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Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Dadi to apply mehendi on Tanu’s hand and taunts her. Dadi asks someone to apply mehendi and gets up. Some girls start dancing on the song Mehendi hai rachne wali……Tanu stares her mehendi smilingly and asks Abhi to search his name in it. Abhi says I can’t play this game. Tanu’s mum says it is a rasam and you have to do it. Abhi agrees. He looks at her hand, and says he can’t find his name. Pragya goes from there and writes ‘A’ on her hand with mehendi. Purab smiles looking A on her hand. Aaliya thinks Pragya will cry always once Tanu marries Abhi. Dadi thanks Sarla for coming there. Sarla says it is like our house only. Abhi comes and asks do you know each other. Dasi says it is good meeting them and is like knowing them since years. Sarla says now we will leave, and get a taxi. Abhi asks Purab to drop them home. Purab says okay and asks them to come. Abhi sees Pragya going and asks where is she going? Pragya says home.


Abhi talks to Sarla and asks her to let her stay back. Sarla says okay. She says she will take care of you and your stuff, but who will take care of her. Abhi says I will take care of her. Sarla says okay. Abhi asks her not to worry, and says I will drop her home and will meet rockstar Dadi. Sarla agrees.

Aaliya sees Tanu’s mehendi and says you have hidden Abhi’s name nicely. Tanu says she is insulted and got mehendi on her hands. Aaliya says Pragya will repent to make you apologize. She says I won’t let her stay here anymore, and says their goons will make her leave from there, then she will have nothing, but just a name. Pragya looks at her mehendi and thinks it is her best mehendi.

Pragya finds her dress dori open and tries to tie it, but couldn’t. Abhi comes there and ties it. Zindagi ke safar me song plays…………..She thanks him. Abhi asks what you are hiding and asks her to show her hand, says he wants to see her mehendi color. Pragya asks why? Abhi says my Dadi says that one gets a good husband if mehendi color is dark. Pragya asks him to see Tanu’s mehendi color, and tells him that his clients are looking for him. Abhi tells her that they are looking for waiter and asks her to show her hand first. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks if she is scared to see her boyfriend’s intial. Pragya tries to speak. Abhi keeps hand on her mouth…while the song continues to play…Zindagi ke safar me. He looks at her hand and sees mehendi spoiled. He asks if it is A, B, C….Pragya says she didn’t write any letter, and it was just design. Tanu asks Aaliya to execute her plan fast. Aaliya says Dadi said that Pragya’s destiny is because of her kumkum. She tells that she got an idea and shows accountant to Tanu. She says this is the right time to prove her wrong in Abhi’s eyes.

Accountant asks Pragya to get Abhi’s signatures on the cheque and contract papers. Pragya says she can’t get sign on the contract papers, but she will get his sign on cheques. She comes and collides with Aaliya. Aaliya scolds her and asks her not to try and prove that she works best for him. She praises herself. Pragya tells her that she is not weak and tells her that she can’t let her do anything wrong. Aaliya says I know how to keep my accounts clean and says she will ruin her relation with abhi. Pragya asks her to try and says I haven’t done anything wrong against him. Aaliya says she will light the fire and make her run away out of house. Pragya asks her to take care of her hand, and goes asking her to keep dreaming.

She comes to abhi and asks him to sign on the cheques. Abhi says I am tired of applying mehendi on girls. Pragya says she couldn’t see any girl here. Abhi holds her hand and asks if she felt anything when he applied mehendi on her hand. Pragya says yes…and tells that she felt itching in her hand. Abhi says you are lying and says something will happen. Pragya thinks she can’t tell what happens in her heart. Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks him not to sign on any cheque or contract. She tells whatever she said is a lie. Abhi asks what? She tells it is employees Bonus cheques. Aaliya says no, and says Bonus will go on her name. Abhi says if she needs money then she will ask me and will not do this work. Aaliya says she will not ask and will opt for short cut instead. Abhi asks her to tell and not to blame her. Aaliya says she has taken advantage of your simplicity and came here to ruin you. Abhi is shocked.

Aaliya asks Tanu to wait and says she will continue the blame drama. She asks her to call Police and tell about the theft. Tanu asks who has stolen money? Aaliya says she is talking about Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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