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Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nikhil thinking what did Tony and Jagga doing till now. He waits for their phone call. Tony and Jagga see Pragya talking to Abhi, and think he is her husband. They get Nikhil’s call and informs him that girl is found in the temple with her husband. Nikhil asks them to hit her. Jagga says he is having german gun. Nikhil says I am not concerned how you will kill her, with lathi or stone, just kill her, and says he will give him money. He says nothing should happen to that guy as of now. He asks Pragya to get ready to die for his appointment letter’s sign. Pragya tells Abhi that her mum risked her life many times to protect her and also….She asks him to remember that she is more important to her than her life. She says I am thankful to you for the favors which you have


done for me. She apologizes to him and asks him to go. Jagga asks Tony to start the car and says we will leave after killing her. Pragya is going. Goon tries to target gun on her. Sarla shouts Pragya. Goons stop seeing her. Pragya is coming towards Sarla. Abhi is coming there calling Nikita. Goons think to kidnap her instead. They hold Pragya’s hand and takes her forcibly in car. Abhi and Sarla are shocked.

Sarla blames Abhi for the happenings. Abhi says I won’t let anything happen to her. Jagga call Nikhil and tell that they couldn’t kill her, but instead kidnapped her. Nikhil asks him to reach the godown and says I will kill her. Pragya hears them and thinks if boss is Aaliya and Tanu. Nikhil thinks God is giving him a chance to kill her, she will get mukti and I will get revenge. He gets Tanu’s call and says if you would have been here then I would have married you happily. Tanu asks him to stop his nonsense. Nikhil says Pragya is with me and asks if she is scared with her. Tanu asks him to kill her. Nikhil tells her that he will kill Pragya once she reach his godown. Abhi searches for the goons’ car.

Sarla reaches there and tells about Pragya’s kidnapping. She tells that Tanu and Aaliya got Pragya kidnapped as Abhi came here. She asks how did Abhi know that we are in Palghar. She thinks to call Purab and enquire him. Purab picks the call and says yes Sarla Maa. Sarla scolds him and asks why did you send Abhi here. Purab asks why you are angry? Sarla tells that Pragya is kidnapped, and blames him for informing Abhi and giving chance to Aaliya and Tanu to kidnap her. She says if anything happens to Pragya then I will not talk to you or have any relation with you. Purab thinks he has to do something. Goons take Pragya to godown. Nikhil says Pragya ji have come and says did you forget me? He shows his face. Pragya looks at him.

Nikhil says destiny brought you here and you wants to talk to me. They take cloth off her mouth. Pragya says I know you are behind this. Nikhil says our connection is very strong and you will die with my hand. He asks goons to tie her with the pillar. He says lets come to the point and sends goons out. Pragya threatens him not to touch her else she will shout. Nikhil smiles and says nobody is here to save you. He asks her to shout. Pragya shouts for help. Abhi comes there and hears Pragya’s screams for help. Nikhil asks Pragya to shout again for one last time. He says nobody came. Abhi thinks Nikita is here.

Nikhil asks goons to bring gifts for her. He shows her sword, axe and numerous big and small knives asking her what she will prefer to get killed. Pragya is shocked. Nikhil says it is like start up before main course, fear on your face. Goons run inside and inform Nikhil that someone is coming here. Nikhil asks who? Jagga says he is superstar Rockstar Abhi and sings his song. Nikhil gets furious and asks Jagga to keep quiet. He thinks whenever he lets Abhi free, he comes to spoil his game. Pragya says I think you shall pray, but you can’t pray as God doesn’t listen to devils. She asks him to call his associates. Nikhil thinks Aaliya told me not to kill Abhi, but haven’t told what to do when he comes here. He asks Jagga to kill him. Jagga says he can’t kill him as he is his fan. Nikhil asks Tony to kill him. Tony goes. Nikhil tells Pragya that he will bring Abhi’s dead body here so that she can find it easy to die. He wears mask and goes. Pragya is worried.

Dadi tells Dasi that she doesn’t know if she shall be happy or sad. She tells that there is a relation between Abhi and Pragya and their love will unite them. She says Abhi will get back his memory soon. Dasi says that day will be happy day of our life. Purab comes there and tells about Pragya’s kidnapping. Dadi and Dasi are shocked. Abhi thinks how to get inside. Tony jumps holding sharp coconut knife. He says boss will give me 2 lakhs rs to kill you. Abhi asks him to take double money and kill boss. Tony says he will not betray him. Abhi asks how you will kill me being alone. They say they are three and boss will pay them all. The goons surround Abhi.

Pragya asks Abhi why don’t he listen to her. Abhi says because I am the boss. Nikhil comes there and hits Abhi on his head. Abhi falls down. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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