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kumkum bhagya – accept me (teaser and character intro)

pragya arora : stylish young fashion designer very seductive and playful and famous.

abhishek prem mehra; young handsome entrepreneur very wealthy but modest.


divya mehra;mother of abhishek lovely

the rest of the characters are the same.

Two cars are seen coming on the common parking lot of two different companies ,two people get down a boy and a girl yes it our heroes abhi and pragya.

abhi in a low tune; not again her.

pragya very angry;what hell are u always waiting for me to get here.

abhi ;yah that is all i have to do.

pragyas face change from angry to very very smiling and abhi thinks ;she is going to do it again this time i will not fall for it(he looks very determined)

pragya with a seductive smirk moves toward him. abhi tries to look away but she hold his face in her soft perfectly manicured hands and turns it towards here moves closer than she has ever moved to his face abhi again get lost and she say softly such that he feels her fresh minty breath babe please can park my car there pointing now the only free spot .abhi nods in a yes motion she leaves his face without stoping eye contact with him only one thing is heard the sound of her high heels she opens the door of her car sends him a flying kiss gets into the car parks and then get down and abhi still lost she moves beside him and says see you tomorrow same hour and then in her mind says so easy.screen freezes on pragyas victoriuos smirk

please do not be to hard on me i am a new bee live any comment hope you guys enjoy as much as i enjoy reading every ff omg by the moon is a killer ,kambat ishq mind blowing ,endless love my gosh,how it should be love it,love gives life sooo good and all the other that i did not state i read you all and enjoy every single word

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