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Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla and Beeji’s conversation. Beeji tells Sarla, that they shall take Abhi’s help. Sarla refuses and says she has managed to get money for bail. She asks Purab to come. Beeji asks from where did you get money? Sarla says I will tell you after coming home. Abhi is going out. Aaliya stops him and asks where is he going? Abhi says he is going to make everything fine, and tells that he was restless last night. He tells what Sarla had told him. He says Pragya was with him always when she came to know that his life is in danger too. He says she worked for me day and night without caring for herself. He says I can’t give a name to our relation, but it is beyond than friendship. I am going to free her out, and goes while Aaliya tries to stop him, but in vain.


Dadi and Dasi hear him. Dadi cries. Dasi asks why you are crying? Dadi says this is happiness tears, and says Abhi went to bring Pragya back with emotions in his heart. She says he is fulfilling vows of marriage, and tells he don’t remember wedding vows but he is fulfilling his duty. She says he doesn’t remember her, but have feelings for her. Dadi says once Pragya comes back, she will not go from here. She says Abhi has realized that he has grown feelings for her and have told same to Aaliya and Tanu. She says Pragya’s entry is danger to Aaliya and Tanu now. Everything will be fine now and is happy. Tanu hears her and is angry.

Abhi is in car and recalls what Sarla had told him. He sees a couple sitting there and imagines her. He feels good and thinks he is doing right and happy after hearing his heart. He thinks it was good that Sarla came to meet him and scolded him. He stops at a signal. A girl knocks on the car window and asks him to buy flowers for his girl friend. Abhi thinks to buy it for Nikita and pays the money. Girl says I don’t have change. Abhi asks her to keep it. Girl calls him hero. Tanu gets furious and comes to Aaliya’s room. She tells that Dadi is planning to get Pragya back home. Aaliya says Abhi will not agree, and asks her to drink and relax. Tanu asks her not to underestimate Pragya and says her kumkum connection is very strong. She says I will not separate this connection, but will end it for all. Aaliya asks what she is planning to do? Tanu says she will not tell her.

Purab and Sarla come to the Police station and talk to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to bring Pragya. Pragya comes out and asks Sarla about bail money. Sarla asks Purab to drop them home. They leave from Police station.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. Nikhil hugs her and says I am very happy to see you. Tanu pushes him. Nikhil says your love brought me back to you and asks her to hug him. Tanu says love…my foot. She says I came to talk to you about Abhi and me. Nikhil says yes, you always talk about him. Tanu says Abhi is always ahead of you. Nikhil congratulates her for her engagement and says I came to know how you got engaged. Tanu says even I came to know about your secrets and says you are fired from your job and you are financially unstable. He says so you came to taunt me. Tanu says no, and says she came to apply money ointment on his wounds. Nikhil says I am not a fool to agree, and asks what is her advantage.

Tanu says it is for your betterment, and says I can get this work done by a professional, but I am giving you a chance to complete the incomplete work. Nikhil asks what? Tanu says she wants him to kill Pragya. Nikhil asks why? You are going to marry abhi now. Tanu says she can’t let Pragya to come and snatch her place, and asks him to kill her. She says she will be happy to see Pragya’s death.

Nikhil tells that she is a epitome of evilness and says I fold my hands infront of you. Tanu says she will feel good to see Pragya’s death and asks him to kill her today itself. Abhi comes to the Police station and thinks what I will tell to Niku now. He practices to apologizes to her. He thinks to talk naturally and say sorry. He gets down the car. Inspector asks why did you come here? Abhi tells that he came to take back the complaint. Inspector says her family came and take her home. Abhi thinks he came late, and thinks to go home and apologize.

Tanu calls Abhi. Abhi informs her that Nikita went with her family from police station, and he is going there now. Tanu asks Nikhil to kill Pragya before Abhi reaches there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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