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Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi informing Dadi that he is going with Purab to bring back Nikita home. Dadi prays to God to help them and unite both. Aaliya asks Abhi, where is he going? Abhi says he can’t wait till morning, so he is going now itself to search Nikita. Tanu says you are my to be husband and will not go to search her. Abhi says you are my life partner, but not my life owner. He says I would have searched Nikita even if she was guilty. Aaliya says your destiny is bad, first that pregnancy drama and now this. Pragya imagines Abhi in milk man, who asks her if he shall give full bowl milk. Pragya says some more and keeps looking at him. He puts the milk in the bowl to the full extent. Beeji comes and asks what is happening. She asks milk man to go. Pragya is surprised to see milk man instead of Abhi. Beeji says if you stare him like this, then he will think you are flirting with him. She says next day you will imagine him in others and teases her. Pragya says Abhi was looking good with moustaches.


Sarla comes and asks Pragya why did she take so much milk. Beeji says I asked her. She says your brother is taking care of expenses here, so thought to buy milk atleast. Sarla says it is too much. Pragya says we can make kheer. Beeji says we will make kheer and paneer. Sarla tells Pragya that she don’t want her to work in music company again. Beeji thinks she can’t stop her from thinking about Abhi. She laughs, and asks Sarla to ask herself and take answer. Abhi comes to Palghar, and searches for her on the road. One of them ask if she stays here, Abhi says no. Boy sees Pragya’s pic and is surprised. He tells Abhi that he doesn’t know her. Abhi thinks nobody knows about Pragya.

Pragya is going out for interview. Sarla says you will soon forget Mumbai and Abhi. Same boy comes to Pragya and tells jiju is searching for her on the road. Pragya gets happy and asks boy to take her there. Boy brings Pragya there. Pragya smiles and thinks he came here in search for her. Abhi eats at the dhaba and asks for 1000 Rs. note change. He enquires about Pragya. Pragya thinks about Sarla’s promise and goes from there silently. Abhi sees her and calls her name. He thinks if he had really seen her or it is his imagination. Dasi asks Dadi to tell Sarla everything that whatever Abhi did was under Aaliya’s influence. Dadi says I understand, but this time Sarla is very angry. She asks Dasi to bring her phone.

Sarla asks Beeji if she made kheer. Beeji asks her to check if Janki made it. Sarla says you gave duty to Janki. Her phone rings. Sarla says she don’t want to talk to Dadi. Beeji asks her to talk and says their relation will never break as their destiny is joined. She says this time Abhi will come searching Pragya and asks her to watch.. Purab calls Abhi and tells that he is coming there in 10 mins and asks him to get ready. Abhi says there is a change in plan and tells that he left in the night itself as he was restless. Purab says did you find her? Abhi says no. Purab says may be you get your true love while searching her. Abhi says where is true love. I am marrying Tanu for my image and she is marrying me for my status, then where is the true love.

Aaliya scolds Tanu for involving Nikhil in the conspiracy. She tells that if Nikhil touches her brother then she will not leave him, and her also. Tanu thinks she wants to kill Aaliya with Pragya, but can’t do it now, will cut her feathers once she is married to Abhi. Pragya searches for Abhi showing his pic, while Abhi searches for her. A shop keeper tells Pragya that he is sitting there. Pragya sees him. Abhi also sees her and looks for her. Pragya hides and thinks to go. Abhi thinks come on Nikita, meet me once. Pragya prays in the temple and thinks she want to meet him, but can’t as she remembers promise made to Sarla. She thinks she shall stay here in the temple, as Abhi never come to temple.

Abhi finally meets Pragya and asks her why she is punishing her, and tells that he came late there. He asks her to understand his helplessness and says he can’t live without her. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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