to the forest nearby heritage to pick flowers, an asur from behind tries to attack her with a sword, Lakshman sees this and he runs towards Urmila.
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