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Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna (Episode 4)

Hello fend sorry for the late…in previous epi we saw sanskar maheswari is swaras savior…
let’s start epi 4

Swaras POV


Finally I met him…But I wanted to talk to him..I want to thanks him
So I entered in house where he is talking with laksh. Ragini is talking with Sujata chachi..she’s looking tensed.
Laksh called me & Ragini
Before he could introduced Ragini
Sanskar said-Shes Ragini Gadodia Now maheswari..
Laksh gets happy n asked-How u people know each other?
I can able to see anger in sanskars eyes…
He said-Yes laksh actually we were in same city 1 Year before so we knew each other.
Laksh nods
Then he introduced me
Sanskar & I shakes hand…..But he didn’t give any sign of knowing me..I felt sad.
I was just staring sanskar,his eyes,his smile ohh I thought I’m in love with sanskar..may be this is love @ 1st site….I was staring him without his knowlage….

He cares so much of me..He thinks Ragini wants to destroyed my life. How can Ragini?She’s such nice girl n for me she’s Ragini Di

I wanted to talk sanskar but he’s avoiding me. Finally I got him..
I-Thank u sanskar
Sanskar-For what?
I-Thanks for saving me,helping me all the time..
He looked me as if I have said something which he didn’t except.
He said-Swara,I want to go now I want to talk to Ma
(Completly ignoring my thanks)
I-Sanskar this is your chain…
He look at me n Take his chain n left..
I stare him still he disappeared from my site….

After some time I Helped Ragini in kitchen.. N I have by mistake cut my finger(Its small cut but its start bleeding) Sanskar was passing from kitchen n saw it..He rush to me n s
saw my wound I can see lots of love n care in his eyes for me.
He start scolding me about how careless I am while doing first aid.

I felt happy seeing his care for me..After doing first aid he left..Then Ragini come to know this she gets really worried for me..somehow I convinced her I’m OK….

I felt really strange when Ragini n sanskar helped me…who r they to me? what relation I shared with them…but they cared for me.

I heard ap ma& Sujata chachis talking they wanted to marry me & sanskar……
but Sujata chachi said- sanskar didn’t believe in love & marriage but I will ask sanskar About swara she’s really nice girl for my sanskar……

so frnd how’s this?

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