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kuch rang pyar ki- FORBIDDEN LOVE (Episode 1)

Thanks guys for your beautiful comments…hope I will try to update in weekends too…so moving on to the first part…let’s are what’s gonna happen….

Sonakshi’s POV


I am getting married!! Everything is happening to soon but I have to do this, for arjun. Ritwick and I had barely spoken about the marriage. We were good friends before the talks of marriage started between us. Maybe he wasn’t happy, but he never told me anything whenever I asked. I guess his mother was right, maybe he was nervous as marriage is a big responsibility. He tied the mangalsutra around my neck and filled my forehead with sindoor. “Aab aap pati aur patni hai!” Claimed the pandit. We got up together and moved towards his parents for blessings when I was stopped by a jerk. I looked at ritwick while he just stood there. After few seconds he lifted his sehra from his face and I was given the shock of my life. It was not him but Sir, Mr Dev dixit.What just happened? Why did he marry me? Where is he? And billions of other questions shoot up in my head. It was too much to believe that I got married to someone else. I wasn’t ready for this.

Before I could ask any questions, he held my hand and dragged me out of the venue and pulled me into his car. “Drop us home.” He asked his driver. I couldn’t take this anymore and bursted with questions. “What is happening sir? Where is ritwick? And our marriage?” His grip on my hand tighten but did not bother to answer any of my questions. Tears started following from my eyes as his grip was to painful. “Sir please leave my hand, it’s hurting.” I pleaded but he ignored me as if I was invisible. We reached at his house and he forcefully pulled me along with him.”Sir, what are you doing. It’s hurting. Please let me go…sir.” I cried but there was no effect on him. He pulled a door open and pushed me onto the bed. I was shocked at his violent behaviour. “Don’t you dare try to run otherwise I won’t spare you.” He yelled with hatred and anger in his eyes.

Without wasting a second, he slammed the door and locked it from outside. I ran and started hitting the door with a hope that somebody will open the door for me. I pleaded and cried but there was no one to help me. Just in few seconds I collapsed onto the floor. I broke down, tears did not stop infact doubled as the emotional baggage I was carry from a long time was all going out. It was a much needed break down as I had kept it all inside since the day ammaspassed away. But today it was beyond my limit of tolerance. Unexpected turns in my life would just not stop. Today was supposed to be a new beginning of my life but I was wrong, I was to be pushed more into the darkness that I already was in. I removed all the jewellery and accessories that I had on and sat by the door weeping and waiting for the door to open.I opened my eyes to still be found by the door.

Perhaps I had fallen into sleep. Again I tried to knock on the door, hoping that someone will open the door but as expected there was no response. It was no use of sitting and crying so I looked for a way out of the room. I went towards the window and saw that its a big sliding windows which meant that I could get out of this place. I slide one of the window and stepped out of the house, running towards the gate when someone pulled me into his arms.My eyes automatically shut in fear as I knew who it was. “Where do you think you are going?” Dev screamed into my ears making me shiver in fear. “I want to go from here. Please let me go. What have I done that you are behaving like this to me.” I said all this to him looking away and not making an eye contact. But I guess I had awakened the beast in him when he pulled me even closer, forcing me to look in his eyes. His eyes were blazing in hatred, hatred for me.

“You have tried to hurt me and I won’t spare you, ever. Do you get that. Now if you try again to run away, then trust me I will make sure you regret every bit of it.”He was hurting me both, physically and mentally. What had I don’t to him? How did I ever try to hurt him? As far as I remember we barely saw each other in the office then what could be the reason. He again pulled me into the house and took me towards the room. This time he made sure that the windows were locked and he took the keys with him. “But how did I hurt you?” I quickly said before he could step out of the house. He stopped and looked at me. “I don’t think I need to answer any of your dumb questions.” He said as he locked the door once again. I sat on the bed defeated and waited for an angle to help me out of this situation. But how was it going to happen.

Whenever I smiled a bit, God took away everything from me. Everytime I thought that things were falling into places, something so drastic happens that i myself didn’t have the guts to fix anything. Maybe I am cursed, cursed to have sorrows, cursed to have tears, cursed to have darkness only in life. And now cursed to be with him. But I had to be strong. So what if my life was a mess, i will make sure that arjun will not face any troubles in his life. I have to get out of here. Today was the last day to pay for his treatment. If I didn’t pay on time then they will stop his treatment in the ashram. And I can’t let that happen. I have to think of something.

Hope you liked the first part…comment if you like…..and feedbacks about the story….

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